The Hauntening: Event Preview

Everyone is getting antsy as The Hauntening is not live yet. Major bugs and glitches are the main reason they haven’t made this event live but while we wait, here is a little preview about the event as well as some descriptions of various features that will be available. This event is set to end November 2nd, 2016 @ ~15:00 PST though they might push it another week; we shall see. Please note that everything is subject to change.

Week 1 Characters/Outfits:
  • James Woods
  • Fox Mulder
  • Sheriff Peter
  • Condom Chris, 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg
Other Characters/Outfits:
  • Bride Bonnie
  • Mad Scientist Hartman
  • Hunter Joe
  • Vampire Lois
  • Posessed Meg
  • Exorcist Mort
  • Halloween Peter
  • Halloween Roger
  • Dana Scully
  • Carl (the Quahog Mini-Mart guy probably)
  • Brian Stewie
Descriptions from various event features:
  • Hurry to the Halloween party at James Woods’ haunted hotel! Peter and the gang are on the guest list and ready to solve some mysteries. Reload your game to pick up your invitation!
  • Tap Ghosts to expel them back to the spirit world and collect any Ectoplasm they leave behind.
  • The supernatural’s been unleashed on the Rocky Point Hotel! Suit up Condom Chris to extract Ectoplasm from Poltergeists or harvest it directly from the Ghost Post!
  • Case 1 Quests, Characters and Outfits are available until 10/14. Finish your work to keep them!
  • Coming soon! Progress made in Case 1 will help you complete Case 2!
  • The Hauntening is divided into three Cases for you to explore and solve.
  • Once a Case opens, a timer will begin. You’ll have until the timer expires to complete the Case.
  • Once time runs out, the Case will close! Be sure to complete all character bribes before then to keep them!
  • Ghosts are said to haunt the Rocky Point Hotel, lurking in the shadows.
  • Scatter Rock Salt for a chance to force nearby Ghosts to manifest themselves.
  • Tap Ghosts to expel them back to the spirit world and collect any Ectoplasm they leave behind.
  • Get to Return to Rocky Pt. 7 to start hunting Poltergeists!
  • Banish supernatural beings to collect spooky evidence. Exchange them for Skeleton Keys at the Front Desk.
  • Collect Rock Salt so that you can summon more Ghosts into Quahog!
  • Collect Iron Chains so that you can summon more Poltergeist into Quahog!

This event is not off to a good start but hopefully once it finally goes live, we can cruise to the finish. Intrigued by any of the new characters/outfits? Enjoying this mini break? Are you excited for this spooky Halloween event? Let us know below!


25 thoughts on “The Hauntening: Event Preview”

  1. When you have salt or chains, you just randomly pick a room to use them on? There’s no indicator as to whether or not you’ll be successful? Kinda annoying to get 6 ghosts in one room and then 0 in all others. All my chains have resulted in 0 poltergeists.

    Are people focusing on getting salt/chains or items for Sheriff Peter / James Woods? A priority list for this stage of the event would be great. Thanks for all you do!


  2. How the heck do I get back to james woods house? I still have a button for the leaderboard from the Pirate event. Is it covering up a button for the Halloween stuff?


    1. Due to poor planning, the icon to switch areas is being covered by the leaderboard icon. I think the only way to get around it is by using the quests to send you to the event area. Or wait for a fix.


  3. DragonJay are you still having the Config empty for id chickenDeco in buildings error? Cause I talked to Addicts and they are saying basically if you used a mod in the past, you’re screwed now.


    1. I am still getting the error but I honestly think it’s a scare tactic. If it wasn’t, the event would be live now. Quite a few legit players are getting this error too so I wouldn’t be worried yet. That said, if it is indeed because of a mod or the way someone got clams, then The Hauntening Quests (Week 1) will be my last post. 😦


      1. That’s interesting as word is all over that it’s because of a mod. A lot have stupid people playing with an “altered” game have contacted TinyCo with an obvious response. The thought they are trying to scare people did occur to me though. I’m just going to wait and see if the error’s still there once the event starts. If it is, then that’s it for me and this game. Thanks for the positive info.


  4. I am really excited for this event to start. Has it started for anyone on android yet. I did the update last night but still no new game. I would really love if they had the Leprechaun as a premium character I would def spend some clams on him also of they brought back freddy krueger since I missed him the first time around. Anywho Happy Gaming Clammers!!!


    1. Though the update is finally on android, the event has yet to gone live. Major glitches have forced them to delay the launch until they can fix them. I’d love if they brought back some old characters and the Leprechaun is a great idea. Hopefully anyone locked out can get on soon.


  5. To say the honest truth, seeing what’s in store with this Halloween 2016 event, I’m a bit disappointed as there’s 4 new characters only and a whopping 11 costumes 😦

    Before reading all this, I had high hopes in unlocking more characters (not just 4 only) and that some would be (premium) famous horror film characters just like the previous 2 Halloween events we had, such as Pennywise the clown, Billy the puppet (Jigsaw), Leatherface and Dr. Frank N. Furter.

    Really really hoping that this is just a partial list as this’d be the first time we got a huge amount of costumes and a teeny-tiny number of characters to unlock.


    1. I honestly don’t think these are the only characters to be released. There should be some premium ones for sure plus I’m sure we could see another mystery box filled with past characters. Again, they don’t really release a lot of information in the first week of events anymore so a lot could be added in the coming weeks. Stay tuned though!


  6. I hope that it won’t be to difficult to unlock characters in the time limit on each case, as we all know that the drop rates work out. As awesome as it is that James Woods is being added to the game, I’m kind off dissapointed that we aren’t getting any horror movie icons this year.


  7. So Mulder and James Woods are freemium? I’d be relieved if just one of them was. Maybe this is the event where they stop being greedy.


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