Xmas 2016 Week 2: How are you guys doing?

Week three of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Christmas event is scheduled to go live sometime tomorrow and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

New Characters and Costumes

Two new character and two costumes were added to our games this week. Did you earn Peaches and/or Monkey Kong? Did you purchase Baby Bobble Stewie and if so, has he been useful for you? Did you try your luck at pulling Troll Doll Mort from the Christmas King Mystery Box?

Catch Up

The questline Santa’s Gift should have appeared granting each player three chances at opening Santa’s Surprise Mystery Box for 10 coins. You have a chance at getting various amounts of stocking stuffers, green balls, and turtle shells.

Week Three Features

This is what you can expect over the course of week three. Please note, as nothing is live, everything is subject to change.

1. 80s Gamer Brian – Premium
2. 8-bit Lois – Freemium
3. Pacman – Freemium
4. Defeat the Carolling PAC People with Blinky, Clyde, Inky, and Pinky.

Week Three Quest

Keep Dreaming
Keep Dreaming pt. 1
1. Learn about Carolling PAC People Squatters
2. Have Quagmire Remember the 80s
3. Earn a Ghostly Gift

Keep Dreaming pt. 2
1. Earn a ghost from the Ghostly Gift
2. Scare the Carolling PAC People
3. Earn a power pellet

Keep Dreaming pt. 3
1. Place Pacman in the PAC-MAN ice maze
2. Have Chris Dream of Adopting Chia Pets

Keep Dreaming pt. 4
1. Open a Barrel Box
2. Clear 2 Drunk Wizards
3. Place Board Game Real Estate

Keep Dreaming pt. 5
1. Clear 3 Sams
2. Scare off 2 groups of carrolling PAC people
3. Have Pixel Lois Try to Focus

Keep Dreaming pt. 6
1. Place Tap This! Soda Shop
2. Clear 12 Turtles

Keep Dreaming pt. 7
1. Have Jerome Shop for Christmas Gifts
2. Have Bonnie Spike the Eggnog
3. Place the Drawn-In Theater

Keep Dreaming pt. 8
1. Have Chris Wish for Video Games
2. Place the Clay Dough Christmas Tree
3. Reach Event Level 9

Keep Dreaming pt. 9
1. Upgrade the Portal

Are you enjoying this event so far? All set for week 3? Have any tips or anything else to add? Comment below!


22 thoughts on “Xmas 2016 Week 2: How are you guys doing?”

  1. Personally I think this entire event is once again one big joke if it’s not outlandish amounts of currency it’s stupidly long tasks or none existent drop rates.

    Was two days behind at the start of the event due to them locking me out of the game due to “Android issues”, I needed 10 items to unlock Peter by the end of the first week, now I only have 2 Stars for Peach since even with the building down almost instantly they refuse to drop despite collecting every time they are available.

    I still need 1100 canes for her as well, yet have all the items for Kong bar her task, so I’m either going to need to drop 100 clams to finish him or let the timer pass. Even if I get her in the next few days her task is 1 day at level 3 which is an even bigger stall to progress to week 3.

    It’s just another example of them rushing content without prep or testing, where they make every attempt to gouge as many players as possible. They seriously need to extend their lead time so they can test the events rather then throwing them out one after another.

    They don’t test timers, they don’t test quests, they don’t find out if things are possible in time frames without 24/7 play, and they don’t test drop rates they just make them up as they go along where rare are common and common are none existent and everything else might as well have an label with Epic for the amount you actually get them.

    CS is worse then useless to the point it’s not even worth contacting them I mean if they don’t delete you tickets you have them open for 3 months with zero response. I’ve had stray tasks since the Dinos that can’t be completed yet they refuse to even acknowledge issues let alone fix them.

    The game has turned into an unoptimised mess to the point where on an identical device I can literally play another game and complete tasks in S:TO before FG:TQS even finishes loading and this is on a high end tablet. They need to stop for even two weeks to sort out basic issues and allow stuff to be tested over trying to take as much money as possible by making things close to impossible as they can.

    This isn’t salt from a Freemium player, I often buy and use clams every event effectively being a player that keeps their lights on yet they repeatedly and with malice repeat the same basic mistakes time and time again while ignoring long term players by making 95% of character useless past an event instead of allowing those players a minor advantage, take this event all of 3 character can help even the costumes they put in the mystery box don’t drop canes proving once again it’s a cash making measure not an aid to completion as has been the case since day 1.


  2. Just finished monkey king. All ready for week three. And I’ve done it all freemium. Not sure how I got so lucky but my drop rates have been getting better as the week went by.


  3. IWhat the deuce? Where is Week 3? The hourglass timer for the upgrade ran out hours ago. I have had Peach and Kong for a while now. I’m ready for the upgrade and have more than 4,000 stocking stuffers. When is the upgrade coming?

    You only need level 7 and I’m on level 26. For that matter, I have been well over level 100 (Max) since way before the upgrade. They need to go up to level 200. I went right from MAX to MAX when TinyCo released level 100. That might make an interesting survey question for you. What level is everyone on?


  4. Could see the handwriting on wall early on that Kong would be near impossible since I hit the timer too early so I didn’t bother getting the 2 buildings need to get stuff for him. So there’s a few as saved so I will be able to get Peaches just before the start of week 3.


  5. All characters unlocked, all the buildings bought, both weekly challengers complete, 4 1/2 thousand ish Stocking Stuffers saved ready and best of all not a single clam spent.


  6. Not too bad. Although making you task Peaches to a 24 hour task that requires a LEVEL 3 character upgrade first just to get to the third week is cruel.

    Who’s actually going to start week 3 on time?


  7. Doing good, I have Peaches unlocked, Q*Bert unlocked all of this weeks prizes from the Puppet Theatre, the main questline complete, and I only need 2 more Neckties for Kong, with 4days 9hrs left on the timer, and in 2hrs I have my next chance for the Neckties to drop so I may have him unlocked just before Phase 3 begins. It’s also nice to see that we’ll get a few clams back if we manage to unlock Q*Bert, Peaches, Kong, and PAC-Man. Thanks for the info on week 3 questline, so I’m now going to hold onto a few of my Barrel Boxes and Pyramid Packs.


  8. I have everything, but Kong.. Still waiting on 2 d$#n neck ties.. my drop rate must be really off.. only have 10 hrs left on timer.. so if it doesn’t drop the last two ties on this next drop, I might have to purchase him for 80 clams.. it has been that way for 2 days..


  9. I’m quite happy with my progress. I got q-Bert and peach. I was so mad that Monkey Kong was timed. I was no where near 2400 SS when I placed him. I got her and was still thinking I’d never have time to get Kong. However, all I’m waiting for now is 2 ties and peach to finish that 24 hour task! I started that this morning. So I’m thinking I’ll not be able to move on to the next phase till tomorrow. I have 19 hours and 2 min hours on Kong’s timer to collect those 2 ties, but peach still had 19 hours and 22 min! 20 min! Lol. I’m sure that’s where the free daily claims will come in handy! I’m hoping I can speed her up to be able to move on tonight. We’ll see. I really didn’t think I’d even get they close, so I’m happy. Also, I was able to complete the weekly challenge. I don’t even try last week’s due to needing the 500 SS. I guess I could have. But unless decos are animated, I don’t care too much.

    Love love love that you are able to give upcoming phase info. Even if it changes a lil bit. Thank you!


  10. EASILY beat week2challenge so i can definitely say they ARE listening to us& our feedback for this event because remember i posted DAILY i couldn’t beat ANY of the past most recent challenges at all; i have all buildings& debating on placing MonkeyKong just yet because i’m ONLY needing Peach unlocked(1644/2400 stockingStuffers) okay so should i jus go head and place him?,have some barrels saved up and what not ..😇😑😊


    1. If you have all the buildings, you should place Monkey Kong now. He doesn’t require any Stocking Stuffers and you should get the 800ish you need today.


  11. Today, I finally got the 2400 Stocking stuffers to unlock Peaches but i still need 5 stars Also I’m Waiting to get the 2000 Stocking stuffers to unlock Q*bert (Now I have 100 Stocking stuffers).
    When I get to unlock Peaches, I will go for Monkey Kong

    P.D; The Stocking stuffers required are NONSENSE!!!
    I got stuck in the week 1 because of the Stocking stuffers and now, in the week 2, the same. I can completed the challenge around 20 hours, but I lock with the f****** Stocking stuffers around 6-7 days by character or skin.


  12. Haven’t unlocked Princess or Kong. Finally unlocked QBert.

    Got the buildings as they drop candy and working on getting candy for Princess.

    Placed Kong yesterday to start collecting the other bits and hoping to unlock princess before his timer runs out.

    It’s frustrating that so few characters drop candy


  13. Need more characters added that can drop stuffers. Why not all from previous Christmas events. Maybe pretend like it is actually worth something to earn a character in that they just won’t be used one time and end up in tan lines forever after.


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