Election Mini-Event: Useful Characters & Buildings

This post lists all the characters and buildings that drop goodies during the Election Mini-Event.


Peter’s Change

Character Task Time Drops
Griffin Mint 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 10:00:00 elect16_peterschange

Wrecking Balls (Uncommon)

Character Task Time Drops
Chris Griffin Trespass in Construction Sites 4:00:00 elect16_wreckingball
George W. Bush Lead An Army 4:00:00 elect16_wreckingball
Lois Griffin Listen To Power Ballads 8:00:00 elect16_wreckingball
Mort Goldman Plan Demolitions 8:00:00 elect16_wreckingball

Materials for Characters/Outfits

Tanning Lotions (Uncommon)

Character Task Time Drops
Bonnie Swanson Shop for Tanning Lotion 6:00:00 elect16_tanninglotion
Building Cost Time Drops
Secret Play Place 24 elect16_peterschange 6:00:00 elect16_tanninglotion

Tailored Suits (Uncommon)

Building Cost Time Drops
Dubya Hotel 30 elect16_peterschange 8:00:00 elect16_tailoredsuits

Billion Dollar Haircuts (Rare)

Character Task Time Drops
Peter Griffin Dress Like a Billionaire 4:00:00 elect16_billionhaircut
Quagmire Go for a Trim 4:00:00 elect16_billionhaircut
Jerome Change His Style 4:00:00 elect16_billionhaircut

Small Loans (Common)

Building Cost Time Drops
POTUS Putt 18 elect16_peterschange 4:00:00 elect16_smallloan

This concludes the list of useful characters and buildings for this event. Did we miss anything? Comment below!


4 thoughts on “Election Mini-Event: Useful Characters & Buildings”

  1. How can such an iconic building like the Obama White House (with packing boxes outside – brilliant, btw), be only a deco??? And it cost $1K? And it is the anchor environment for this mini event. Don’t all these variables make it worthy of being housing? This isn’t how event houses have been handled in the past. Tinyco logic escapes me at times — and I’m a fan!


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