The Hauntening Info (Week 3)

Meg has been possessed. Do you really want to save her? Week 3 and Case #2 is now live so dive into your games and get on tapping. Click here for week 3 quests.

Quick Notes:

  • Week 3/Case #2 has been released early. It will only show up if you’ve reached part 6 of the Probing Questions questline. If you haven’t reached this point, it’ll automatically take you to this week when Case #1 closes.
  • An update (version 1.29.6) should be available in your app stores.
  • Case #2 ends October 28th, 2016 @ ~15:00.

New Characters/Outfits:

10 Holy Water (Common) 8 Fonz Statues (Uncommon) 6 Latin for Dummies Book (Rare) 50 Demon Bile (Always)
Get from the Demonic Church (6) Get from Voodoo Boutique (8) Get from Paranormal Imports (10) Get by clearing Demon
Get from Madame Z’s Psychic Center (14)
12 Elder Wheels (Common) 8 Mutton Chops (Uncommon) 8 Fancy Hats (Rare) 13 Necronomicon (Rare)
Make Quagmire Dig Deep (8) Help Meg Face Her Demons (Cure Her) Make Bruce Investigate Conspiracy Theories (6) Make Seamus Speak in Tongues (8)
Get from Demonic Motor Vehicles (8) Get from House of Possessed Armor (6) Get from Quahog National Bank (8)
Get from Madame Z’s Psychic Center (14) Get from Anal Point (8)
Make Peter Take a Taco Break (8)

Leprechaun – 260 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops Sage

New Buildings:
Demon Coop – 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops 15 Sulphur
Madame Z’s Psychic Center – 115 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops Elder Wheels and Foz Statues

New Decorations:
Archdemon – 200 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg
Lava Crack – 30
Bone Throne – Free (Yet another error, will be removed)

Number Prize Requirements
1 Bone Throne 11 hallo16_eventcurrency
2 Demonic Church 20 hallo16_eventcurrency
3 Voodoo Boutique 29 hallo16_eventcurrency
4 Paranormal Imports 21 hallo16_eventcurrency
5 Haunted Swanson House 15 hallo16_eventcurrency
6 House of Possessed Armor 54 hallo16_eventcurrency
7 Demonic Motor Vehicles 27 hallo16_eventcurrency
8 Gore-Gushing Gargoyle 117 hallo16_eventcurrency
Total Skeleton Keys Needed 294 hallo16_eventcurrency

NOTE: There is a 24 hour time to get the Gore-Gushing Gargoyle once you unlock everything else.

Have any tips to share that helped you so far? How are you enjoying this event? Let us know in the comments.


29 thoughts on “The Hauntening Info (Week 3)”

  1. horrible time so far on getting the “Latin for Dummies” book for Exorcist Mort like WTF?!?!?…i’ve had the only building that drops them for at least 3-4 days and NOT ONE has dropped.😤😖😤😖


      1. I don’t see the point of putting in a ticket – they’re just going to come back with the same bs ‘we have checked drops and they are dropping correctly blah blah blah’

        Bottom line is TinyCo doesn’t care about the players, as long as there are still people paying for clams.

        I don’t really care about getting exorcist mort, but since we need him to continue…


  2. Carl and the main questlines for Case1 were taken away so anybody who didn’t finish those quests can’t now and so everybody should be onto Case2…&& found out myself that you CAN still continue to unlock the prizes and stuff from the Concierge Catalog which that’s a good feeling for me i feel lost if i can’t get all event buildings. i like collecting up those instead of characters or skins lol


  3. For those progressing along, the rare necronomican needed for Joe’s outfit shows it can be secured through the bank building. I had two banks already in my town so I purchased another to assist in the rare drops. Just a tip.


    1. Jayls- i was just going to give that as a hint.. Since they often use the Quahog National Bank, I have 6 of them in my town.. When I don’t need, I just put them in my inventory… Since most of us at this point have 10 million plus coins..


  4. I’m pretty disappointed by this year’s Halloween event – it’s pretty lackluster plot wise, setting is like a cluedo board game and the characters introduced so far are nothing to shout about besides James Woods.

    No premium characters that are classic horror movie icons like the previous 2 years. I had such high hopes Tinyco would continue the tradition of bringing in new horror movie characters to our game like Billy the puppet, Leatherface, Dr Frank N Furter and many others but after I read the spoilers for this event, I’d imagined it’d turn out like this.

    It’s manly focused on costumes sadly and no emphasis on interesting characters. It feels like they put in new characters at the last minute to just shut up whiners from complaining about no new characters in this event. Seriously, generic aliens and leprechauns have got nothing to do with horror in my opinion.

    It’s the first event since the game was introduced in 2014 that I’m totally not interested in and will be glad once all of this is over.

    Tinyco, you’re really losing your “touch”…


    1. I think they were really gunning to have to Scully and Mulder as the big things this event and when they failed to acquire the licenses, they didn’t really have a backup plan.


  5. will “Probing Questions” or the buildings in the concerirge, go as well with Carl after the timer is up or no? 8hrs to go so i gave up on Carl.


  6. “It will only show up if you’ve reached part 6 of the Probing Questions questline.”
    Yeah, I’m stuck on part 5 of that questline. You know, the one that requires Carl.


  7. Wow, so not a single new character, only skins?

    I think I’m not gonna bother then. Got James Woods nicely (of course no chance in hell for Carl) so I won’t put any pressure on getting further now.


  8. here’s a warning for people who are NOT about done or completely done yet with the week2 main questline “Probing Questions” and when you unlock the corner room it’s difficult and i actually think its going to impossible to exchange stuff to get those keys if you’re still unlocking page2 prizes at the concerige


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