Oz Event Week 1: How are you guys doing?

Week two of the Wizard of Oz event is near and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

New Characters and Costumes

Three new characters were added to our games this week. Did you earn Scarecrow Peter and/or Dorothy Lois? Did you purchase Toto Brian and if so, has he been useful for you?

Upcoming Characters

As mentioned previously, these are the characters you can expect for the final two weeks of this event:

1. Glinda the Good Witch
2. The Wicked Witch of the West
3. Chris Flying Monkey
4. Cowardly Lion Joe*
5. Munchkin Mayor West
6. Tin Man Quagmire
7. Stewie Wizard of Oz

Gilda the Good Witch

The second requirement to unlock Gilda the Good Witch will be released in the week two update. The third and final material will be available to collect once week 3 is released.

Upcoming Changes

If you’ve been stuck on level 60 for ages, then good news! When week two goes live, the max level will increase from 60 to 100. We’re unsure if there will be any added benefit (probably not) but a change is a change! Stay tuned for any other changes and information on week two!


If you’ve unlocked both Scarecrow Peter and Dorothy Lois, stock up on the Spray Bottles/Water Balloons/Supersoakers. As the Wicked Witch is bound to drop stuff for the new characters plus the second material for Gilda, it’s best to not waste those precious water weapons when it wouldn’t be beneficial to you.

Are you enjoying this event so far? All set for week 2? Have any tips or anything else to add? Comment below!


20 thoughts on “Oz Event Week 1: How are you guys doing?”

  1. Can anyone help!
    On week 2 of the event i brought the green emrald building from the fallen shed but when i went into my inventory to place it, it was locked and named “air force three” which is the aeroplane from the president event which is also in my inventory. Iv tried to place the actual air force three to see if it opens the emrald building but still no. And i cannot re-buy the building??? Please someone help 😬


  2. Got off to a late start but unlocked Scarecrow Peter. I’m unable to attack the witch as despite SEVEN attempts in a row at the Fart Hay task no item has dropped. Im sure you can guess what TC reply was.


    1. Does his task show it drops the supersoakers? If it does, then it might be a glitch on the device you’re on. Try another one and see if it drops.


  3. it’s bad for me at the moment…i keep buying those flowers 🌺 and using up all my emeralds so haven’t got Dorothy Lois…oops my bad😂


      1. pure-deco junkie you are talking to here LOL jkjk..but seriously yeah i never had the patience. Fredlusk glad you’re thinking this is a pretty laid-back event which i think the same so far too.


  4. There is a new update on iTunes. Most of the time I wait to update since the drop rates sometimes seem to change. Should I wait until the new content drops to do it? Does anyone know what it contains?


    1. Updates on the store should change any drop rates as they make changes on their server which they implement whenever. I’d update so you can be ready when week two goes live.


  5. I think this event is pretty easy.. Gathering the stuff to kill the witch is pretty unrealistic unless you have all 3 characters going at it.. And if you didn’t buy Toto (The rains in Africa) Brian, it is really hard.. But enjoyable..


  6. Not even close to monkey challenge. Just found out today that Jerome collects bananas too. Dealing with some nasty health issues so have been pretty out of it. Got Scarecrow Peter so start battling wicked witch tomorrow. No cash to spend on Brian….sigh.


    1. I hope you are doing ok Simonizer!!! I will tell you a little hint.. always read the Faq’s every time there is a new week.. The Faq’s will tell you everything!!!!


  7. I need 30some emeralds to finish Lois, everything else is caught up. Not paying much attention to individual character quests though, those can wait. Saving up things to kill the witch with, thats about it. Oh, I need 8 more monkeys for the challenge.


      1. I haven’t arranged things in forever, my Quahog looks like a tornado hit it!
        I finished Lois and the challenge, thank you. I bought Toto but I think that’s all the clams I spent. I decided to just spend them on new characters. I have a lot of time on my hands, that makes it a lot easier for me. This event has a lot of 2 and 4 hour quests and I can get the max out of them. I think that’s my biggest advantage to this game, being able to play any time.
        I’m gathering stuff to kill the witch but I’ve done as many as I need to advance on the main quest so I thought I would hold out from doing any more until the next phase opens. I assume it will have a new item that you get from the witch, usually does I think. Sound like a good plan?


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