Quahog’s Not So Silent Night: Useful Characters & Buildings (Week 3)

This post lists all the characters and buildings that drop goodies during week 3 of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Christmas event.

Click here for a list of useful week 1 characters and buildings.
Click here for a list of useful week 2 characters and buildings.


Ghostly Gift

Character Task Time Drops
Bonnie Swanson Wrap Secret Santa Gift 2:00:00 qnssn_ghostgift
Seamus Whittle Gifts 2:00:00 qnssn_ghostgift
Monkey Kong Be a Bad Monkey 2:00:00 qnssn_ghostgift
PAC-MAN Get Indigestion 2:00:00 qnssn_ghostgift
Pixel Lois Get a High Def Makeover 2:00:00 qnssn_ghostgift
80s Gamer Brian Add to T-Shirt Collection 12:00:00 qnssn_ghostgift

Power Pellets (Rare)

Building Cost Time Drops
PAC-MAN Arcade Machine 200 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 12:00:00 qnssn_powerpellet

Materials for Characters/Outfits

Pixel Wine (Extra Rare)

Character Task Time Drops
Monkey Kong Kidnap Damsels 4:00:00 qnssn_pixelwin
Building Cost Time Drops
Revved Up Toy Raceway 380 qnssn_stockstuff 2 qnssn_turtleshell, 1 qnssn_powerpellet 4:00:00 2 qnssn_pixelwin

Pixel Lipstick (Rare)

Character Task Time Drops
Mort Goldman Shop the Sales 8:00:00 qnssn_pixellipstick
Building Cost Time Drops
Tap This! Soda Shop 700 qnssn_stockstuff 6 qnssn_turtleshell, 3 qnssn_powerpellet 8:00:00 2 qnssn_pixellipstick

Pixel Pills (Rare)

Building Cost Time Drops
PAC-MAN Ice Maze 200 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 24:00:00 qnssn_pixelpills
PAC-MAN’s Haunted House 300 qnssn_stockstuff 6 qnssn_greenball 1 qnssn_powerpellet 6:00:00 2 qnssn_pixelpills
Drawn-In Theater 400 qnssn_stockstuff 10 qnssn_greenball 4 qnssn_powerpellet 6:00:00 2 qnssn_pixelpills

Short list but this concludes the list of useful characters and buildings for week three. Did we miss anything? How are you doing so far? Comment below!


16 thoughts on “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night: Useful Characters & Buildings (Week 3)”

  1. Is anyone close to getting Pixel Lois? Two days left until week four and I’m not even close. Drops are absolutely pathetic. Day one player and I’ve never seen it this bad before.


  2. I just noticed this today, and I don’t know if you noted it elsewhere but Santa (if you have him) has a 12 hour task that yields 18 Stocking Stuffers.


  3. Anyone else having problems with Bongos and Ties dropping for Monkey Kong? I have five days left and got 0/10 Ties and only 4/40 Bongos. I must have had about 20 barrel boxes so 4/20 seems quite low. And the Tie situation isn’t helped by the fact that it is an 8-hr timer. Argh!


      1. I now got 6/10 ties (3 straight drops in a row) and about 15/40 bongos. We’re getting there… Should be just about okay for the timer.


      2. Just noticed lots of Bongos dropping now and lo and behold they’ve now changed them from rare to uncommon. I’m now at 23/40 and have 3.5 days left, so should be fine.

        I just wonder – do they not calculate beforehand what an item needs to be to get the right amount of drops within a given time period? Sometimes those halfway changes just make them look amateurish.


    1. i have a little over 4days left to get MonkeyKong: the ties weren’t dropping at all for me for at least the next 2-3days AFTER i had even placed him. i even done had the building like a week before placing him so i figured oh it might take a lil bit for the ties to drop.& i also figured getting the bongos was gonna be a pain too which i was right& i still need a few more of those.


  4. OF COURSE to move on in the questline& to get into the new phase3 stuff AFTER you get Princess Peaches&& also AFTER you get her up to Level3 the task of hers in order to continue and move on is 24hours BOOOO!!! 🤔😂🤔😂🤔😂🤔


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