Quahog’s Not So Silent Night: Character Profiles (Week 5)

The final week of Quahog’s Not So Silent Night introduced two new outfits and a new character (late). Continue reading to check out what they can do this week along with their full completed questline. Please note: Negatron’s quest costs too much to rush. As such, it’ll be added when ever.

Task Time Rewards Requires Drops
Get Stuck in Reverse 2:00:00 2 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Swanson House qnssn_qbertpack1
Bounce 4:00:00 6 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Visual Task qnssn_barellbox2
Sing Carols 4:00:00 6 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Griffin House qnssn_wk5robocase1
Lose Arm Strength 6:00:00 8 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Swanson House qnssn_cloudbox
Get Himself Waxed 12:00:00 12 qnssn_stockstuff/2 qnssn_dreampts Visual Task qnssn_ghostgift
Park Illegally 24:00:00 18 qnssn_stockstuff/3 qnssn_dreampts Quahog National Bank
Quest to Unlock: PARTY OF ONESIE
Task Time Rewards Requires Drops
Make a Statement 2:00:00 2 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Visual Task
Have Bad Dreams 4:00:00 6 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts City Hall qnssn_beachball
Visit a Mall Santa 6:00:00 8 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Quahog Mall
Deliver Gifts 8:00:00 9 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Visual Task
Suck His Thumb 12:00:00 12 qnssn_stockstuff/2 qnssn_dreampts City Hall
Task Time Rewards Requires Drops
Go Home Defeated 2:00:00 qnssn_stockstuff/ qnssn_dreampts Griffin House 6 qnssn_greenball
Plug a Leak 4:00:00 qnssn_stockstuff/ qnssn_dreampts Visual Task 3 qnssn_powerpellet
Boycott the Holidays 6:00:00 qnssn_stockstuff/ qnssn_dreampts Swanson House 2 qnssn_rainbow
Switch Gears 8:00:00 qnssn_stockstuff/ qnssn_dreampts Visual Task 2 qnssn_robofuel
Get Docked 10:00:00 qnssn_stockstuff/ qnssn_dreampts Quahog Wharf
Break New Year’s Resolutions 12:00:00 qnssn_stockstuff/ qnssn_dreampts Drunken Clam 9 qnssn_turtleshell

And that wraps up the character profiles for week five of Quahog’s Not So Silent Night. Have you purchased/unlocked any of them yet? Did you enjoy their questlines? Comment below!


10 thoughts on “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night: Character Profiles (Week 5)”

  1. This was easily the worst event since I started about 10 months ago. No interesting characters and the drop rates for everything were horrible. Two weeks working on black Jesus and I still need 6 leaf things. Just boring and awful. Almost consider quitting but I will see it the next event is better


  2. It’s been several days and not a single bedtime story for mayor west… playing every 4 hours. I contacted tinyCo & got the standard “drops as intended ” B.S…

    They were honest with the advertising on negatron, I was disappointed, his audio is way to low (like Neil’s)


  3. I don’t have Mayor West so this week is totally pointless for me.

    I’m hoping though that I can still get Black Jesus as the Robes might actually be possible now that I finally have Rupert on the case – having said that, the “rare” wreath crowns haven’t dropped for days so I’m not going to hold my breath. It’s funny how I’m also working on unlocking Vinny and Tom Tucker at the same time and their extra rare items are dropping far quicker than the so-called rare items for black Jesus. I know I’m fairly new to the game (this is only my 4th event) but even I can see that this is rigged.


    1. Good luck, hope it works out for you.

      11 more robes and 2 more wreaths for me and then I have black Jesus and I’m done with this event.

      Also 2 more story books for Onesie West but not really bothered about whether I get this or not. Just another useless skin to add to inventory 😉

      I’ve already started removing stocking stuffer dropping buildings – I have nearly 30k of the stuff worth zilch – so why bother?

      Oh and I have just opened all my hundreds of ghost and barrel boxes because I realised they contain qbert presents which can contain clams! Probably got around 20 clams in total from this exercise 🙂

      So… I’ve done my clean up and am ready to move on once the darn last two wreaths drop! 🙂


      1. Thanks. I’ve given up on black Jesus now. 6 whole days without a single wreath and I have ten left to get, so I think we can safely say it’s never going to happen.

        Yes, thanks for reminding me about the clams, I had forgotten. I only amassed 5, but still a bonus.


      2. Just got the mayor costume because the last two story books have finally dropped, it’s nice but to be honest nothing to get overly excited about it. I take it as it’s free but that’s about it.

        Still waiting for the last two wreaths for black Jesus. Four more tries to event end so maybe they finally do drop!


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