Ok guys.. Hang on..

Ok guys and girls.. I do believe that DragonJay is upset and still can not get into his game.. So you will have to give me a little bit to get some stuff posted.. I  run a Law office, so when I can, I will post something.. Just so you know.. I was completely surprised about the release last night.. I figured they would at least wait a week…



10 thoughts on “Ok guys.. Hang on..”

  1. Have you guys tried just starting this week thru the facebook link, and once it gets going, to then switch back to your device?


    1. It’s always so slow on facebook I haven’t tried. I do have my phone but I have trouble with the small screen. I have big fingers. My ipad usually works pretty good, I have learned that I have to slow down during events and do one action at a time and it does ok but today it’s being very, very stupid.


  2. I did find a way back in, seriously. It does wind up destroying your towns and replacing it with another. It does work, and I can play again. I can’t do it myself. You have to go to a certain place and this person will do it. Only takes a minute or two. However, currently that thread is closed for now. He’ll probably open it again later.


      1. I mean there is a site..I don’ t know if I can name it here where some people are copying a working full town into your game and when you re log in…voila, no ChickenDec error. You do wind up losing your original town in the process though. And it’s unreversable. The threads for it open and close a lot. As of this post, one is open again. Both my Quahogs are now playable although I have to redesign my towns from memory. It’ll be a chore. You gain and lose stuff in the process. But the gains outweigh the losses.


      2. Bob, do you mind posting your email addy? and having people sending you a private message? if not.. let me know.. we will work something out


  3. I can get into the game but it’s crashing like crazy. Really freakin’ annoying. I can’t even look into who you need to unlock the new guy, it crashes every time I try to open it. I don’t think this update was ready.


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