Sneak Peak: Paranormal Preview Mystery Box


Sorry to everyone who has been waiting patiently for the update to go live. I went to sleep but woke up ever so often to see if the event went live. Unfortunately the event has been delayed so for now, relax, go sleep, and hopefully it goes live sometime today. I’m also seeing an error and I can’t even get in, something something “Config empty for id chickenDeco in buildings,” so if you’re seeing that too, you aren’t alone.

The next event is about to drop any moment and for anyone antsy in anticipation of this new event, TinyCo has released the Paranormal Preview Mystery Box for a chance to scoop up previous characters you might have missed. At a cost of 150 Clams, you have a chance at winning one of the following:

  • Maniac Pope
  • Vampire Duck Stewie
  • Sexy Witch Connie
  • Super Devil
  • Patty
  • Slasher Cat
  • Death’s Mom
  • Slutty Cat Meg
  • Ruth
  • Esther
  • Slasher Bait Lois

Did you try your luck? What characters/outfits did you get? Are you excited for this Halloween event?


23 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Paranormal Preview Mystery Box”

  1. I didn’t have a few of the characters and the Slutty Meg costume and gave the box one go – and of course I got the costume rather than one of the characters. And the costume doesn’t even have a side quest going with it. So 150 clams for pretty much nothing. Meh.

    Serves me well though to go for the mystery box. They never seem to give me anything I want 😉


  2. wow this is crazy i think. if they really are making us all wait so ALL devices can start at the same time, the least they could have done was to inform us! make a Facebook post on their page or these pages to let us know why are we still waiting for this new event.


  3. Well, when I heard about the mystery box, I thought, here we go again. More premium characters I can’t afford. I was pleased to find out that I had all but 3 characters which I now own. Plus, FINALLY got the evil monkey. Woohoo!!!


    1. that’s been out since yesterday. it’s just prep for whenever they release this start of the new event. NOT patiently WAITING anymore lol AHHHHHH


  4. Still no update for android, I’m guessing that’s why it’s delayed. At least they’re considerate enough to try and release for everyone at the same time.


  5. I’m guessing that something wasn’t working as intended with the event and that’s why it’s been delayed, it sucks but I’d rather them delay it so that when it goes live there aren’t any bugs in it. But with the spare time I’ve finally unlocked the Evil Monkey, it took long enough but now I can take a break until the event hits.


  6. I can’t get in, it says I need to update. Then it takes me to Google play where there is no update. I need to get in so I can collect my shipwreck point clams and my stewie bucks.

    Evil Monkey is within reach. I”m 2 blue bucks away so i could get him today if things go well, and I’m locked out. What now??


    1. You’re stuck for now because the update isn’t live (at the time of this comment) yet D: What you can do is try logging on through Facebook or another non-android device and hopefully getting in to do your dailies.


    2. Do you have an iOS device as well that already updated? That happens to me when I update my ipad before my galaxy. That’s why I turned off auto updates on my ipad.


      1. iOS has been a good family guy unlocker sometimes, for whatever reason, when android has issues. No Fb here, I stay off the grid. Good tip Jay, sure enough, I can get in with iOS for my daily items. And the Evil Monkey is here!

        Thanks for the heads up about the auto updates Thelody! I actually just got my first iOS yesterday… Before then I was an iOS borrower for unlocking family guys andriod issues. (Mobsters, ugh…)


  7. THERE IS A DELAY!…dumb i think we need more FGTQFS fixes!!!! haha!! and so my task list is empty i have nothing else to do at the moment but decorate.😂😂😂


  8. I do.. so just waiting… checking the game every 10 minutes.. Have all ready uploaded the update..NOw to wait… Probably 9pm central time.. it is 8:19 now..


    1. start decorating your town for Halloween! i’m totally on it i have a ton of decos from what the past 2 Halloween events?! haha fall colored leaves, pumpkins/puking pumpkins, scarecrows/mooning scarecrows,and etc.etc.&& you get it.


  9. i already have all of those from their past events, but i dont have Maniac Pope, Super Devil, or Slasher Cat&&no i’m not buying those last 3 either lol …PATIENTLY WAITING for this halloween event tho!!!!…😎😎😎😎


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