The Hauntening Quests (Week 1)

James Woods is throwing a Halloween party at the Rocky Point Hotel and you’re invited! The first week of The Hauntening is finally live so here are this weeks quests!

The Hauntening Raw Data

Return to Rocky Point (Intro Quest)
Return to Rocky Point pt. 1
1. Learn About The Hauntening
2. Have Peter Get Ready to Party

Return to Rocky Point pt. 2
1. Have Quagmire Pack His Bags

Return to Rocky Point pt. 3
1. Travel to the Haunted Hotel

Return to Rocky Point pt. 4
1. Open The Piano Lounge
2. Learn About Ghost Hunting
3. Get 1 Rock Salt

Return to Rocky Point pt. 5
1. Use Rock Salt to find a Ghost
2. Clear 3 Ghosts

Return to Rocky Point pt. 6
1. Check Out the Front Desk
2. Trade in Ectoplasm for Skeleton Keys
3. Place The Cabin in the Woods from the Concierge

Return to Rocky Point pt. 7
1. Open the Gallery
2. Learn About Poltergeist Hunting
3. Get 1 Iron Chain

Return to Rocky Point pt. 8
1. Use Iron Chains to Find a Poltergeist
2. Clear 1 Poltergeist with Sheriff Peter

Give Up the Ghost (Main Quest)
Give Up the Ghost pt. 1
1. Have Peter Look for Clues
2. Have Lois Watch James Woods Movies

Give Up the Ghost pt. 2
1. Have Bonnie Shop for Halloween Costumes
2. Have Joe Stake Out Ghosts

Give Up the Ghost pt. 3
1. Find 10 Ghosts
2. Have Lois Leave the Light On

Give Up the Ghost pt. 4
1. Get 12 Skeleton Keys
2. Get the Gravedigger’s Shack from the Concierge

Give Up the Ghost pt. 5
1. Have Sheriff Peter Hide in the Closet
2. Clear 2 Poltergeists

Give Up the Ghost pt. 6
1. Place the Sinister Staffing from the Concierge Desk
2. Check Back Next Week for more mystery!

Ribbed for Pleasure (Condom Chris’ Quest)
Ribbed for Pleasure pt. 1
1. Have Condom Chris Go Through the Motions

Ribbed for Pleasure pt. 2
1. Have Condom Chris Get Snagged
2. Have Quagmire Get Tested

Ribbed for Pleasure pt. 3
1. Have Condom Chris Play It Safe
2. Have Joe Provide Protection

Ribbed for Pleasure pt. 4
1. Have Condom Chris Get Ribbed
2. Have Lois Refuse to Be a Grandma
End of quest!

Into the Woods (James Woods’ Quest)
Into the Woods pt. 0
1. Unlock James Woods

Into the Woods pt. 1
1. Have James Woods Take a Nap
2. Have Sheriff Peter Guard His Room

Into the Woods pt. 2
1. Have James Woods Play Concierge
2. Have Lois Order Room Service

Into the Woods pt. 3
1. Have James Woods Collect Candy

Into the Woods pt. 4
1. Have James Woods Fluff Pillows
2. Have Mort Refuse to Tip
End of quest!

New Sheriff in Town (Sheriff Peter’s Quest)
New Sheriff in Town pt. 0
1. Create the Sheriff Peter Outfit

New Sheriff in Town pt. 1
1. Have Sheriff Peter Investigate

New Sheriff in Town pt. 2
1. Have Sheriff Peter Take a Taco Break
2. Have Lois Bend the Law

New Sheriff in Town pt. 3
1. Have Sheriff Peter Flash His Badge

New Sheriff in Town pt. 4
1. Have Sheriff Peter Do Sheriff Stuff
2. Have Joe Do Cop Stuff
End of quest!

Call the Concierge (Side Quest)
Call the Concierge pt. 1
1. Purchase Cabin in the Woods from the Concierge
2. Place the Cabin in the Woods

Call the Concierge pt. 2
1. Purchase the Boogying Skeleton from the Concierge
2. Place the Boogying Skeletons

Call the Concierge pt. 3
1. Purchase the Gravedigger’s Shack from the Concierge
2. Place the Gravedigger’s Shack

Call the Concierge pt. 4
1. Purchase the The Woods Manor from the Concierge
2. Place the The Woods Manor

Call the Concierge pt. 5
1. Purchase Hollyweird Video from the Concierge
2. Place Hollyweird Video

Call the Concierge pt. 6
1. Purchase the Tree Man from the Concierge
2. Place the Tree Man

Call the Concierge pt. 7
1. Purchase the Sinister Staffing Shop from the Concierge
2. Place the Sinister Staffing Shop

Call the Concierge pt. 8
1. Purchase the Haunted Mausoleum from the Concierge
2. Place the Haunted Mausoleum
End of quest!

And that wraps up this weeks set of quests for this event. How are you doing so far? Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


30 thoughts on “The Hauntening Quests (Week 1)”

    1. Unfortunately because TC jumped the gun before they could secure licensing, they ended up pulling Mulder and Scully. I’ve updated this post but hopefully they do end up releasing them by the end of the event. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. so is this event going to be about X-Files at all? …i had seen the original teaser with those 2 others on the home screen wit sheriff Peter and poltergeist Meg, but come to find out that picture was released way too early. so got me thinking the long wait was for copyrighting or whatever with said show ? i keep wondering to myself if that was the case(no pun intended lmfao😂😂)


    1. It probably is because of copyright issues which sucks because it took them so long to fix that issue. Imagine how long it’ll take for them to fix the chicken deco error. Can you imagine how long it’ll take for them to change a lightbulb?


  2. I see people talking about another update. I’m guessing this is on iOS? I have nothing for android. I also have no icon for switching towns.


    1. You should be on version 1.29.2 which is also on android (you probably have it already). There is no icon for switching because it’s covered up by the leaderboard icon. Typical oversight.


    2. There are no icons for switching towns, when the game starts, the game brings you to the haunted mansion, just like when we played starwars on the ship ( in the past ) the game is available on IOS but keeps crashing.


  3. I’m guessing that the holdup on the event was a licensing issue then, as it seems the X-Files part of the event is no longer there, even on the Facebook page it now just says The Haunting event with no mention of the X-Files. Also the only way I’ve found to return to Quahog is by force closing the game then relaunching, and then I can only get back to the hotel is by going into the store and tapping ‘Go’ on one of the prizes, as there’s no castle icon in the bottom right next to the store as they said there would be in the FAQ, could it be because of the leaderboard icon being there, or is the castle icon there for anyone else?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re probably right regarding Fox Mulder. His quest, tasks, and images are still there for now though so we’ll see if they actually use it. Regarding not being able to move back and forth between play areas, it is because of the leaderboard icon. Just gotta wait til they fix that unfortunately.


  4. My “Return to Rocky Point pt. 2” as to just “Have Quagmire Pack His Bags”
    We don’t place the manor, just travel to it, like in Star Trek event.


  5. So did you manage to get past the ChickenDeco error? was hoping I would be able to log in after the event went live but no luck 😦


      1. Yea man, same here. I haven’t contacted support in more than 14 months and I’m not gonna start now lol. Gonna try starting a new town, leveling up to 10, getting some clams, and see if I can rush through the first week before officially calling it quits.


      2. It’s weird, no matter how many times I install and uninstall with Bluestacks, it won’t let me into guest mode. With LeapDroid I was able to start the game from scratch in guest mode, but it’s just too painful to continue.


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