Coming Soon: X-Files Halloween Event


Hopefully everyone enjoyed the pirate event, Peter’s Booty Haul, and this little two day break. But don’t get too comfortable as strange and unexplained forces are about to invade Quahog. To be honest, I know very little about this event as 1: I’m not really familiar with the X-Files (only watched the 10th season), and 2: Based on what I watched, I don’t know what characters they’d actually add in this event. That said, the image above provided by user JP looks like it’ll be another exciting and spooky Halloween.

The event is set to go live tomorrow (September 29th, 2016) so be on the lookout for week 1 quests, week 1 info, week 1 useful characters, and hopefully details on what you can expect over the length of the event.


22 thoughts on “Coming Soon: X-Files Halloween Event”

  1. Good likeness to how they drew Mulder and Scully! Like many I’m not fan of X Files. I love Fringe. But X Files is a very popular series which would see many fans excited by this event. Agree I do need more characters for Tan Lines but I suspect either of the two titular characters will be premium or both!


  2. Nothing on Android now 5:30PM CST. SIX hours after the IoS update was released. There’s supposedly a mystery box out with some Halloween characters/skins from earlier events, but I don’t see it because either, I haven’t gotten the update or that I already have them all.


  3. there is a update they released earlier today pretty sure it changes the app icon to whatever this “halloween” event is going to be lol it’s NOT the start of this event yet tho it’s just so you’ll be able to start it tonight whenever they release it.


      1. As of 3PM CST still nothing for Android. By “live” I meant downloadable. Sorry for any confusion. The Event has not yet kicked in, even on IoS.


      1. okay you’re right good valid point Jayy LMAO nvm then😂😂 was hoping something would be started by the time i jus woke up wthhh


  4. I’ve seen every episode, but the first 9 seasons were a long time ago.
    In that pic, Meg looks like the girl from The Exorcist. Not sure who Peter’s supposed to be.


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