Quahog’s Not So Silent Night: Character Profiles (Week 3)

The third week of Quahog’s Not So Silent Night introduced a new character and two new outfits. Continue reading to check out what they can do this week along with their full completed questline.

Quest to Unlock: CHOMPING AT THE 8-BIT
Task Time Rewards Requires Drops
Get Indigestion 2:00:00 4 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Visual Task qnssn_ghostgift
Munch on Quarters 4:00:00 12 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Quahog Mall
Pop Power Pellets 6:00:00 16 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Goldman’s Pharmacy
Hunt Ghosts 8:00:00 18 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Visual Task
Make New Friends 10:00:00 20 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Drunken Clam
Sample Fruit Cake 12:00:00 24 qnssn_stockstuff/2 qnssn_dreampts Founding Fathers
Hit the Kill Screen 24:00:00 36 qnssn_stockstuff/3 qnssn_dreampts Quahog Mall
Quest to Unlock: TOKEN DOG
Task Time Rewards Requires Drops
Hang Out in the Arcade 2:00:00 2 qnssn_stockstuff/2 qnssn_dreampts Quahog Mall
Get a Thumb Cramp 4:00:00 6 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Griffin House
Beat the High Score 6:00:00 8 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Visual Task
Fix His Hair 8:00:00 9 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Griffin House
Get Sucked In 10:00:00 10 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Visual Task
Add to T-Shirt Collection 12:00:00 12 qnssn_stockstuff/2 qnssn_dreampts Quahog Mall qnssn_ghostgift
Quest to Unlock: PIXEL PEEPING
Task Time Rewards Requires Drops
Get a High Def Makeover 2:00:00 2 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Quahog Day Spa qnssn_ghostgift
Try to Focus 2:00:00 2 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Griffin House
Fight Fierce 4:00:00 6 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Visual Task
Make Resolutions 6:00:00 8 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Swanson House
Start Her Life Over 8:00:00 9 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Visual Task
Level Up 10:00:00 10 qnssn_stockstuff/1 qnssn_dreampts Griffin House
Feel Low-Resolution 12:00:00 12 qnssn_stockstuff/2 qnssn_dreampts Quahog Hospital

And that wraps up the character profiles for week three of Quahog’s Not So Silent Night. Have you purchased/unlocked any of them yet? Did you enjoy their questlines? Comment below!


18 thoughts on “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night: Character Profiles (Week 3)”

  1. Just got Pixel Lois an hour ago, They took away Brian’s task for a clue present.. I wonder why?
    My drop rates are absolutely horrible!!! I love the characters of this event, but the drop rates for me are making me want to quit playing the game…


    1. I noticed that too for 80s Gamer Brian. Makes getting him now useless other than that one part he’s needed on the main questline.


  2. Also is there any information about a leaderboard for this event? Ever since week 3 was added to the game I see a leaderboard in the background when I click on the event information tab. (I’m seeing my amount of points which is over 10.000)


    1. Mind taking a screenshot? I don’t see anything when I check the event tabs and there isn’t anything in the files that suggest a leaderboard in this event, though there’s still lots of time.


  3. Only need pixel lois, got 80’s gamer brian on my 5th try, I guess I’m extremely lucky. It tool my 8 days to complete week 1, another 10 for week 2 but I think I can easily complete week 3 within 3 to 4 days seeing I already have brian and almost have lois.


  4. I finally got Monkey Kong now with 2 days still on the counter, nice 🙂

    Still working on Lois though, need quite some bits but that’s okay, still a few days left.

    PS I got Pac Man too so have probably opened about 20-30 ghost boxes and no gamer Brian yet. I think this is not going to happen quickly but he’s not needed yet so that’s ok.


    1. NO it’s been so many tries BARELY getting the ghost boxes i’m so irritated at the drop rates of of those. so bf gets him in NOT EVEN A DAY im like wtf is going on!!!


    2. By my best estimate, I’ve opened the boxes a hundred times and no 80s gamer brian yet. I got pixel lois today, was hoping she was the key to unlock him but alas, no luck yet.

      I’ve gotten a lot of free clams from the pink presents so I’m still pretty happy even without brian so far.


      1. I think I got maybe 3 clams from the pink presents… This randomisation certainly works, not sure whether it’s a good thing though 😉

        Got Pixel Lois today, now off to completing the remaining quests… but no sight of Gamer Brian yet.


    3. Finally got him after messaging Tinyco. Let them know that I had opened 50 presents and hadn’t gotten him; wondered if that was normal. After they responded, I got him after only 2 tries. Yippie!


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