Any Gossip or News?


Ok people.. How are you doing with this so far?  Does anyone know if we are having an update or anything tonight or are we still waiting 8 more days?

I am done with everything, and just trying to collect skeleton keys for more prizes.. How about you?


23 thoughts on “Any Gossip or News?”

  1. SURPRISINGLY I have managed to get ALL pg.4 halloween prizes WITHOUT ANY CLAMS whatsoever before tomorrow’s update!*LOUD APPLAUSE*lmao…except the last timed “Mad Scientist Manor” and I’m not even going to try and attempt that one of course lol still having trouble with needing ONLY 2 mullet things for Joe and ONLY need all 4 of thosr makeup for Bonnie…wtf iif those 2 aren’t completely unlocked by the time Case2 ends tomorrow whenever will they be taken away too??? i seriously hope not! i’m so close this happens to me all the time getting so close to unlocking stuff then boom nope taken away omg…☹️😞


  2. my problem now is getting those mutton chops for Demon Hunter Joe i mean WTF?!?!!!… first it was Exorcist Mort skin now this one ! this s*** is absurd anymore what does “Have Meg Face Her Demons” even mean?? that’s Exorcist Mort exorcising her when she is possessed correct?!?!…😤😫😤😫😤😫😤😫😤


  3. Update just hit although I have yet to click on Peter to start. Was able to obtain all items except last one and still have 255 keys…


  4. Just logged into my game and found Ash from Evil Dead available for 290 clams, and I just had to get him! I also gave been hoarding Skeleton Keys all week and mow have 388 of them set aside for when the next phase starts.


  5. I’m done with everything too. Have 300some keys. I’m still having some trouble with bugs. It’s so weird, they only work on my phone when connected to wifi, not on 4G. That doesn’t even make sense. Oh well, at least I found a way it works, except our wifi sucks in the house. I have to play it in the bathroom, lol.
    I waited all day for Meg to get possessed to get the last brain for Joe and she just wouldn’t. It was only 13 clams so I finished it. Almost immediately after she got possessed. I think this game is psychic sometimes.


    1. Yeah.. I actually just kept Mort running around the hotel no tasks waiting for Meg to get possessed… !!! Enjoy your bathroom game!!! LOL


  6. I am done except the super hard building. I’m not sure I want it because I screwed up with getting the first one and then as soon as I did, the new content dropped. I accidentally triggered it last night. I am sitting on about 200 keys and need to decide by tonight.

    Your dogs popped up on my FB feed last night. They are absolutely stinky adorable.


  7. Currently sitting on a stockpile of 154 keys beyond the gore-gushing building and growing. Hope to be ready for whatever the concierge throws at me next.

    I have finished ALL of the quests including the Blackbeard Stewie quest. I’m amazed I have no current event quests. This is a first for me mid-event.

    I really thought they’d release the 2nd part of episode 3 on Monday or Tuesday, so I had hustled my way through with that in mind. I guess I’ll just be well ready whenever TinyCo releases new stuff. 🙂


  8. Still trying to get Exorcist Mort and Demon Hunter Joe. I”m close to getting Mort (just need 4 more of the books). I’m stuck on the quest because I can’t move forward until I save Possessed Meg, but I can’t save Possessed Meg until I have Exorcist Mort… It’s a vicious circle.


    1. It is!!!! I will tell you, so far I haven’t seen any benefits of having Demon Hunter Joe.. I actually have him in his original clothes gathering….


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