Oz Event Week 1: What Grinds Your Gears?


By popular demand, we’ve resurrected our ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ post. Come and share What Really Grinds Your Gears with the FG:Tips team!

Lots of events and content updates have bombarded us all year, so there must be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point!

The There’s No Place Like Quahog update has been live for a few days now, has there been anything in particular that has almost made you tap that uninstall button?!

Whatever it is, we would love to hear what has been grinding your gears since the last edition in October 2015!


12 thoughts on “Oz Event Week 1: What Grinds Your Gears?”

  1. What grinds my gears in this event? I would have to say that it is creating new characters which should just be outfits… I hate getting a character that I never get to see again after the event it over..


    1. Outfits are equally, if not more, useless. TC has been using the same characters from one event to the other. Users should be rewarded for earning or paying for all these characters by including a sampling of them in every event. These characters could help collect event currency and/ or even items. Why shouldn’t hard work or hard earned money spent in a previous event help in a later event? Then we could feel as though we were investing in the overall game (other than filling a floor at Tan Lines) each time we get a new character.


  2. By accident I bought a building that drops bananas for 230 Clams.
    I didn’t need it and was a waste of my my hard earned clams. There should be an option to have a pin number or like on the cellphone draw a pattern to unlock the option to use clams.
    I wrote to Tiny co right away so they would take that building back but I know it’s not gonna happen.


  3. Jay, I am on a Note5 and have the same Flying Monkey issue. Exact replica of the buggy aliens, you would think that TCO learned their lesson from the last event…HAHAHA. Even made myself laugh at that one!

    And I have to agree 100% with Corinne- take a break, fix your $h!t and people will come back if they leave or run the risk of them leaving and never coming back. I want to LOVE the game, which is why I haven’t given up on it yet, but find myself becoming more and more disheartened with every new event 😦


  4. I echo Scott about everything being the same event after event. This event is IDENTICAL to the Princess Bride event. And we will get another money-grabbing event at the end of this one for Christmas where TinyCo hopes to draw from people’s excitement about holidays and get them to waste (spend) money on their game. If you don’t count Tan Lines (and I don’t), there will not be a single district introduced in all of 2016. There is so much they could be doing with the game but it seems like there is little plan for it beyond what they need to do with the event that is taking place right now and the one that starts in two days. Any planning time is used up trying to fix problems. The only reason these events aren’t beset with the same problems that usually plague events is because they are EXACTLY the same as what has already been done so all of the coding is set. I would be fine with an announced break from the game so they can get their house in order and we all can take a break from the game. I know that runs the risk of people leaving the game forever but isn’t that already happening? After the New Year, put something new in Tan Lines to work for and then step back and regroup TinyCo. People who love Family Guy and the game will come back, especially with the lure of the game being new and better.

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  5. The game is on life support. No one plays anymore. Every new event is the same as the last event just with different characters. Dollars and exp are totally useless. After evil monkey there is nothing but 1 building (quagmire s tiki hut) and a bunch of useless decorations. They made the challenges impossible for a freemium player to finish. It will be interesting to see if the game makes it another year before they pull the plug.

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  6. I hate when I tell tinyco about a problem & all they do is respond with the generic “Thanks for the feedback”…… It’s not feedback, its a complaint… why is there no choking someone to death emoji? 🤔 When something goes wrong in game that benifits them they never help… When there us a glitch in our favor (like giving us the chicken), you bet they fixed that pretty quick.


  7. What grinds my gears? My insane luck of not having any problems with this game have finally caught up to me; all it took was two years. From the chickenDeco glitch to non-stop crashes to clear the Flying Monkeys, it’s been a trying couple of weeks. It’s probably my primary device (5G iPod Touch) but it’s also due to the fact the developer hasn’t updated the game engine in forever; evident in how long it takes the game to load now.

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