There’s No Place Like Quahog Info (Week 3)

Week 3 of There’s No Place Like Quahog is now live! Peter wraps up his story. Wizard of Oz Stewie, Cowardly Lion Joe, The Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda the Good Witch join in the fun. Click here for week 3 quests.


New Characters/Outfits:

10 Lion Snax (Rare) 60 Mane Combs (Always) 5 Hair Dryers (Common) 12 Booze (Uncommon) 4 Badges (Extra Rare)
Make Scarecrow Peter Play With Dogs (4) Get from Attacking the Wicked Witch of the West Get from the Wicked Witch’s Castle (4) Make Bonnie Wish for a Drink (6) Make Lois Be Authoritative (2)
Make Quagmire Slap His Bottom (4) Get from Liquid Courage Liquors (6) Chris Play Cops and Robbers (2)
Get from Oz Tower (2)
42 Magic Wands (Always) 160 Glitter (Always) 210 Crowns (Always)
Get from Attacking the Wicked Witch of the West Get from Attacking the Wicked Witch of the West Get from Attacking the Wicked Witch of the West

Wizard of Oz Stewie – 275 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Tasks that drop Furballs, Oil, and Straw

The Wicked Witch of the West – See more info below!

New Buildings:
Gold Cowardly Lion – 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops 1 Furball
The Buckin’ Munchkin Rodeo – 225 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops 8 tnplq_emerald and 1 Lasso

New Decorations:
Wheeler – 350 tnplq_emerald
Yellow Brick Road – 15 tnplq_emerald


You attack the Wicked Witch of the West by collecting either Spray Bottles, Water Balloons or Supersoakers, and then going to the battle screen to attack her! If her timer reaches 0, she will escape and you must either wait until she comes back, or pay Clams to summon her. Her multipliers are as follows:

How do I get Spray Bottles?

Make Scarecrow Peter Play With Fire
Make Dorothy Lois Unpack a Picnic
Make Toto Brian Be a Bad Dog
Make Tin Woodman Quagmire Sharpen His Axe

How do I get Water Balloons?

Make Scarecrow Peter Be Afraid of Crows
Make Dorothy Lois Search for Toto
Make Toto Brian Have Oz Nightmares
Make Tin Woodman Quagmire Be Heartless

How do I get Supersoakers?

Make Scarecrow Peter Fart Straw
Make Dorothy Lois Prepare for Witch Warfare
Make Toto Brian Save the Day
Make Tin Woodman Quagmire Blow His Top

Multiplier Requirements Rewards
1x 2 Spray Bottles OR 2 Water Balloons OR 2 Supersoakers 15 Emeralds, 10 Crowns and 4 Mane Combs
2x 4 Spray Bottles OR 4 Water Balloons OR 4 Supersoakers 20 Emeralds, 20 Crowns and 8 Mane Combs
3x 8 Spray Bottles OR 8 Water Balloons OR 8 Supersoakers 25 Emeralds, 30 Crowns and 12 Mane Combs
4x 16 Spray Bottles OR 16 Water Balloons OR 16 Supersoakers 30 Emeralds, 40 Crowns and 16 Mane Combs
5x 32 Spray Bottles OR 32 Water Balloons OR 32 Supersoakers 45 Emeralds, 60 Crowns and 24 Mane Combs

Number Prize Requirements
1 Haunted Forest 8 Straw, 5 Oil, 4 Furball
2 Oz Tower 850 Emeralds, 8 Furball
3 Tik-Tok 10 Straw, 6 Furball
4 Liquid Courage Liquors 1,000 Emeralds, 7 Straw, 4 Oil
5 Wicked Witch’s Castle 1,200 Emeralds, 3 Oil, 10 Furball
6 Fortune Teller 350 Emeralds, 5 Straw, 4 Oil
Total Requirements 3,400 Emeralds, 30 Straw, 16 Oil, 28 Furball


Similar to Barack Obama, complete these tasks to earn her:

Have Scarecrow Peter Ease on Down The Road
Have Dorothy Lois Make Frenemies With Witches
Have Tin Woodsman Quagmire Have a Heart
Have Cowardly Lion Joe Be Regal
Have Glinda Wave Her Wand
Place the Spiraled Road
Place the Wizard’s Hot Air Balloon
Place the Fortune Teller’s Wagon

Have any tips to share that helped you so far? How are you enjoying this event? Let us know in the comments.


11 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Quahog Info (Week 3)”

  1. so do the tornado characters(Brian, Meg, Seamus, Dr.Hartman, Stewie, Connie, and Carter) HAVE to be out walking around in town in order to become tornadoes OR can they jus stay in inventory and can still turn into those??


  2. i’m confused& got pretty mad when first time today i got into my game BOOM managed to get Tin WoodMan Quagmire(was worried over nothing lol)then BOOM started phase3 stuff! the only other one of that 8 character list deemed “un-useful” who are suppose to turn into tornadoes is Brian so far somy question is …what was the point in basically “banning” Stewie, Brian, Meg, Seamus, Connie, Carter, and Dr.Hartman from TanLines Resort when only ONE of them is being used for the tornadoes? l! so instead they used Herbert, Bruce,& Bonnie as tornadoes when they drop much-needed emeralds instead of the other 7 lol …gah i should have posted up a what grinds my gears post lmao😂😓😡😤😂


      1. pshl “RELAX”?!? let’s start a riot i got pitchforks and fight gear what does that “RELAX” word even mean i’ve never done that at all EVER in my life!!!!..totally kidding lmao but you’re right jAy i need to jus let it go!war is almost over😂😂


  3. My game just got weird. Congratulated me for reaching level 100, doubled my max dollars to 20 million, bunch of characters were kicked out of tan lines and it won’t let me add them back in. Anyone else? U think it would give you some kind of reward for reaching level 100 but no. Should give you clams. This game Sucks.


    1. Max level increased to 100. It was supposed to be increase last week (I mentioned it) but I guess they failed to implement it until this week.

      Characters are being kicked out of Tan Lines because the Tornadoes drag em out. Cross fingers that things get better during the Christmas event.


    2. Same thing happened to me. Ollie popped up on the screen and said I was suddenly level 94. Max level previously was lvl 50/60(?).
      Carter, connie, brian, meg, stewie were all kicked out of Tan Lines and can’t be added back in. Now i no longer qualify daily for a chance for a red stewie buck. Sonofa… lol


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