Election Mini-Event Info

Barack Obama is picking a place to retire! Help Billionaire Peter spend big to create Quahog into a paradise for past presidents! This mini-event will end on November 9th, 2016 ~15:00 PST! Looking for the quests for this event? Click here!

New Characters/Outfits:

10 Tanning Lotions (Uncommon) 3 Tailored Suits (Uncommon) 18 Billion Dollar Haircuts (Rare) 5 Small Loans (Common)
Make Bonnie Shop for Tanning Lotion (6) Get from Dubya Hotel (8) Make Quagmire Go for a Trim (4) Get from POTUS Putt (4)
Get from Secret Play Place (6) Make Peter Dress Like a Billionaire (4)
Make Jerome Change His Style (4)

George W. Bush – 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops Wrecking Balls

Barack Obama – Complete Peter’s Presidential Plan to unlock him. More info below.

New Buildings:
Griffin Mint – 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops 5 Peter’s Change
White House – 1,000 action_coin
Dubya Hotel – 30 Peter’s Change, Drops Tailored Suits
Green Party Dispensary – 25 Peter’s Change
Secret Play Area – 24 Peter’s Change, Drops Tanning Lotion
POTUS Putt – 18 Peter’s Change, Drops Small Loans
Capitol Cabinets – 18 Peter’s Change

New Decorations:
Pawtucket Pat Statue – 15 Peter’s Change
Secret Service SUV – 12 Peter’s Change
Presidential Limo – 10 Peter’s Change
Change For Change Jar – 5 Peter’s Change
President Crossing Sign – 3 Peter’s Change

Barack Obama:
Complete the following to unlock Barack Obama:

Place Air Force 3
Place Secret Play Area
Place Green Party Dispensary
Place the Dubya Hotel
Place POTUS Putt
Have Billionaire Peter Take Cheap Shots
Place Capitol Cabinets

How to Get Wrecking Balls
Make Chris Trespass in Construction Sites (4)
Make Mort Plan Demolitions (8)
Make Lois Listen To Power Ballads (8)
Make George W Bush Lead An Army
14 Wrecking Balls – 140 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg
6 Wrecking Balls – 66 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg

Have you caught election fever? How are you enjoying the event so far? Let us know in the comments.


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