Christmas 2016 Edition: What Really Grinds Your Gears?


Welcome to our – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ post – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!

Lots of events and content updates have bombarded us all year, so there must be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point!

The Quahog’s Not So Silent Night update has been live for a few days now, has there been anything in particular that has almost made you tap that uninstall button?!

We would really like to hear what was grinding your gears – is it having the same characters being used? Is it the horrible drop rates? Is it the lack of Christmasy characters?! Whatever it is, we would love to hear what has been grinding your gears since the last event!


16 thoughts on “Christmas 2016 Edition: What Really Grinds Your Gears?”

  1. Grinding my teeth here! I was able to get all the needed buildings and Peter so far. Just need the rest of the stocking stuffers for q-Bert. What’s grinding my gears is the amount of stocking stuffers needed! Now princess needs over 2400! I was actually thinking of buying the building that gives like 200 every 5 hours or so. (Don’t want to open the game and have to wait for it to load right now to get the exact numbers. Takes too long!) Then I realized I’ve already wasted much money on this game. If I ever stop playing is a huge waste. I just think the event currency is ridiculous! This is the most disappointed I’ve been. I realize maybe at the end it well have been ok but right now it looks hopeless. I would love to get the snow men but dang, more stocking stuffers! Grind grind!


    1. The snowmen definitely look like a nice addition. Going to stock up on some at the end. It truly is crazy how much stocking stuffers are needed; and this is only week two. Will it get worse in week three?


  2. surprisingly, i jus got ALL 6 prizes as freemium which i think is AWESOME! didn’t struggle too too bad so anybody else freemium get all those as of this moment??? just curious! i’m feeling okay wit the event now LOL but do have alot to get to unlock Q*Bert and halfway to getting Christmas Morning Peter 😁☺️😁


    1. Awesome stuff, keep up the great work! The good thing is that Q*bert doesn’t seem to be involved with the main questline for week 2 at the moment. He may drop something useful though.


  3. I’m freemium, two more night caps to get Peter but what grinds my gears is I’ve got 684 stuffers (enough to get Peter) but now they throw in timed weekly challenge where I’ve gotta buy a building for 500 stuffers. So Hobsons choice of delay Peter or forego challenge. Plus I’ve still got at least 1 more building to buy at 250


    1. All the weekly prizes are decorations (with the grand prize now known too). Usually players have event currency to spare at the end of the event but if it’s going to hinder your progress, I wouldn’t bother with these weekly challenges. Do you decorate your town with these types of decorations?


      1. Nah lol, they go straight to storage. If it was a character or wasn’t going to slow things down I’d have a crack but for this one I’ll save the stuffers to help with next week


  4. Just now all 5 characters and not one dropped a cube. Not a single character to buy with the clams I saved up, very little to do. They can’t afford to pay people for more content. I have a feeling this game will be dissolved soon.


  5. I really want new characters not skins. I really liked the oz event because they were new characters for Peter, Lois etc… they should be that way more often. Also how about a mystery box that costs coins instead of clams.


  6. No more skins or costumes!! There are already too many. There should be nothing but new characters — to fill up Tan Lines!

    We also need something fun to do with coins. How about some new characters that cost one million coins each — like Will Riker, etc.?


  7. I have to say I like this event except for the fact that the present boxes are rare drops, this is a pain in the back. Apart from that I’m doing alright I think…


    1. I don’t get it? Half the useful characters are the box droppers that enable you to buy buildings you need to unlock Peter and qbert so what exactly are you doing good with? Am I right the only way to get those ball things u need is by collecting boxes, opening them and then squashing those green qberts? I have the first 2 buildings and only one green ball thingy towards the next building. This crap is just way too drawn out and boring. Have to wait days to look forward to something. Oh and u should state I am 100% freemium. I think a lot of people here don’t remember how much better the game was in the first year. If you worked at it hard you could complete everything free.

      Oh and my drop rate on boxes is 25%. 1 box every 3 hours to open once. Then u use what’s in the box and get almost nothing. It’s a total joke now. I should have my next building in about 3 days.


      1. Just to add, I’m playing freemium too so I might have lower expectations 😉 As per the weekly quest the key achievement for week one is getting Peter’s costume. I should just about manage getting this on Wed so I’m on track. Keep calm, it’s a game nothing else 😉


  8. I’m at the point where nothing grinds my gears about this game. It has gotten so bad with drop rates that I’m over it. I just don’t care. Whatever I get to I get to. Im hoping that they make it worse and make it easier to stop playing all together.

    As for this event…. It’s flat out horrible, boring, was frustrating with horrendous drop rates but like in said I am over it now. It may take all month to unlock Peter and Chris new skins. Wtf is qbert doing in a Christmas event? I mean seriously a mid level popularity video game from the 80s???

    I seriously doubt there will be another Xmas event. This game has to collapse before then.

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