A Friendly Warning!!!


Ok guys and Squirrels.. Just so you know.. Once you pay for the Sinister Stuffing Prize, you only have 24 hours to unlock the Haunted Mausoleum…

The Sinister Stuffing is 22 Skeleton Keys and

The Haunted mausoleum is 43 Skeleton Keys

So, do not get the Stuffing prize until you have all or most of all 65 keys there..

Good luck guys.. I am hoping DragonJay get’s his game fixed soon..


13 thoughts on “A Friendly Warning!!!”

  1. If you want the mausoleum you should first get all 65 keys before unlocking it as even if you got a whole 24 hours you can still fail because you need radiation during week 2 quests and if you fail to find an alien within those 24 hours…


  2. Are Mulder and Scully still in the event? The “Scooter Man” is from an X-Files episode.
    I have all these clams I want to buy new characters with, and all they’re giving me is skins I don’t want.


  3. Wait, is it once you pay for it, or once you go back to it after paying for it? Because the latter is how it’s been since they first started doing this weird practice a year ago with Slasher Cat. Not that it really matters, I’ll be saving my keys for next week’s prizes.


    1. Once I clicked it, it immediately brought up the new quest for the Haunted Mausoleum.. You do have a whole week to keep collecting keys.. new case opens 10/14/16.. today is the 6th.. So, I am going to be working ahead..


      1. It’ll bring up the quest, yes, but I think it doesn’t actually start the timer unless you go to the concierge…again, if it’s the way other things have been. Just don’t click the button in the quest. But they could have changed it. Man, if the 2nd part doesn’t open up for another week, I will be hugely ahead on keys by then.


      2. mine started right away.. Just a fyi… We all should be.. unless they aren’t going to use keys for the second week in currency..


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