The Hauntening Quests (Week 3)

Week 3 and Case #2 are now live as The Hauntening continues. Here are this weeks quests.

Return to Rocky Point (Intro Quest Continued)
Return to Rocky Point pt. 12
1. Open the Secret Room
2. Learn About Demon Hunting
3. Get 2 Pieces of Sage

Return to Rocky Point pt. 13
1. Use a Piece of Sage to Find a Demon
2. Clear 1 Demon

Face Your Demons (Main Quest)
Face Your Demons pt. 1
1. Have Meg Investigate Strange Noises

Face Your Demons pt. 2
1. Meg Has Been Possessed!
2. Have Joe Bottle Holy Water (2)
3. Trade in Sulphur for Skeleton Keys

Face Your Demons pt. 3
1. Clear 12 Demons
2. Earn 15 Skeleton Keys
3. Build the Demonic Church

Face Your Demons pt. 4
1. Have Lois Find A Partner (4)
2. Have Joe Do Donuts (6)
3. Clear 1 Spaceman

Face Your Demons pt. 5
1. Place the Paranormal Imports
2. Have Joe Research Demons (4)
3. Clear 15 Demons

Face Your Demons pt. 6
1. Save Meg from Possession

Face Your Demons pt. 7
1. Build Demonic Motor Vehicles
2. Have Exorcist Mort Feel Judged (6)

Face Your Demons pt. 8
1. Check Back Next Week for More Mystery!
End of quest until next week!

Magically Malicious (Leprechaun’s Quest)
Magically Malicious pt. 1
1. Have Leprechaun Waste the Rainbow

Magically Malicious pt. 2
1. Have Leprechaun Get Sloshed
2. Have Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine

Magically Malicious pt. 3
1. Have Leprechaun Shine Shoes

Magically Malicious pt. 4
1. Have Leprechaun Eat Cereal
2. Have Quagmire Eat Sexy Cereal

Magically Malicious pt. 5
1. Have Leprechaun Seek Pots of Gold
End of quest!

Good Joe Hunting (Demon Hunter Joe’s Quest)
Good Joe Hunting pt. 0
1. Unlock Demon Hunter Joe

Good Joe Hunting pt. 1
1. Have Demon Hunter Joe Salt His Driveway
2. Have Quagmire Pass the Salt

Good Joe Hunting pt. 2
1. Have Demon Hunter Joe Bust a Demon
2. Have Bonnie Shop for Halloween Candy

Good Joe Hunting pt. 3
1. Have Demon Hunter Joe Take a Demonology Class

Good Joe Hunting pt. 4
1. Have Demon Hunter Joe Face His Demons
End of quest!

Exorcises in Futility (Exorcist Mort’s Quest)
Exorcises in Futility pt. 0
1. Unlock Exorcist Mort

Exorcises in Futility pt. 1
1. Have Exorcist Mort Make a Splash
2. Have Lois Pray for Patience

Exorcises in Futility pt. 2
1. Have Exorcist Mort Chug Communion Wine
2. Have Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine

Exorcises in Futility pt. 3
1. Have Exorcist Mort Feel Judged
2. Have Bruce Stay Home for Halloween

Exorcises in Futility pt. 4
1. Have Exorcist Mort Preach to the Choir
2. Have Brian Preach about the Proletariat
End of quest!

Just One Call Away (Concierge Side Quest)
Just One Call Away pt. 1
1. Purchase the Bone Throne from the concierge
2. Place the Bone Throne

Just One Call Away pt. 2
1. Purchase the Demonic Church from the concierge
2. Place the Demonic Church

Just One Call Away pt. 3
1. Purchase the Voodoo Boutique from the concierge
2. Place the Voodoo Boutique

Just One Call Away pt. 4
1. Purchase the Paranormal Imports from the concierge
2. Place the Paranormal Imports

Just One Call Away pt. 5
1. Purchase the Haunted Swanson House from the concierge
2. Place the Haunted Swanson House

Just One Call Away pt. 6
1. Purchase the House of Possessed Armor from the concierge
2. Place the House of Possessed Armor

Just One Call Away pt. 7
1. Purchase the Demonic Motor Vehicles from the concierge
2. Place the Demonic Motor Vehicles

Just One Call Away pt. 8
1. Purchase the Gore-Gushing Gargoyle from the concierge
2. Place the Gore-Gushing Gargoyle
End of quest!

And that wraps up this weeks set of quests for this event. How are you doing so far? Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


20 thoughts on “The Hauntening Quests (Week 3)”

  1. I have been stuck on Face your demons pt. 6 for a couple of days now. I have exorcist mort and the leaprachun. Am i not doing something right or what? It seems when i try to get it Peter shows up and says everyone is ok for now.


    1. Do you have Meg Griffin stored away in your inventory or Tan Lines? If so, take her out and she should become possessed in no time.


      1. In Quahog, open Facespace, click on Meg, and close Facespace. If it takes you to Tan Lines, take her out and wait a bit. If she is in fact possessed, look for her in the hotel and then use Mort or the Leprechaun to cure her.


      2. I clicked on meg and open the faceplace, it did not take me hotel, because she is not in there. In here faceplace I didnt notice the meg posessed character when i scrolled across her characters if that makes a difference.


      3. I’m having the same problem. But my Meg got possessed and I think unpossessed her earlier than I was supposed to and now I can’t progess in the quest as she only becomes possessed one time. Which I find stupid as there’s an option of two characters to unpossess her. So I’m stuck.


      4. Same exact thing happened to me and the only reason I didn’t mention it was because I thought it was a regular occurrence of Meg getting possessed.


      1. Face Your Demons Pt. 5
        “Place the Paranormal Imports”
        I already had it placed when I got to this step so I had to put it in my inventory and then take it out to move on. Doing this reset its timer, and since its 10 hours that could really suck.

        Also, the icon is actually Raiders of the Lost Artifacts…since I’m pretty dumb I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong!


  2. I’m way behind but surviving the horror. I complained to TinyCo regarding how unfair the terms were, especially with the crashes many people had. I got a nice response saying it would be forward to the team to consider leaving Carl for a while. Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope 🙂


  3. I ended up spending 100 clams to finish Carl because I thought it was going to close 2 days ago. I would have been able to get him if I waited but I got scared and jumped the gun. Oh well.
    I’m 48 keys short of finishing that part of 3, left the last 2 things. I didn’t get the alien last time though, I didn’t realize it was a full character and got the second to last thing cuz I wasn’t worried about getting it. Doh.


  4. This one hit me a whole day ahead of when I thought…. Isn’t case 1 closing in 20 hours? I figured that is when case 2 would open.. Guess you got me Tinyco… I did have enough skeleton keys to get all of the way to 12 keys shy of the House of Possessed Armor.. So, have a lot of that out of the way.. Sorry about that Sweettat…


    1. why you apologizing? haha it’s okay whatever it is lmfao, but i’m getting farther behind and i’m not able to buy any packages of clams yet still. i’m ONLY on pt.4 of the previous main questline. idk what to do freddy&Jay😤💔😞


      1. Have you unlocked Sheriff Peter, James Woods, and/or Carl? If you aren’t close, I’d start stocking up on skeleton keys. While you may lose out on some characters (James Woods and/or Carl), you’ll be able to get ahead next week.


      2. yes I have Sheriff Peter, just got James Woods last night,&& im going to miss out on Carl there’s jus WAY too much stuff needed for him IDFK why in the hell would they do that?!?!..there was hardly ANY time AT ALL to unlock Carl since he’s gonna end in less than 24hrs. this is BS. i didn’t get the Haunted Mausoleum and prob won’t get this timed prize either. im on pt4. of Probing Questions or whatever.


      3. You’re doing well. Honestly, that’s where most people are. Carl was damn near impossible to get and I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns in the new year. Don’t worry about it though. Don’t even worry about finishing the questline, just stock up skeleton keys and be ready to start case #2 in like 15 hours?


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