Election Mini-Event Quests

Week 1 of the Election Mini-Event is live and there are all the quests featured.

Power Trip (Main Quest)
Power Trip pt. 1
1. Obama is here!
2. Place the White House

Power Trip pt. 2
1. View Peter’s Presidential Plan
2. Learn How To Use The Crane!
3. Get 1 Wrecking Ball

Power Trip pt. 3
1. Clear 1 Griffin Sign
2. Get 6 Bags of Peter’s Change
3. Place Air Force Three

Power Trip pt. 4
1. Place POTUS Putt
2. Clear 7 Griffin Signs

Power Trip pt. 5
1. Place Secret Service Play Place
2. Get 15 Bags of Peter’s Change

Power Trip pt. 6
1. Have Billionaire Peter Flash Benjamins

Power Trip pt. 7
1. Place Capitol Cabinets
2. Clear 12 Griffin Signs

Power Trip pt. 8
1. Have Barack Obama Chill Out in D.C.
End of quest!

Bush League (George W. Bush’s Quest)
Bush League pt. 1
1. Have George W. Bush Lead an Army
2. Have Chris Paint With Watercolors

Bush League pt. 2
1. Have George W. Bush Be at Home on the Range
2. Have Joe Apply To The Secret Service

Bush League pt. 3
1. Have George W. Bush Go Golfing
2. Have Jerome Pour Away Problems

Bush League pt. 4
1. Have George W. Bush Make Up New Words
2. Have Bonnie Go House Hunting
End of quest!

Made of Money (Billionaire Peter’s Quest)
Made of Money pt. 0
1. Unlock Billionaire Peter

Made of Money pt. 1
1. Have Billionaire Peter Wear Billionaire Hair
2. Have Meg Buy New White Towels

Made of Money pt. 2
1. Have Billionaire Peter Make It Rain
2. Have Jerome Host Happy Hour

Made of Money pt. 3
1. Have Billionaire Peter Take Cheap Shots at Pinatas
2. Have Chris Break His Piggy Bank

Made of Money pt. 4
1. Have Billionaire Peter Buy Power
2. Have Lois Rock the Vote
End of quest!

Retiree-in-Chief (Barack Obama’s Quest)
Retiree-in-Chief pt. 0
1. Unlock Barack Obama

Retiree-in-Chief pt. 1
1. Have Barack Obama Vet Vets for First Pets
2. Have Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine

Retiree-in-Chief pt. 2
1. Have Barack Obama Shoot Hoops
2. Have Chris Chase a Ball

Retiree-in-Chief pt. 3
1. Have Barack Obama Play With A Lightsword
2. Have Lois Put Out the Good Silverware

Retiree-in-Chief pt. 4
1. Have Barack Obama Prepare for Retirement
2. Have Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath
End of quest!

And that wraps up the quests for this event. Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


13 thoughts on “Election Mini-Event Quests”

  1. Hi, Any chance you have the dialogue for this part? I’m not sure which quest it belongs to but possibly the presidential plan if there is one since that is the part that got checked off. I clicked on billionaire Peter after he finished the take cheap shots at piñatas. It’s not made of money because I’m still on part 1. If you happen to have this that would be great, would like to what it said since I couldn’t read in time. Thanks!


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