Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Info (Week 5)

*Sigh* You thought week four was hard? In my opinion, it looks like week five will be extremely disappointing in terms of both content and difficulty; perfect receipe to ring in the new year. Continue reading for more info and click here for week 5 quests.


Also note that the Retro Arcade Christmas Tree has stopped dropping clams.

Week 1 Recap

Week 1: Info.
Week 1: Quests.
Week 1: Useful Buildings & Characters
Week 1: Character Profiles.
Week 1: Challenge #1
Week 1: What grinds your gears?
Week 1: How are you doing?

Week 2 Recap

Week 2: Info.
Week 2: Quests.
Week 2: Useful Buildings & Characters
Week 2: Character Profiles.
Week 2: Challenge #2
Week 2: How are you doing?

Week 3 Recap

Week 3: Info.
Week 3: Quests.
Week 3: Useful Buildings & Characters
Week 3: Character Profiles.
Week 3: Challenge #3
Week 3: How are you doing?

Week 4 Recap

Week 4: Info.
Week 4: Quests.
Week 4: Useful Buildings & Characters
Week 4: Character Profiles.
Week 3: Challenge #4
Week 4: How are you doing?

New Characters/Outfits:
8 Chocolate Chip Cookies (Common) 15 Warm Milks (Always) 4 PAC Nightcap (Rare) 6 Bedtime Stories (Rare)
Get from the Burger Factory (2) Get by attacking Baby Heimlich Get from Sugar Plum Raceway (6) Get from Blockzilla Disaster Scene (8)
Get from Turn Tile Tower (12)

Toy Car Joe – 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Actions that always drop Pyramid Packs, Carol Barrels, Ghostly Gifts, Care Packages, or Robo Receptacles

Negatron – ??? There’s a quest for him but he isn’t available yet? May pop up as we progress through the main questline but TinyCo’s FAQ doesn’t even mention him yet. We’ll keep you updated as more information comes in.

New Premium Buildings:

Turn Tile Tower – 175 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Always drops Giant Tissues, Toads, Pixel Wine, Holiday Wreath Crowns, and Bedtime Stories

New Freemium Buildings:

Super Robot Smashed Skyscraper – 900 qnssn_stockstuff

New Freemium Decorations:

Catapultron – 800 qnssn_stockstuff
Ice Slide – 150 qnssn_stockstuff
Cyberg District 2 – 90 qnssn_stockstuff
Cyberg District 1 – 60 qnssn_stockstuff
Cyberg District 4 – 50 qnssn_stockstuff
Cyberg District 3 – 45 qnssn_stockstuff

How do I get Robo Receptacles?

Robo Receptaclescan be obtained from characters doing these actions:
Have Christmas Morning Peter Ask for Toys
Have Pixel Lois Tell Bedtime Stories
Have Meg Play Spin the Bottle
Have Toy Car Joe Sing Carols

How do I get Beach Balls?

Beach Balls can be obtained from Cheer Crates, Nutcracker Mystery Boxes, and can be purchased using Clams from the shop. It is also possible to obtain Beach Balls from these actions:
Have Bonnie Flirt With Santa
Have Rupert Go Shopping
Have Blinky The Ghost Let His Eyes Do the Talking
Have Onesie Mayor West ??????

Multiplier Requirements Rewards
1x 1 Beach Ball 30 Stocking Stuffers, 1 Rainbow, 1 Warm Milks
2x 2 Beach Balls 40 Stocking Stuffers, 2 Rainbows, 2 Warm Milks
3x 4 Beach Balls 50 Stocking Stuffers, 3 Rainbows, 3 Warm Milks
4x 8 Beach Balls 60 Stocking Stuffers, 4 Rainbows, 4 Warm Milks
5x 12 Beach Balls 70 Stocking Stuffers, 5 Rainbows, 5 Warm Milks

What is inside Core Case?

Core Case randomly generates 3 items from the following list:
1 Rumblebee
1 Colossatron
1 Optimus Primetime
1 Beach Ball
1 Care Package
55 Stocking Stuffers

What is inside Robo Receptacle?

Robo Receptacle randomly generates 3 items from the following list:
1 Rumblebee
1 Colossatron
1 Optimus Primetime
1 Robo Fuel
1 Care Package
45 Stocking Stuffers

Number Prize Requirements
1 Sugar Plum Raceway 646 Stocking Stuffers, 1 Robo Fuel
2 Blockzilla Disaster Scene 840 Stocking Stuffers, 22 Green Balls, 3 Rainbows, 2 Robo Fuel
3 Burger Factory 800 Stocking Stuffers, 30 Turtle Shells, 4 Rainbows, 2 Robo Fuel
4 Star Strife Hangar 28 Green Balls, 67 Turtle Shells, 6 Rainbows, 3 Robo Fuel
5 Optimus Christmastime 920 Stocking Stuffers, 50 Turtle Shells, 10 Rainbows
6 Warship Waters 2,438 Stocking Stuffers, 117 Green Balls, 220 Turtle Shells, 14 Robo Fuel
Total Requirements 5,644 Stocking Stuffers, 167 Green Balls, 367 Turtle Shells, 0 Power Pellets, 23 Rainbows, 22 Robo Fuel

And that pretty much wraps up the basic information for week five of this event. Stay tuned for detailed posts.

Have any tips to share that helped you so far? How are you enjoying this event? Let us know in the comments.


15 thoughts on “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Info (Week 5)”

  1. Just like 2016, I’ll be partying tonight to celebrate the death of this event!
    After 2 weeks of trying to get 2 characters and watching any efforts being destroyed by poor drops rates (something TinyCo’s help desk has stated repeatedly this event to be “as intended” meaning intentional, and overly complicated drop rates; I’ll certainly be glad to be done and over with this event. I’ve given up on trying to obtain Black Jesus as it’s obvious this character, as was Monkey Kong, was meant to be a premium character while dangling the Freemium carrot in front of our collective noses. The worse part is I spent over 500 clams this event, 50 of which was to be able to move on to Week 4 content on time. I started the Week on time only to find I now can’t complete it because of “bad luck” that is intended?
    The issue here is that Week 4 was the pay wall. In particular, Rupert. Black Jesus is an unlikely grab as a freemium and they insured that would be the case by making Rupert the hard stop, leaving only Bonnie to get beach balls as a hijacked character next to impossible. Then skewering the drops on both the cloud packages and their respective drops of bears. This isn’t rocket science. They never had the intention to allow the majority of players to even make it to the final week. I usually don’t complain about drop rates and hardly ever give a second glance to the final week (the coping mechanism toward their creation of a pay-wall in events); however, now we’re looking at a scenario where we possibly should be ignoring the final 2 weeks? Seems like they won’t be stopping there either as I suspect this is the beginning of the end of this game. I suspect in the new year that the game may be approaching the age in which all content becomes premium. Should that be the case, you can bet that people will be about the mass exodus.
    Other causes to celebrate the death of this event may be short lived however, as a new batch of poor coding came this year and may become part of the norm. Such elements now exist such as random drops controlling moving forward in the storyline (cost me 5 days without a single Rainbow drop in Week 3 but TinyCo support stated this was just “bad luck”), hijacked characters stealing focus in order to trigger mis-taps (jury is still out as to whether or not this has been fixed permanently), the delay given to the squatters when attacking them (this serves little purpose other than to annoy as tt was working fine before and at some point this year it started happening), and the removal of targeted character clearing (in the past, we used to be able to click on a quest line to take us to a character and then pull that specific character off of a task without clearing any other characters that happened to be in the building so now we’re left with having to clear a building to drill down to the character we need). These are just a few issues of the myriad of bad things TinyCo has done to us fans this year.
    I’ve seriously given thought to boycotting the games events for this purpose; however, what would be left? With only the annual release of new content outside of pay-walled events, there’s little left to be desired about this game. Any comedy element of fun left in the game has been offset by frustrating game play and poor customer service. When you approach them, “we know and it’s on purpose” shouldn’t be the answer to any given problem the players have. I certainly wouldn’t pay employees or outsourced staff to do something you can just put in the FAQ. But this is the issue with ALL mobile games these days. They haven’t been around long enough to know that all of the above behaviors are turn offs to players and once you’ve gotten a black eye on a product, your game house itself is suffering the consequences.
    So celebrate the departure of the cruel mistress 2016 and the death of this event we shall, and hopefully the powers that be will take heed to these fleeting final warnings and fix things before they simply are all out of work. Happy New Years!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Exhausted from opening dud Care Packages and not getting any triangles for Rupert or wreaths for Black Jesus. I’m done with this pathetic event.


  3. Sounds like it isn’t worth it indeed. I’ll be trying to get black Jesus instead and not bother with anything from phase five, now I’ve got Rupert it should be a bit easier one would hope 🙂


  4. Thanks! So, do the robe drops from the giant baby stop with the new phase? I am still working on Black Jesus and Rupert. Assuming I get Rupert, I would still need the robes. As if I will get either, but can hope. 😅


  5. Still stuck in care package hell here. All I can figure with this event is that tiny co (no reason to respect them with capital letters) chose to pay employees bigger Christmas bonuses than they deserve and are doing their best to milk users dry to do so instead of putting together a rewarding and entertaining event for the users as a thank you for being loyal over the past year. Thank you tiny co for the big, fat, end of year FU to all of us playing your game. Nice…real nice. On the bright side, there are easily hundreds of games out there ready to take the place of this now scam of a game.


  6. hmm…should take a poll. see who all made it to this week5 stuff;, see who is still stuck in week4 stuff(me included in that one Lol),;&& see who i WAAAY way way behind in weeks1-3 …😕😖😣😟😔😞


    1. Still stuck in week four. Managed to get the last of the triangles for Rupert this morning but have been waiting for the final two clouds for almost 24 hours. Week 5 doesn’t sound too gripping but I’d like to get Rupert just so I can send him on beach ball quests for Black Jesus’s robes as Bonnie is neither use nor ornament.


  7. Negatron isn’t a character. It’s another target you have to kill like the Pac-Men or Sam or the Drunk Wizard. The only new items are skins: Onesie Mayor West (F) and Toy Car Joe (P).


    1. Oh, I see that you see a quest for him. I guess maybe he’ll show up when he’s triggered during this last week. Or maybe they decided not to release it.


      1. Ah well it wouldn’t be TinyCo if they weren’t trying to make money out of things… right?

        Because Negatron can now be bought in the shop for only 250 clams. Those guys must be joking 😉

        But on the plus side, I am getting ever so closer to getting black Jesus and then I’m done with this event anyways, so I’m happy 🙂


      2. Lol I didn’t actually think they’d release him. What a waste of a character. Even his unlock message “I’m sure I’ll only disappoint you” is accurate.


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