Oz Event Week 2: How are you guys doing?

Week three of the Wizard of Oz event is set to go live sometime tonight and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

New Characters and Costumes

Three new characters were added to our games this week. Did you earn Tin Woodman Quagmire? Did you purchase Winged Monkey Chris and if so, has he been useful for you? And were you able to win Munchkin Mayor West from the Oz’s Great and Powerful Mystery Box?

Gilda the Good Witch

The third and final material will be available to collect once week 3 is released.


If you’ve unlocked Scarecrow Peter, Dorothy Lois, and Tin Woodman Quagmire, stock up on the Spray Bottles/Water Balloons/Supersoakers. As the Wicked Witch is bound to drop stuff for the new characters plus the second material for Gilda, it’s best to not waste those precious water weapons when it wouldn’t be beneficial to you.

Week 3 Preview (Everything subject to change)

Wicked Wishes List:
Below is a list that you have to complete (similar to the list needed to earn Barack Obama) in order to earn the Wicked Witch of the West:

  • ListMain: Wicked Wishes
  • ListP1: Have Scarecrow Peter Ease On Down the Road
  • ListP2: Have Dorothy Lois Make Frenemies with Witches
  • ListP3: Have Tin Woodman Quagmire Have a Heart
  • ListP4: Have Cowardly Lion Joe Be Regal
  • ListP5: Have Glinda Wave her Wand
  • ListP6: Place the Spiraled Road
  • ListP7: Place The Wizard’s Hot Air Balloon
  • ListP8: Place the Fortune Teller’s Wagon
  • ListP9: Have Tin Woodman Quagmire Get Wood
  • ListP10: Place 5 pieces of Yellow Brick Road
  • ListP11: Have Cowardly Lion Joe Practice His Roar
  • ListP12: Have Glinda Explore Vices

Stewie Wizard of Oz – 275 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg

Cowardly Lion Joe – Collect Emeralds, Mane Combs, Hair Dryers, Booze, and Badges.

Once Upon A Mystery Box

I think these are the characters you can win from this mystery box. Please correct if it’s different:

Fairy Godmayor West
Little Red Riding Hood Stewie
Medusa Meg
Minstrel Bruce
Chris the Giant
Li’l Chicken
Big Bad Brian
Cinderella Lois
Nutcracker Stewie

Are you enjoying this event so far? All set for the final week? Have any tips or anything else to add? Comment below!


13 thoughts on “Oz Event Week 2: How are you guys doing?”

  1. Am I the only one who has been playing since the beginning and has only managed to get Scarecrow Peter? I’ve only managed to attack the witch one time.


    1. The drop rates seen to vary between player and they’ve been quite bad this event. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other people where you were as well.


  2. did anybody else jus automatically level up too like past the MAX point?? if so, FINALLY it’s bout time Lol i’m now on Level 93 and the bf is on Level 81


    1. They were supposed to increase the max level to 100 last week. Guess they failed and finally got it working this week. Congratz on the new levels!


    1. THANK YOU!!! yes!!!i’m having a HORRIBLE time with the scrap metal as well! i need 7 morr and Peter has dropped like 1 or 2 so far that’s it i’m getting majority from the Donut shop and don’t even get me started on the infamous tubes of LUUUUUUBE!!!…😑😖🙃 i have 1! ONE!!!! that’s it for the past 2 days! after the excruciating pain on getting 800 emeralds for the Glinda castle(what the heLL it’s called!)which took me forever so yesh… this has been the most awful past week so far to scramble up getting the last few items for whatever/WHOEVER ….when there’s only 5 freakin’ days left BOOOOOOO!!!😂


  3. i’m on pt.5 of “Someplace Over A Rainbow”; for Tin Woodman Quagmire i need ALL of the tubes of lube because having a hard time collecting up 800 emeralds when i only have 464 at the moment, and have 5/15 scrap metal with both Peter and the Donut Hole building hardly dropping those. is there suppose to be a week3 update today anybody know ???


    1. nvm i seen phase3 was literally just released lol my game just went haywire there was 8 not-needed unimportant characters out walking around now i can’t place them back into TanLines Resort for whatever reason.😑🤓😐


      1. Saw that too. Carter, Meg, and Dr. Hartman can’t be placed in Tan Lines right now. Guess they had enough relaxing.


  4. I’m doing pretty good. I got Tin Man Quagmire this morning, so by time week 3 starts he should be finished with the last quest for week 2. I’m looking good on Gilda too. I wasn’t able to get all the items from week 1 but I’m completely caught up to start the final week.


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