TinyCo: Better Late than Never


TinyCo kicks off 2017 by releasing Negatron (drops useful stuff but way too late) and having a clam sale. Purchase any clam package and get the above building. If you get the building, please tell us what it does.

Click here for a profile of Negatron as well as Toy Car Joe and Onesie Mayor West.


13 thoughts on “TinyCo: Better Late than Never”

  1. How many times consecutively do you need to attack the baby to get 213 robes? Are the balls needed doubled after every attack as well as the reward of the robes? Ex. 1 ball – 8 robes, 2 balls – 16 robes, 4 balls – 32 robes…


    1. You need to beat it 1.8 times. So that’s beating it fully once, and defeating it up past the 4x multiplier. 1 ball = 8 robes, 2 balls = 16 robes. 4 balls = 24 robes, 8 balls = 36 robes, and 12 balls = 50 robes.


  2. Just and FYI do not attack baby heimlic until you have like 32 Beach balls. It’s always better to wait to get to the 5x level before attacking. I use one when I have to to complete a mission. Only have 12 right now thanks to Bonnie always needing to be rescued.


      1. I finished my coat requirements never going above the level with 4 beach balls. It took several days, and there isn’t that long left, so I’m not sure how you should do it now.


      2. @ScottSilver I’m saying hit it as often as you can but don’t waste hits at lower levels because proportionally you’ll get more robes per beach ball at lower levels than at higher levels. I’ve never hit above level four and have now completed my robe requirement – most of the times I only managed to hit at level one or two but since it still rewards a lot of robes it isn’t an issue.


  3. Looks like TinyCo is taking a leaf from EA’s book and is releasing something only with game currency. At least here, it’s only a boring, non-canon, dated, building or dec. With EA’s cash grab it’s one Building, 2 Decorations, and 2 Characters for each tier of donuts, one in each.


  4. One of the companies I do surveys for has itunes gift certifiactes as a reward, and nothing else I’m interested in, so I got one today and bought claws with it. After this sucky event and the useless customer service form replies I’m not giving them any more of my money, they can have a GC that I get every 3 months and that’s it. Anyway, I bought a negatron but the game crashed during my acceptance of the building so when I went to my phone (where it works, but it’s an android so I can’t use itunes) I had the clams but no building. I guess it’s another note to CS.
    I started playing Simpson’s Tapped Out, if FG doesn’t get better I may drop it. I am already so bored of this event. Got black Jesus but need most of 1 item for mayor West onsie. I’ve had the building that drops it for days but have only had one drop.


  5. It has a little Mario looking dude that hops up onto the flagpole and rides it down and then there’s fireworks that’s all no biggie


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