Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Quests (Week 3)

Week 3 of Quahog’s Not So Silent Night is now live with a a ton of new quests for us to complete. Continue reading for a detailed breakdown of each quest this week.

Keep Dreaming (Main Quest)
Keep Dreaming pt. 1
1. Learn about PAC-Carolers
2. Have Quagmire Remember the 80s (2)
3. Earn a Ghostly Gift

Keep Dreaming pt. 2
1. Earn a ghost from the Ghostly Gift
2. Scare the Carolling PAC People
3. Earn a Power Pellet

Keep Dreaming pt. 3
1. Place PAC-MAN’s Haunted House
2. Have Chris Dream of Adopting Chia Pets (1)

Keep Dreaming pt. 4
1. Open a Barrel Box
2. Clear 2 Drunk Wizards
3. Place the Drawn-In Theater

Keep Dreaming pt. 5
1. Clear 3 Sams
2. Scare off 2 groups of carrolling PAC people
3. Have Pixel Lois Try to Focus (2)

Keep Dreaming pt. 6
1. Place Board Game Real Estate
2. Clear 12 Turtles

Keep Dreaming pt. 7
1. Have Jerome Shop for Christmas Gifts (4)
2. Have Bonnie Spike the Eggnog (2)
3. Place Tap This! Soda Shop

Keep Dreaming pt. 8
1. Have Chris Wish for Video Games (2)
2. Have 80’s Brian Get a Thumb Cramp (4)
3. Reach Dream Level 11

Keep Dreaming pt. 9
1. Upgrade the Portal
End of quest until next week.

Chomping at the 8-Bit (PAC-MAN’s Quest)
Chomping at the 8-Bit pt. 1
1. Have PAC-MAN Get Indigestion
2. Have Mort Restock Ipecac Syrup

Chomping at the 8-Bit pt. 2
1. Have PAC-MAN Hunt Ghosts
2. Have Joe Arrest Ghosts

Chomping at the 8-Bit pt. 3
1. Have PAC-MAN Pop Power Pellets
2. Have Bonnie Pop Pills

Chomping at the 8-Bit pt. 4
1. Have PAC-MAN Make New Friends
2. Have Quagmire Jiggle His Joystick

Chomping at the 8-Bit pt. 5
1. Have PAC-MAN Sample Fruit Cake
2. Have Herbert Give Old-Man Gifts
End of quest!

Token Dog (80’s Gamer Brian’s Quest)
Token Dog pt. 1
1. Earn 80’s Gamer Brian from Ghostly Gifts
2. Have Jerome Play Video Games
3. Have 80’s Gamer Brian Beat His High Score

Token Dog pt. 2
1. Have 80’s Gamer Brian Get Sucked In
2. Have Lois Toss Tinsel

Token Dog pt. 3
1. Have 80’s Gamer Brian Fix His Hair
2. Have Bonnie Play Pinball

Token Dog pt. 4
1. Have 80’s Gamer Brian Add to T-Shirt Collection
2. Have Chris Wish for Video Games

Token Dog pt. 5
1. Have 80’s Gamer Brian Get a Thumb Cramp
2. Have Joe Carry a Game Gun
End of quest!

Pixel Peeping (Pixel Lois’ Quest)
Pixel Peeping pt. 0
1. Earn Pixel Lois
2. Have Pixel Lois Fight Fierce

Pixel Peeping pt. 1
1. Have Pixel Lois Start Her Life Over
2. Have Mort Recycle Neil’s Game Cartridges

Pixel Peeping pt. 2
1. Have Pixel Lois Make Resolutions
2. Have Bruce Make New Year’s Eve Plans

Pixel Peeping pt. 3
1. Have Pixel Lois Level Up
2. Have Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine
End of quest!

And that wraps up the quests for this week. Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Quests (Week 3)”

  1. Initial thoughts …

    A little weak for what is supposed to be the BIG event of the year. No new character to work toward in this phase is a bummer. Like the idea of a “free” chance at Brian’s skin (as opposed to clam chances), but Pac Man should have at least been a timer try, especially since he finishes off a grouping.

    The 10 extra rare items for Lois’ skin are rough since she is needed for the fifth stage of the main quest line. She may take all week depending on how your luck is and then you will be scrambling to get the remaining parts done in time for the release of the new phase. Not really very thought out (again) by TinyCo. At least if the only time she is needed is the last stage you can get her, finish off the last task and be ready for new content.

    I have seen it written here and some other places that the long-term future of the game is teetering and the last few events bear that out. The imagination is waning and the content reflects that. Very disappointing but not surprising. The company has piled on problem after problem after problem all at its own doing. I’m frankly surprised the game has lasted this long.


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