Xmas 2016: Challenge #1 & Upcoming Characters

A real American Hebrew.
A real American Hebrew.

With the first challenge of the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Christmas now live, you have 48 hours to complete this challenge.

Toy Stories

  1. Place Princesses Against Kidnapping Club
  2. Clear 15 Sams

Upon completing this first challenge, the G.I. Jew (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

Upcoming Characters/Outfits

With week one nearly in the books, these are possible characters/outfits that could be released during this event:

PLEASE NOTE: Some costumes are unknown at this time. Bold indicates to be released in week 2. Everything subject to change.

1. Black Jesus
2. Unknown Brian Griffin Outfit
3. Brony
4. Carebear
5. Unknown Lois Griffin Outfit
6. Onesie Mayor West
7. Monkey Kong – Premium
8. Troll Doll Mort – Freemium
9. Negatron
10. Pacman
11. Peaches – Freemium
12. Unknown Quagmire Outfit
13. Unknown Rupert Outfit
14. Baby Bobble Stewie – Premium via Mystery Box

And that wraps up the first challenge and upcoming characters. How are you doing so far? Excited for any of the upcoming characters/outfits? Let down by anything? Comment below!


5 thoughts on “Xmas 2016: Challenge #1 & Upcoming Characters”

  1. Is Peaches a parody on Princess Peach from Super Mario, Brony a parody on My Little Pony and Negatron a parody on Megatron (Transformers)?


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