The Hauntening: Challenge #4

A cross-stitch is the only thing keeping it together.
A cross-stitch is the only thing keeping it together.

The forth challenge of The Hauntening is now live in which you have 48 hours to complete this challenge.

Monster Mash

  1. Check Out the Prize
  2. Clear 24 Boogeymen

Upon completing this forth challenge, the Mishmatched Monster (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

And that wraps up the forth challenge. How are you doing so far? Comment below!


15 thoughts on “The Hauntening: Challenge #4”

  1. I dont understand this challenge compared to the rest, only 3chars/buildings drop lamps every 8 hours, so you can only collect a max of 18 during the challenge time(that is with 100% droprate), and that should give 24 boogeymen? Lets say 75% of the lamps drop 2 boogey. Thats 27 boogeymen but not all the lamps drop so WHUT?


    1. I’ve had them release up to 5 boogeymen. I got it in less than 24 hours, I had a few running around town already and saved up some lamps in anticipation of the challenge. You should always save up some stuff when they have these challenges, it always seems to be the same m.o. – collect so many of whatever runs around the game.


  2. Wish I could get the little green man… mine shows expired and I am sitting on 453 keys going into this week. How did you go to this week without yours expiring; I thought you had to go in sequence?


  3. OMG these things are disgusting. Hopefully the final prize is not being kept a secret because it is equally as bad.
    Drop rates this week suck! And that’s comparing them to last week when I had limited internet access due to being on vacation. Only had to spend clams to get Joe but it looks like others had to do that anyway. Also a small supply of salt.
    Can’t seem to get ahead on gas cans or bolts. Night lights take way too long to get and both have too few options to get them.


    1. They truly are visually unappealing. Can’t wait to stuff em in my inventory once this event is done. A resting Frankenstein is imo a lackluster grand prize.


  4. Been a day since I got all week 4 buildings, saving skeleton keys now for week 5 and hopefully will have enough left to get to the alien character of week 2 (didn’t got to buy all buildings) not sure how much many keys the alien is though


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