Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Info (Week 4)

Week four of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Christmas event is not live and super packed with tons of new stuff. Week three was definitely underwhelming but week four looks promising so far. Continue reading for more info and click here for week 4 quests.


Week 1 Recap

Week 1: Info.
Week 1: Quests.
Week 1: Useful Buildings & Characters
Week 1: Character Profiles.
Week 1: Challenge #1
Week 1: What grinds your gears?
Week 1: How are you doing?

Week 2 Recap

Week 2: Info.
Week 2: Quests.
Week 2: Useful Buildings & Characters
Week 2: Character Profiles.
Week 2: Challenge #2
Week 2: How are you doing?

Week 3 Recap

Week 3: Info.
Week 3: Quests.
Week 3: Useful Buildings & Characters
Week 3: Character Profiles.
Week 3: Challenge #3
Week 3: How are you doing?

New Characters/Outfits:
1,500 Stocking Stuffers 8 Rainbow Stuffing (Uncommon) 15 Magical Triangles (Rare) 8 Fluffy Clouds (Rare)
Get from Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack Get from the Care Package Get by clearing Bonnie of The Holiday Blues Get from Cubecraft Nativity Scene (6)
Get by clearing Sam Get from Christmas Smack-a-Shrew (4)
Get from Stocking Stuffer Stop (4)
Get from Stocking Stuffer Station (8)
3,000 Stocking Stuffers 36 Gucci Flip Flops (Uncommon) 255 Versace Robes (Rare) 14 Holiday Wreath Crowns (Rare)
Get from Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack Make Jesus Open Birthday Presents (6) Attack Baby Heimlich Get from Festive FPS Bunker (6)
Get by clearing Sam Get from Classic Console Cemetery (4)
Get from Stocking Stuffer Stop (4)
Get from Stocking Stuffer Station (8)

Angel of Death (Comes with Death if you don’t have him) – 270 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg Drops Care Packages

Blinky The Ghost – 130 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Get from Nutcracker Mystery Box. Drops Beach Balls

New Premium Buildings:

Galaxy Intruders Arcade Machine – 200 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, drops Rainbows

New Freemium Decorations:

Cloud Car with Rupert – 250 qnssn_stockstuff
Supersonic Loop-the-Loop – 200 qnssn_stockstuff
My Little Reindeer Farm – 125 qnssn_stockstuff
Jon Snowman – 100 qnssn_stockstuff
Toy Block Fence – 10 qnssn_stockstuff


10 Beach Balls – 90 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg
3 Beach Balls – 28 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg

How do I get Care Packages?

Care Packages can be obtained from Nutcracker Mystery Box and are dropped by these actions:
Make Q*bert Be Misunderstood
Make 80s Gamer Brian Get a Thumb Cramp
Make Peaches Resist Kidnapping
Make Angel of Death Play Video Games

How do I get Beach Balls?

Beach Balls can be obtained from Cheer Crates, Nutcracker Mystery Boxes, and can be purchased using Clams from the shop. It is also possible to obtain Beach Balls from these actions:
Have Rupert Go Shopping
Make Bonnie Flirt With Santa

Multiplier Requirements Rewards
1x 1 Beach Ball 30 Stocking Stuffers, 1 Rainbow, 8 Versace Robes
2x 2 Beach Balls 40 Stocking Stuffers, 2 Rainbows, 16 Versace Robes
3x 4 Beach Balls 50 Stocking Stuffers, 3 Rainbows, 24 Versace Robes
4x 8 Beach Balls 60 Stocking Stuffers, 4 Rainbows, 36 Versace Robes
5x 12 Beach Balls 70 Stocking Stuffers, 5 Rainbows, 50 Versace Robes

What is inside Care Package?

Care Package randomly generates 3 items from the following list:
1 Bauble
1 Holly Jolly
1 Pepper Merry
1 Rainbow
1 Rainbow Stuffing
1 Ghostly Gift
45 Stocking Stuffers

What is inside Cheer Crate?

Cheer Crate randomly generates 3 items from the following list:
1 Bauble
1 Holly Jolly
1 Pepper Merry
1 Beach Ball
1 Ghostly Gift
5 Clams
45 Stocking Stuffers

Number Prize Requirements
1 Black Jesus in Cubecraft Nativity Scene 300 Stocking Stuffers, 2 Power Pellets, 1 Rainbow
2 Festive FPS Bunker 426 Stocking Stuffers, 26 Turtle Shells, 5 Rainbows
3 Classic Console Cemetery 900 Stocking Stuffers, 4 Power Pellets, 5 Rainbows
4 Christmas Herbert’s House 220 Stocking Stuffers, 10 Turtle Shells, 2 Rainbows
5 Christmas Smack-a-Shrew 700 Stocking Stuffers, 22 Green Balls, 3 Power Pellets
6 Extraterrestrial Holiday Hijackers 6,000 Stocking Stuffers, 180 Power Pellets, 5 Rainbows
Total Requirements 8,546 Stocking Stuffers, 22 Green Balls, 36 Turtle Shells, 186 Power Pellet, 18 Rainbow


Try your “luck” at pulling Blinky The Ghost. With a cost of 130 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg per try, this is what you can win:
Blinky The Ghost (New Character!)
Heckling Hunting Hound
140 Clams
2 Care Packages (Repeatable)
14 Beach Balls (Repeatable)
1 Rainbow (Repeatable)
150 Stocking Stuffers (Repeatable)
3 Ghostly Gifts (Repeatable)

And that pretty much wraps up the basic information for week four of this event. Stay tuned for detailed posts.

Have any tips to share that helped you so far? How are you enjoying this event? Let us know in the comments.


21 thoughts on “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Info (Week 4)”

  1. Anyone getting fluffy clouds to drop? I had that building since the first day of the new phase and have 0 so far. As it is on a six hour timer I must have tried about ten times so far without a single drop. Bizarre.

    I even got 8/15 of the triangles by now despite the absolutely dismal care parcel contents (I have about 60 ghost and barrel boxes which I’m not even bothered to still open!) but if this goes on like this I will soon be stuck on Rupert because of the fluffy clouds (already need him for proceeding on the questline).


      1. I don’t see fluffy clouds as a drop from care packages, only from the nativity scene building – but I remember there having been another item for Rupert. I cleared that months ago it feels 😉


      2. Just looked it up in this very thread – I think you mixed up fluffy clouds with rainbow stuffing. 😉

        PS just had another try without a drop. Still at zero. Ridiculous.


      3. Sorry you’re right D: I did mix them up. Honestly, all you can do is contact them and see if they’ll increase drop rates as the week counts down.


      4. ‘We can confirm this building is dropping as intended but thank you for your feedback which we will forward to the relevant team’

        And guess what? Since then it dropped twice. I’m sure they tweaked it after I complained. But this means I’m hopefully on track to get Rupert in one or two days just in time for phase four 🙂


    1. Just got the third drop in a row, so only one more drop plus two magic triangles and I’ll have Rupert. It definitely pays to contact them it seems.

      I also have reasonably good drop rates for Black Jesus so might just be able to get him before the event ends. He’s a different character to normal Jesus right? And does he also have a clam dropping task?


  2. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Well, frankly I’ve had better things to do with my time but I felt the need to share my own experience thus far. The event started off a bit rough but had stabilized and the first 2 weeks went by with only minor issues. Then came the pill bottles for Lois. In the end I spent 50 clams to speed up that process and get the last 2 I needed so that I could be on time for this week. The issue there was horrible drop rate as I had both of the buildings placed the first day and didn’t miss any check times.

    So it’s been a few days now since week 4 started and there’s issues with the cloud boxes (uncommon – ~50%) dropping as if they’re rare (~33%). TinyCo’s one trick pony of making the game more difficult to force clams expenditure is to play with the drop rates. Time and time again we’ve noticed “bad math” in that the take away has been simply blowing off the final week’s content as a coping mechanism. We know going into any event that we won’t get everything (characters, buildings, decos, etc.) unless we spend a ton of clams in doing so. So why even try. This doesn’t bother me so much as I long since gave up on arguing poor drop rates with them. But the real issues are newly added “functions” that simply make the game unplayable.

    These issues slowly seeped into the game over the year and have finally come to head as a culmination of oddities that, in effect, break the game. First of which is the delay given to the squatters when attacking them. This serves little purpose other than to annoy. It was working fine before and at some point this year it started happening. Second is the change of focus. This one was apparent during the Halloween event in which a hijacked character has some strange refresh timer on the animation that moves focus from whatever you’re doing to that character. When you have 3 characters doing this, it is a huge distraction and can cause mis-taps. Finally, the removal of targeted character clearing. In the past, we used to be able to click on a quest line to take us to a character and then pull that specific character off of a task without clearing any other characters that happened to be in the building. That function has sadly been removed and we’re left with having to clear a building to drill down to the character we need. Gone are the days of speeding up a specific character without clearing the building of others first. Sad indeed.

    Now I’m not as concerned with drop rate, as I had stated before; however, I’m personally stuck at part 2 of this week’s quest line as I haven’t received a single Rainbow in the 7 or 8 clears of the clouded characters. This means that I can’t even begin to collect on Black Jesus. Of course up until their recent patch, I had the same issue as others with getting blue boxes instead of bears, but that seems to have been worked out.

    I wouldn’t be so concerned if it hadn’t been for the about 500 clams I’ve spent so far this event. I’m at about 10,000 stocking stuffers (already paid for Rupert), was maxed out at level 30 on the holiday meter level about a week ago, and have kept pace with the game starting each week on time (even if it meant paying clams to do so). I missed Monkey Kong due to the lack of knowledge about the timer and bongos not dropping until after he was no longer available; however, I felt that this was more of a premium character and didn’t need to put much effort into trying for him (as he simply was a make it or break it on the drop rates). While I’m less concerned about obtaining Black Jesus, as he’s not needed for the quest line this week, I simply cannot move forward without the Rainbows dropping as the main quest line demands it. This has prevented me from getting to Baby Heimlich. As such, I cannot collect beach balls to take him out. And of course the issue that I’ve also been hearing about how Bonnie and Rupert are the only 2 characters that produce the beach balls is a bit disheartening. One that isn’t available until you collect from the other on a rare drop. The other being a hijacked character that you can’t unhijack without getting the right contents from a box. And a box that only 3 characters drop as an uncommon/rare. A rock and a hard place to be sure.

    With all of these issues, I’m starting to wonder if I should continue to play this event at this point. I’ve messaged TinyCo on each of these issues and have been told the new blanket statement of “We’ll look into your game and send your concerns to the development team”. It’s nicer that saying “functioning as intended” but I still feel that there are issues that aren’t be addressed. The game has become virtually unplayable with all these issues and I now have to think about whether or not I want to continue. Not exactly the Christmas present I was hoping for considering I’ve spent about 500 clams to get to this point. Hope they can fix these issues. Merry Christmas all.


    1. Very thorough post and everything you said was on point. First couple weeks were alright but this week has been frustrating. If I was a freemium player or even a light spending premium player, I would’ve quit a long time. These last few months have been rough but all we can do is hope it gets better.


    1. Yeah, sucks that they couldn’t add a couple more characters or even a previous building drop them. Definitely going to be a tough go. It’s a good thing Black Jesus isn’t need yet.


    1. Might be a visual glitch, if you tap on Black Jesus and click on the Versace Robes, does it show you received any? If not, contact support.


  3. As freemium, I see Black Jesus as a two-week process. Until you get Rupert, you are looking at only Bonnie to get beach balls and her task is being interrupted by being taken over with the blues and you need three of her color bears to get her back. That will be a slow and painful process. My math is showing you need around 50 beach balls to defeat the baby enough times to get what is needed for Black Jesus. Assuming Rupert is a different character from the one in the store, at least there are two new characters this week and no skins.


  4. It would be great if I could join in week 4, but it’s been days since either building dropped pills for pixel lois, so I’m sitting at 6/12 on those…


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