Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Quests (Week 5)

Week five of Quahog’s Not So Silent Night is now live. Continue reading for a detailed breakdown of each quest this week. Understandably most of you aren’t ready for week five due to poor drop rates. Follow this link for week four quests.

Rude Awakening (Main Quest)
Rude Awakening pt. 1
1. Negatron is Here!
2. Have Chris Toss and Turn
3. Get a Robo Recepticle

Rude Awakening pt. 2
1. Open a Robo Receptacle
2. Earn a Converatron

Rude Awakening pt. 3
1. Use a Convertatron to Clear Negatron
2. Earn 1 Robo Fuel
3. Place the Sugar Plum Raceway

Rude Awakening pt. 4
1. Attack Baby Heimlich
2. Cure One of the Holiday Blues
3. Place the Blockzilla Disaster Scene

Rude Awakening pt. 5
1. Open a Robo Receptacle
2. Have Jerome Host Game Night

Rude Awakening pt. 6
1. Clear Negatron Twice
2. Cure One of the Holiday Blues
3. Place the Star Strife Hangar

Rude Awakening pt. 7
1. Clear 3 PAC Carollers
2. Have Onsie Mayor West Deliver Gifts
3. Have Bonnie Enjoy the Ride

Rude Awakening pt. 8
1. Defeat Negatron One Last Time
2. Place the Transforming Sleigh
3. Have Black Jesus Open Birthday Gifts
End of quest!

Remote Control Freak (Toy Car Joe’s Quest)
Remote Control Freak pt. 0
1. Have Toy Car Joe Bounce

Remote Control Freak pt. 1
1. Have Toy Car Joe Get Himself Waxed
2. Have Quagmire Take the Wheel

Remote Control Freak pt. 2
1. Have Toy Car Joe Lose Arm Strength
2. Have Bonnie Fight for the Remote

Remote Control Freak pt. 3
1. Have Toy Car Joe Park Illegally
2. Have Meg Stay Home on New Year’s Eve
End of quest!

Party of Onesie (Onesie Mayor West’s Quest)
Party of Onesie pt. 1
1. Earn Onesie Mayor West
2. Have Onesie Mayor West Make a Statement

Party of Onesie pt. 2
1. Have Onesie Mayor West Deliver Gifts
2. Have Chris Dream About Christmas

Party of Onesie pt. 3
1. Have Onesie Mayor West Visit a Mall Santa
2. Have Joe Watch Christmas Movies

Party of Onesie pt. 4
1. Have Onesie Mayor West Suck His Thumb
2. Have Mort Jetpack to Safety
End of quest!

Less Than Meets the Eye (Negatron’s Quest)
Less Than Meets the Eye pt. 1
1. Have Negatron Plug a Leak

Less Than Meets the Eye pt. 2
1. Have Negatron Switch Gears
2. Have Jerome Fix a Blown Transformer

Less Than Meets the Eye pt. 3
1. Have Negatron Boycott the Holidays
2. Have Bonnie Boycott Robots

Less Than Meets the Eye pt. 4
1. Have Negatron Get Docked
2. Have Quagmire Play Paddle Ball

Less Than Meets the Eye pt. 5
1. Have Negatron Break New Year’s Resolutions
2. Have Bruce Make New Year’s Resolutions
End of quest!

And that wraps up the quests for this week. Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


16 thoughts on “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Quests (Week 5)”

  1. Is there a week 5 challenge? Mondays about over and its usually on Mondays or 2 days before the event ends, it pops up. Baby Heimlich is the bonus reward. It better be a short challenge, cause they are running out of time to even do it.


    1. It seems likely that it’ll be released tomorrow (Tuesday) and you’ll have 24 hours to complete it. At the moment it looks like the challenge will be the following:

      1. Clear Negatron 2 Times
      2. Use a PepperMerry Bear to help Lois’ Holiday Blues


    1. It’s weird that there’s a full questline for him yet they haven’t released a way to earn him. I’ve removed the quest for now. Maybe they’ll surprise us? D:


      1. I think they realised nobody would be able to get this character so they decided against it to save themselves from even more complaints 😉


  2. The issue is that Week 4 was the pay wall. In particular, Rupert. Black Jesus is a slim grab as a freemium and they insured that would be the case by making Rupert the hard stop, leaving only Bonnie to get beach balls as a hijacked character next to impossible. Then skewering the drops on both the cloud packages and their respective drops of bears. This isn’t rocket science. They never had the intention to allow the majority of players to even make it to the final week. I usually don’t complain about drop rates and hardly ever give a second glance to the final week; however, now we’re looking at a scenario where we possibly should be ignoring the final 2 weeks? Seems like they won’t be stopping there either as I suspect this is the beginning of the end of this game. I suspect in the new year that the game may be approaching the age in which all content becomes premium. Should that be the case, you can bet that people will be about the mass exodus. It was fun while it lasted I suppose though.


  3. Thought i was alone on these horrible drops.. i don’t know what to do with the game anymore.. Am actually debating whether or not I want to play it..


  4. Are there any freemium players out there who have made it to week 5? Was in my game 5-6 times per day and still need 8 triangles for Rupert. Not really counting Black Jesus due to all those robes, but haven’t gotten a single crown in five days. All comments to TC were met with “drops are as intended”, so obviously they don’t give a crap. Most likely my last event.


    1. I’m in the same place. Not enough triangles because the bears are hard to come by because the box drops suck. It’s been a long time since I ve been this far behind


    2. well then Jay& i can definitely say that you are NOT alone on this because i probably wont make it too far into week5 maybe won’t even get to START at it at all! i’m needing alot MORE stuff to unlock Black Jesus:the wreath crowns which are NOT dropping at all from the ONLY freakin’ building you gotta get them from!:;.and i’m having a super hard time getting the very LAST ONE triangle for Rupert to then have him completely unlocked it’s ridiculous!!!


    3. I am and I’ve gotten Rupert, BUT this is only probably cause I am able to check my game hourly. I can’t see it happening to anyone that has an unbed-ridden life. This just isn’t fun anymore. It’s stressful. Games are supposed to be FUN. I have put so much time into this game, but not sure it’s worth it. Really what do we have to show for all the stress? We all have millions of dollars going to waste. In the beginning we worked hard for the money, now it’s just a waste. I could go on and on, but I know we are all on the same page.


  5. I’m not sure where else to post this….. I cannot login to my game. As soon as it loads, a pink gift box tries to give me a payout I couldn’t collect when I last logged in, and my game completely freezes and crashes. I uninstalled/reinstalled with no success. I reported it but have heard nothing. Is there another way to connect to tinyco to ask for help since i cant get in my game? I have screenshots but couldn’t add screenshots to my report. Any help would be appreciated!


    1. You can contact support using their email: help@tinyco.com

      I suggest providing your game ID, device you mainly play on, and a description. They usually take a day or so but once they reply, they usually provide an acceptable solution.


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