The Hauntening: Useful Characters and Buildings (Week 5)

This post lists all the characters and buildings that drop goodies during week 5 of The Hauntening.

Click here for weeks 1 and 2 useful characters & buildings.
Click here for week 3 useful characters & buildings.
Click here for week 4 useful characters & buildings.


Skeleton Keys

Character Task Time Drops
Peter Venkman Test Extra-Sensory Powers 8:00:00 2 hallo16_eventcurrency

Magnifying Glass (Always)

Character Task Time Drops
Jason Voorhees Decapitate the Ditzy Cheerleader 2:00:00 hallo16_magnifglass
Mr. Weed Attend Dinner 2:00:00 hallo16_magnifglass
Death Meet Quota 4:00:00 2 hallo16_magnifglass
Michael Myers Flee from Meg 4:00:00 2 hallo16_magnifglass
Patrick Pewterschmidt Work Out 4:00:00 2 hallo16_magnifglass
Chucky Replace Own Batteries 6:00:00 3 hallo16_magnifglass
Patty Eat Halloween Candy 8:00:00 4 hallo16_magnifglass
Satan Doggie Hell 8:00:00 4 hallo16_magnifglass
Death’s Dog Howl for Help 12:00:00 6 hallo16_magnifglass
Ruth Pray for Popularity 12:00:00 6 hallo16_magnifglass

Gasoline (Common)

Character Task Time Drops
Lois Griffin Freshen Up 6:00:00 hallo16_gasoline
Mad Scientist Hartman Puff Out His Chest 6:00:00 hallo16_gasoline
Franken-Bonnie Fix Her Hair 6:00:00 hallo16_gasoline
Billy the Puppet Set a Trap 6:00:00 hallo16_gasoline
Building Cost Time Drops
The Playground 2,500 action_coin 6:00:00 hallo16_gasoline
Frankenstein’s Lab 33 hallo16_eventcurrency 6:00:00 hallo16_gasoline

Seeds (Rare)

Character Task Time Drops
Quagmire Paint on a Costume 2:00:00 hallo16_seeds2
Jerome String Up Spiderweb 2:00:00 hallo16_seeds2
Mort Goldman Hand Out Candy Corn 2:00:00 hallo16_seeds2
Herbert Take Pictures of Kiddie Costumes 2:00:00 hallo16_seeds2
Bruce Binge On Candy 2:00:00 hallo16_seeds2
James Woods Peter Steal Peter’s Identity 2:00:00 hallo16_seeds2
Building Cost Time Drops
Tomb Depot 25 hallo16_eventcurrency 2:00:00 2 hallo16_seeds2

Blood Bags (Always)

Building Cost Time Drops
Dracula’s Castle Cutout 275 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 8:00:00 4 hallo16_bloodbags

Spectacles (Common)

Building Cost Time Drops
Blood Bank 54 hallo16_eventcurrency 4:00:00 2 hallo16_spectacles

Marshmallows (Uncommon)

Building Cost Time Drops
The Cozy Coffin Bed & Breakfast 77 hallo16_eventcurrency 6:00:00 2 hallo16_marshmallows

Death Certificates (Rare)

Building Cost Time Drops
Big Top Burgers 25 hallo16_eventcurrency 8:00:00 2 hallo16_deathcertificate

This concludes the list of useful characters and buildings for week five. Did we miss anything? How are you doing so far? Comment below!


14 thoughts on “The Hauntening: Useful Characters and Buildings (Week 5)”

  1. this is random&& i wasn’t sure on exactly WHERE to post it, but jus wanna share i finally got up enough StewieBucks to get the Evil Monkey in the Closet how awesome is that?! it’s been awhile all of us have been working ion it lmao has anybody else gotten him yet?? if so is there gonna be stuff we gotta collect to unlock him and his own questline?


    1. Once you get enough Stewie Bucks to purchase him, he is completely unlocked! He does have his own questline, Evil Monkey Business. You can find a detailed version of it here.


  2. Only the buggy aliens are gone for me, rest is working just fine, need 21 more keys to finish up all rewards, Egon only need 5 more glasses to get, so plenty of time to do thes quests, also you get enough bloodsacks from vampires to make up for the 6 hour summon time


  3. boom. got all prizes from the Concierge Catalogue except Possessed Meg, but that’s whatever i wouldn’t have succeeded Lol so instead i went back on the past pages to get all the past ones didn’t need at all after you’ve moved on


  4. OF COURSE finding those vampires takes 6hrs with only less than a week left in this event?!?! HOW does that even make sense at all?!…the other ones weren’t long at all except demons which was only a hour. boooooo…👻👻👻👻


  5. Were the Buggy Aliens supposed to disappear from the game or is it a glitch? All of mine just disappeared and they are no longer spawning — even though Cosmic Radiation is still needed for keys. Is this happening for everyone? Is it a glitch or intentional?


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