The Hauntening: Challenge #1, Week 2 Quests

Really knows how to open up.
Really knows how to open up.

I think the first challenge of The Hauntening is now live in which you have 48 hours to complete this challenge. Scroll down for more goodies.

Quick Notes:

  • Yet another decoration, probably.
  • Everyone still experiencing the chickenDeco error, hang in there. They’ve refused to admit it’s an error caused from their coding. Also I advise you to not contact support as this would be a way for them to track players.
  • Pastebin link with raw data.
  • Sorry about not releasing any informative posts. Can’t get in, can’t do much, but hopefully any little bit is helpful.
  • And finally, all information regarding week 2 is subject to change.

Ghost Hunters

  1. Check Out the Prize
  2. Expel 32 Ghosts

Upon completing this first challenge, Demogorgon (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

Week 2 Quests

Probing Questions (Main Quest)
Probing Questions pt. 1
1. Monstrous Aliens are here
2. Get a Bug Spray
3. Have Sheriff Peter Do Sheriff Stuff

Probing Questions pt. 2
1. Clear 1 Monstrous Alien
2. Build the Alien Autopsy
3. Have James Woods Take a Nap

Probing Questions pt. 3
1. Clear 12 Ghosts
2. Have Jerome Stay Home on Halloween
3. Get 10 Cosmic Radiation from Aliens

Probing Questions pt. 4
1. Find 2 Aliens
2. Build the Legitimate Business
3. Have Joe Do Cop Stuff

Probing Questions pt. 5
1. Have James Woods Collect Candy
2. Have Sheriff Peter Talk Too Much

Probing Questions pt. 6
1. Solve the Weekly Case
2. Check Back Next Week for Another Case

Single White Dog (Brian Stewie’s Quest)
Single White Dog pt. 1
1. Have Brian Stewie Binge on Candy

Single White Dog pt. 2
1. Have Brian Stewie Do the Scoot
2. Have Brian Brag About His Writing

Single White Dog pt. 3
1. Have Brian Stewie Watch Brian Shower From Air Vent
2. Have Brian Watch Lois Shower From Air Vent

Single White Dog pt. 4
1. Have Brian Stewie Chug Milk
2. Have Brian Down a Beer
End of quest!

Secret Agent Woman (FBI Lois’ Quest)
Secret Agent Woman pt. 1
1. Have FBI Lois Shed Light on the Case

Secret Agent Woman pt. 2
1. Have FBI Lois Do an Alien Autopsy
2. Have Bonnie Flirt With Aliens

Secret Agent Woman pt. 3
1. Have FBI Lois Flash Her Badge
2. Have Quagmire Binge-watch “Stranger Things”

Secret Agent Woman pt. 4
1. Have FBI Lois Gather Evidence
2. Have James Woods Miss the 80s
End of quest!

Speak to the Manager (Carl’s Quest)
Speak to the Manager pt. 0
1. Unlock Carl

Speak to the Manager pt. 1
1. Have Carl Fight Like a Movie Hero
2. Have Lois Watch James Woods Movies

Speak to the Manager pt. 2
1. Have Carl Try On Movie Masks
2. Have Quagmire Party Like a Movie Star

Speak to the Manager pt. 3
1. Have Carl Manage Mini Marts

Speak to the Manager pt. 4
1. Have Carl Pump Butter on Popcorn
2. Have Brian Sniff Out Suspects
End of quest!

And that wraps up the first challenge and the set of quests for week 2. How are you doing so far? Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


31 thoughts on “The Hauntening: Challenge #1, Week 2 Quests”

    1. Have you made it to week 2 (i.e. you’re in the process of unlocking Carl)? If not you’ll need to complete part 6 of Give Up the Ghost.


      1. Have you made it to District 10: Pawtucket Brewery? This task gets added to Brian’s task list and requires the Brewery Annex once you reach that point.


      2. If you have reached District 10 yet, then unfortunately you wont be able to finish the quest. You should be fine in that once you get to District 10, you can complete the quest. You also could ask TC if they could remove the quest for you. And if none of that is to your liking, you can provide feedback to TC and see if they can change the task/put it in a new location so that you can complete it.


      3. Oh how great.. i have restarted playing family guy again.. and i were finished dis 10. But when i removed the game and got new iphone.. all my data were gone.. so i guess im stuck then.. 😦 i just got to open dis 9… ty for your reply


  1. No Aaron, people are complaining…because Tinyco screwed up and they won’t fix their error. Instead of fixing it, they put the blame on us


  2. I just loaded my game and saw a pop-up window that showed a bldg called Area 51 for purchase for 250 clams (pays 14 per day until Nov. 4). When I click on it to get it it disappears and it is not in the shopping cart or inventory, and no clams were spent. Is this happening to anyone else? I also updated to the newest version 1.29.3 and still have the same thing happen.


  3. WTD So we have new weekly content and Cases. Argh I thought the Case model replaced the weekly updates.

    Does the week 2 stuff need to be completed before Case 1 ends as well?


  4. Soooo, I don’t have the deco error just playing the game normally. I don’t and have never had a hacked version of the game. For the people who get the error is it coz you are running a hacked version of the game?


  5. DragonJay, just so you know…here is an e-mail that I just got;

    I know there’s all sorts of speculation out there and that angry players tend to focus blame on every where else but those actually at fault. This time I can say that this is NOT TinyCo’s fault. It’s an outside sources altered coding used causing it.

    I can guarantee you 100% that it’s from a “hack” and altered game. The source was traced. It is known and has been verified … well… many many many many many times.

    Let’s just say 150 out of 150 chickenDeco errors sent in (lot more than that, but just to give you a rough idea)… every single one from the EXACT same source. Everyone altered games. Every player flat out saying and admitting they altered and got it same/similar place. From well known hackers that have been around since the game launched. I know the sites and links it came from all too well.

    Isn’t the first time this coding caused issues (all altered games). Doubt it’ll be the last.

    They’re warning players to NOT contact TinyCo because… well… the games altered. Altered game means Red flagged. Red flagged means shut out of leaderboard. Red flagged means they will go in and remove the illegally added items and/or remove you from playing. Etc.

    In short, and not saying this to be mean or to cause offense… more just an example of why people are saying don’t contact TinyCo.

    It’s like a bank robber showing up to the police station to complain the bags they took are full of holes and dropping 100 dollar bills. They’re essentially turning themselves in after committing a crime. Does that make sense?

    If this was fixable, they’d be all over it. Trust me… I got a million emails back n forth with them.

    I really wish I could help. I can’t. I didn’t make the hacked code that caused it. Nothing more I can do. Nor Tinyco.


    I have no idea what is going on, especially after fred said that after he restarted the game, it worked for him


    1. Lol here’s the thing with that site; they work very closely with TinyCo. Because of this, TinyCo can tell them whatever they want and they’ll make their readers believe it. It’s like the government. They can make up anything and we’ll believe them because they’re the government. But what’s really happening is an asteroid is hurling towards Earth about to wipe out half the country. Hope this analogy is clear lol.


      1. oh, I had a feeling about that…that is why I just gave up and not replied anymore. It still really makes no sense, because one would think that they would just ban you from the leader boards like they have done before. I am just confused by it all, and I hate that I have to start over because of it. I did nothing wrong, I was obviously not banned from the boards. How about you, do you still have the error?


      2. I do still have that error. Looks like I’ll have to start again but once I get to level 10, I’ll be reborn… hopefully.


      1. DragonJay.. I went to your Quahog today and it told me you are unavailable.. So, your friends can’t even get into see you!!!


      2. Are people really complaining because they cheated/modded/altered their game and now it doesn’t work??? Lol 😂😂😂


  6. You know.. now that I think about it.. I had that error chicken message.. I just restarted the game and it worked for me.. Sorry that is happening to some of you guys..


  7. I also thought it never made sense because if it was truly an error caused by “people going off Reddit” or whatever they claim by people cheating…they why not ban people from their leader boards like they usually do. The pirate event, I was not banned from the leader boards at all (although I wasn’t able to even get enough to get any of the rewards)


    1. Yeah, just look at what they push out. I’m sure you’ve seen the “Text_Placeholder” or even recently the icon to switch from the event playspace to your town being covered up by the leaderboard icon. Imagine how bad it is under the hood.


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