Peter’s Presidential Paradise Character Profiles

What happens when presidents retire? They get immortalized in the digital universe of course. Check out the profiles for the characters and outfits released during Peter’s Presidential Paradise!

Quest to Unlock: BUSH LEAGUE
Task Time Rewards Requires Drops
Catch Up On Reading 2:00:00 50 Coins/20 Exp Tiny Tots Preschool
Lead an Army 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp Visual Task elect16_wreckingball
Make Up New Words 6:00:00 65 Coins/45 Exp Griffin House
Go Golfing 8:00:00 80 Coins/50 Exp Stop N Shop
Be at Home on the Range 10:00:00 90 Coins/59 Exp Visual Task
Shop for Shoes 12:00:00 100 Coins/65 Exp Thrift Shop
Quest to Unlock: MADE OF MONEY
Task Time Rewards Requires
Flash Benjamins 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp Quahog National Bank
Wear Billionaire Hair 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp Visual Task
Make It Rain 6:00:00 65 Coins/45 Exp Griffin House
Take Cheap Shots at Pinatas 8:00:00 80 Coins/50 Exp Visual Task
Buy Power 12:00:00 100 Coins/65 Exp Quahog Day Spa
Quest to Unlock: RETIREE-IN-CHIEF
Task Time Rewards Requires
Chill Out in D.C. 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp The Drunken Clam
Play With Lightsword 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp Visual Task
Vet Vets for First Pets 6:00:00 65 Coins/45 Exp The Founding Father
Shoot Hoops 8:00:00 80 Coins/50 Exp Visual Task
Prepare for Retirement 10:00:00 90 Coins/59 Exp Quahog National Bank
Practice Driving 12:00:00 100 Coins/65 Exp James Woods High

And that wraps up the character profiles for Peter’s Presidential Paradise. Have you unlocked any of them yet? Did you check out their questlines and if so, did you enjoy them? Comment below!


10 thoughts on “Peter’s Presidential Paradise Character Profiles”

  1. George W Bush was an instant buy for me, I just had to add him to my game, I’m also really close to getting Obama as I only need to perform Billionaire Peter’s action, but I’m having a tough time getting Billionaire Peter as I only need one more Small Loan which isn’t dropping, even though it’s supposed to be a common it hasn’t dropped in the last 7 times I’ve collected from that building.


  2. I just placed the Dubya hotel. Man these things take a lot of cash. I’m pretty much ignoring the quests until I get the characters, unless it involves someone who doesn’t help. I’m only spending clams on characters now too, gave up the easy road. Too expensive. They’re really giving the clams away lately though, maybe it finally sunk in. I’ve had several ad sessions that gave me 7 clams. I like those.


  3. I bought GW Bush for the wrecking balls 🙂 haven’t completed his quest line yet.
    Need to place Dubya Hotel to get Billionaire Peter. Fingers crossed that I can complete this and get Obama before it ends!


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