Quahog’s Not So Silent Night: Useful Characters & Buildings (Week 4)

This post lists all the characters and buildings that drop goodies during week four of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Christmas event.

Click here for a list of useful week 1 characters and buildings.
Click here for a list of useful week 2 characters and buildings.
Click here for a list of useful week 3 characters and buildings.


Cloud Box

Character Task Time Drops
Q*bert Be Misunderstood 4:00:00 qnssn_cloudbox
Peaches Resist Kidnapping 4:00:00 qnssn_cloudbox
80s Gamer Brian Get a Thumb Cramp 4:00:00 qnssn_cloudbox
Angel of Death Play Video Games 4:00:00 qnssn_cloudbox

Beach Balls

Character Task Time Drops
Bonnie Swanson Flirt With Santa 4:00:00 qnssn_beachball
Rupert Go Shopping 4:00:00 qnssn_beachball
Blinky The Ghost Let His Eyes Do the Talking 4:00:00 qnssn_beachball

Rainbows (Rare)

Building Cost Time Drops
Galaxy Intruders Arcade Machine 200 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 12:00:00 qnssn_rainbow

Materials for Characters/Outfits

Rainbow Stuffing (Uncommon)

Building Cost Time Drops
Christmas Smack-a-Shrew 700 qnssn_stockstuff 22 qnssn_greenball 3 qnssn_powerpellet 4:00:00 2 qnssn_rainbowstuffing

Fluffy Clouds (Rare)

Building Cost Time Drops
Cubecraft Nativity Scene 300 qnssn_stockstuff 2 qnssn_powerpellet 1 qnssn_rainbow 6:00:00 2 qnssn_fluffycloud

Gucci Flip Flops (Uncommon)

Character Task Time Drops
Jesus Open Birthday Presents 6:00:00 qnssn_sandals
Building Cost Time Drops
Classic Console Cemetery 900 qnssn_stockstuff 4 qnssn_powerpellet 5 qnssn_rainbow 4:00:00 2 qnssn_sandals

Holiday Wreath Crowns (Rare)

Building Cost Time Drops
Festive FPS Bunker 426 qnssn_stockstuff 26 qnssn_turtleshell 5 qnssn_rainbow 6:00:00 2 qnssn_wreathcrown

This concludes the list of useful characters and buildings for week four. Did we miss anything? How are the drop rates so far? Comment below!


9 thoughts on “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night: Useful Characters & Buildings (Week 4)”

  1. i managed to make it through the first three phases. I have been on the 4th for over a week and still can not get rupert. I can’t clear bonnie to be able to attack the baby. So I am in the same boat as many of you. I don’t think complaining will do anything. I am saving my clams for the new quest. counting this as a loss because I don’t expect to get rupert. Very disappointing.


  2. So let me get this straight. To get Black Jesus, I’ll need 255 Versace robes among other things. To get the robes, I’ll need to defeat Baby Heimlich. To defeat Baby Heimlich, I’ll need beach balls. To get beach balls, I’ll need Bonnie. To get Bonnie, I’ll need 3 Bauble Bears. To get 3 Bauble bears, I need to win them from the care package. To get the care package, I need a 4 hour task to complete through 3 characters and am lucky to ever get two drops. So then when I trade in my care packages, do I get Bauble Bears? No. I get ghostly gifts and candy canes ad nauseum. So it takes days to get the bears to get Bonnie to get the beach balls to defeat baby Heimlich to get the robes. Excellent control Tinyco. Excellent. Only way is to pay. Maybe lay off a few programmers so we can actually play the game without paying everyone’s salary so we can advance. Seems like Black Jesus and Rupert are never going to get completed without spending money because NOTHING USEFUL EVER DROPS!


  3. The drop rates for the various bears to clear the darned holiday blues are terrible. I’ve managed to attack Baby Heimlich once so far because I can’t clear the holiday blues from Bonnie so she can get beach balls. And of course I can’t get Rupert either because I can’t get enough bears… grumble grumble… Anyhoo… Merry Christmas 🙂


  4. This event week is absolutely horrid, with perhaps the worst drops rates, I got to attack heimlich baby twice this week… the programmers really did a bad job and really, I’d like to say these people are incompetent, I almost regret liking the game because it’s family guy, but these programmers are really bad at creating events most of the time….


    1. I agree. The events just continue to slide downhill. The Family Guy humor can only carry it so far. For me it is starting to look like it just isn’t worth my time. A game that has no sense of progress on any level, ceases to be a game. Since starting the game over a year ago, it went from reasonable to ridiculous. Used to be you could earn stuff from buildings you already earned through the standard story line. No more. Used to be there were a mix of characters you could earn items from in addition to buildings you earned in events. Used to be you had a reason to earn coins as they could be used to buy event buildings and decos. Now coins just build up like a pile of dirty laundry. Useless. Like the guys we have to build those buildings of the past. Useless. Or characters like Consuela and Cleveland that you had to drop clams to get and now they are virtually never included. What’s the point of investing clams in ANYTHING if you know it will only be useful for one event or one story line. Frustrated.


  5. well now instead of it being a huge PITA🤣in finally getting 80s Gamer Brian(that lil SOB!🤣), i’m on phase4 and have Bonnie, Bruce, and Lois walking around with those clouds over their heads well like almost every other half or even second, it’s keeps kicking my tapping way back in a different position half the time from one side to the other of Quahog! i can’t decorate, move stuff around blah blah blah && kinda PO’D i’ve been missing so many of my shots trying to clear the Sams, Drunken Wizards, and PAC-carolers…that’s not right at all it’s a huge waste of time for the rest of this damn event too☹️😖…i am a dinosaur hear me GRRRRRRR!!!!😐😶😑😳


    1. Complain to tinyco about it like I did. The response I got back was it’s a hold over from a previous event and they’ll look into it. All I can do now is hope that more people complain so they realize what a huge problem it is and this snapping to characters crap gets removed.


  6. wow i jus tried posting a pretty informative/ helpful comment then the page glitched up when i hit the “post comment” button and kicked me off. boooo Lol


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