The Hauntening Event Wrap Up

With this Halloween event set to end in less than 24 hours on November 2nd, 2016 ~ 3:00 PM PDT, we look back at everything that was featured and what to do with your remaining currency. We’d also like to know which characters you were able to purchase/unlock and how you enjoyed this event.

NEXT EVENT: Peter’s Presidential Paradise

In less than 7 days, American’s will elect the first woman as president of the United States. I joke… maybe. Who knows? I do know that following the conclusion of The Hauntening, a mini-event called Peter’s Presidential Paradise will begin so be prepared for that. No information at this time but it seems this mini-event will last 7 days before we get another event.


Remember, only character quests will continue after the event. Everything else will disappear.
Week 1 Quests
Week 2 Quests
Week 3 Quests
Week 4 Quests
Week 5 Quests


Remember, you can’t continue to work on unlocking them; only fully unlocked characters will be yours forever.

Week 1

Condom Chris
Sheriff Peter
James Woods

Week 2

Brian Stewie
FBI Lois
Little Green Man

Week 3

Exorcist Mort
Demon Hunter Joe

Week 4

Ash Williams
Mad Scientist Hartman

Week 5

Peter Venkman
Peter James Woods
Billy the Puppet
Egon Spengler
Possessed Meg


FBI Lois
Roger Smith

Scooter Man


Mad Scientist Hartman

Demonic Stewie
Horseman: Pestilence
Horseman: War
Horseman: Famine
Horseman: Death


Billy the Puppet
Death’s Dog
Death’s Mom


Surprisingly TinyCo has released some items that you can spend your extra Magnifying Glasses on. Even better, they do away with the traditional Mystery Box and give users an opportunity to buy what they want. Note that all event currency will disappear once the event has concluded so use everything up! Here’s a look at what you can get:

Rocky Point Library – 200 hallo16_magnifglass
Rocky Point Kitchen – 130 hallo16_magnifglass
Rocky Point Conservatory – 115 hallo16_magnifglass
Rocky Point Secret Room – 105 hallo16_magnifglass
Rocky Point Den – 100 hallo16_magnifglass
Rocky Point Billards Room – 80 hallo16_magnifglass
Rocky Point Gallery – 60 hallo16_magnifglass
Boogeyman – 60 hallo16_magnifglass
Vampire (Animated Decoration) – 42 hallo16_magnifglass

That wraps up The Hautening. Hopefully you enjoyed everything it had to offer and you found our posts helpful/useful. As I was in the middle of a move, working long hours, and experiencing glitches galore, the posts were pretty basic but hopefully it can get back to normal soon. Any comments or feedback would be most welcomed as we get set to dive into the next event.


8 thoughts on “The Hauntening Event Wrap Up”

  1. Still trying to get evil monkey. I have 186 blue bucks and 7 red bucks. It will be nice to get it. I never got 19 demons to get the final prize. But since it was just a decoration not too disappointing. Would have liked to get carl and possessed meg but still happy to have gotten 4 characters out of it.


  2. I feel like they bungled this event. I’m not sure what happened to the X-Files theme. Perhaps they lost the rights? What ever occurred it certainly had an effect. Everything felt disjointed like something was missing. They gave us 3 ultra time sensitive characters and one frikin hard one. I missed out on Carl and nearly had to spend clams on Egon even though I had all buildings as soon as case 3 dropped. The skins were fun and easy to acquire but 4 lackluster and insanely difficult characters isn’t doin’ it especially after everything that went wrong with the launch.


  3. Enjoyed the event. I got all the unlockable characters and costumes. I don’t do the mystery boxes but I did buy Ash and I’m still debating whether to get Venkman. Thanks for your great posts, they really help get organized. i need three more demons to unlock the grands prize.


  4. I didn’t get the little green man,Peter James Woods, the guy from Jigsaw, and I don’t think I have demonic Stewie. I might make one more go at the Jigsaw guy, I failed a few times already. Done with everything except I need 3 more vampires to finish that one. What made me happiest was I finally had enough stewie bucks to get the evil monkey! I love my evil monkey. Man that took forever.
    This was a pretty good event. Lots of neat characters.


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