Xmas 2016: Challenge #4

Feed Rupert after midnight and he multiplies.
Feed Rupert after midnight and he multiplies.

The fourth challenge of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Christmas event is now live. You have 24 hours to complete this challenge.

Extra Toy Stories

  1. Earn 4 Holly Jolly Bears
  2. Earn 2 PepperMerry Bears

Upon completing this fourth challenge, Rupert the Bear Rack (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

And that wraps up the fourth challenge. How are you doing so far? All set for week five? Comment below!


6 thoughts on “Xmas 2016: Challenge #4”

  1. 5 rounds of crates collected led to 12 Yellow Bears, 1 Green & 1 Red so a failed challenge. A real disappointment since I completed the other 3 quite easily. It should really of been 48 hours like the others.


  2. I went two cycles with no cloud boxes even dropping. In 24 hours i gotten 1 bear in 6 boxes. There is no way to finish this challenge unless you saved up boxes. I even caved and paid for a box and got no bears! I needed Bonnie for beach balls so I didn’t save up the boxes. This is the worst drop rates I’ve ever seen. The cloud boxes rarely drop and if you’re lucky enough to get one it opens to revel three blue boxes which I have over 50 of and don’t need. I usually get all the challenges and this was the first time I spent clams – never again. I guess this one is a miss


    1. I also spent money to get clams (like a fool) and I got no drops after forcing the rainbow stuffing to drop. Horrible, horrible drop rates. I contacted them to let them know and they “assured” me that drop rates were correct. I worked really hard to check my characters every four hours to get the stuffing (most of the time I didn’t even get one). Then when opening them only to receive candy canes or the barrels. What a joke. I probably opened 25 of them and did not get what I needed. 😦


  3. I thought the challenge might be something like this so I started saving care packages Sunday night. I had 15 saved up, it took opening 9 packages to get the 6 required bears.


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