Peter’s Presidential Paradise Event Wrap Up

Election fever just doesn’t carry the same buzz in Quahog than in the United States. With Peter’s Presidential Paradise set to end on November 9th, 2016 ~ 3:00 PST, we look back at everything that was featured and what to do with your remaining currency.

NEXT EVENT: There’s No Place Like Quahog

We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz! Thanks to one of our readers Bob, we now know what the next major event will be. Travel back to the 1900’s and relive this wonderful novel/movie; or better yet, recall the many cutaways featured on Family Guy. The event goes live following the conclusion of Peter’s Presidential Paradise so stay tuned for more information!


Remember, only character quests will continue after the event. Everything else will disappear.
Event Quests


Remember, you can’t continue to work on unlocking them; only fully unlocked characters will be yours forever.

George W. Bush
Billionaire Peter
Barack Obama


If you still have any of Peter’s Change lying around and you like to use it up, spend them on duplicates of decorations available. Here’s what you can still buy:

Secret Service SUV – 12 elect16_peterschange
Presidential Limo – 10 elect16_peterschange
Change for Change – 5 elect16_peterschange
President Crossing – 3 elect16_peterschange

That wraps up Peter’s Presidential Paradise. Hopefully you enjoyed everything it had to offer and you found our posts helpful/useful. If you’re still working on anything, you still have just under two days so keep on trucking before the next event goes live.

Were you able to unlock Billionaire Peter and Barack Obama? Did you purchase former president George W. Bush? Have any ideas about the next event? Comment below!


14 thoughts on “Peter’s Presidential Paradise Event Wrap Up”

    1. i think it is intended too until like April 2017 is that right?!? i thought i did read that somewhere because i remember regretting so bad on not purchasing it at all Lol😂😋


  1. Got everything I need but have the servers gone crazy after the real election? My game keeps crashing after about 10 seconds… continually. Anyone else having this problem?


  2. Just got Obama. Also bought Bush and have enough leftover change to get all the decorations. It’s been a fun simple mini event for me 🙂


    1. TC a little hush hush with that info. Won’t really know what to expect until the event goes live but then we’ll know what we can expect during the course of the event.


  3. I have everything except for Obabma… Who I will have when I wake in the morning… I forgot how much I really didn’t like these mini-events..


    1. Same here, I need another 15 or so sacks of change for the last building and one more suit for Trump Peter and then I should have Obama in my game. Nice little event, very relaxing. And very happy that Area 51 still drops clams 🙂


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