What is your rank?


Ok guys and girls… It is the end of the Peter’s Booty Haul event.  It ends tomorrow at 3pm Pacific Time.  How did you do, what is your ranking.. ?  How did you like this event?

I will start it off:  Right now I have everything that I could get out of this event.  All outfits, costumes, buildings and decorations… (P.S. I hate decorations… )  And I am ranked at 25th in the game.. I have 3,964 Jolly Roger flags.. Where are you?




44 thoughts on “What is your rank?”

  1. mehhh…i was never into the X-Files and i have never even watched a minute of any episodes SO… thinking about just completely skipping this?!?! lol idk yet!!!


  2. This isn’t about my rank, but it looks like we’re getting another big event starting tomorrow, it’s an X-Files themed Haloween event from what I’ve read.


  3. Freemium player here with 4070 Flags, last time I checked I was 41 but i could be higher because Tiny co has to clear cheaters. I really enjoyed this event, it was nicely balanced. I was able to get all the free characters and costumes. With my saved up clams I bought Jillian and Roberta Tubbs-Brown an 3 costumes for Lois,Peter and Chris. Cant wait for Halloween event.


  4. I found out that nuking my town did not move shipwreck point to my inventory. I nuked, panicked when I thought about my clams (hours later) checked my town, and it was still there. Relief!

    See, tc is not so bad. They had opportunity to be jerks and they deliberately coded the game not to be. I appreciate that!!


  5. My final total was 3,528 flags which showed 114th just before they finally turned off the board. In the hour or so the event ran past scheduled end I noticed 13 people ahead of me were banned and removed, because I started out at 127th with the same total flags.


  6. So I found this item in the store in the deco section. It is an item titled “campsite” but with no price set, but is worth coins. The deco is a campsite with words on it like “Occupy Quahog”, “We are the 99%” and “Boo Wars!”, along with a black peace sign. I think this is for the next event. Since in the store it has a background with stars, i’m sensing a Halloween/election event, since the blue with the stars point to some American theme, and the boo wars scream halloween. Thoughts?


    1. This is actually left over from the American Dad event.. It was where Hayley went to do a quest.. I do believe it is the same thing.. Maybe they are bringing the American Dad characters back for a new event..


  7. I got all the freebies, and bought The Captain out of free clams (for the sillyness of it.) I wound up with 3908 flags, which put me at #65 about 10 minutes before the ending. Now to store a bunch of buildings and 23 sea serpents, most with 4 humps…


    1. really good Steve-O!!! I am proud of all of you … DragonJay has done a great job showing us the way.. Maybe we should get him to change his name to Noah!!!


      1. When I started, I was 3 months behind.. Took a while, but eventually caught up.. look at our older posts for help with that.. And I will add you as a friend also..


  8. This A.M. I’m at rank 33 with 4023 flags. Have 3300 cursed treasure after the mystery box. With my excessive collection of oars, anchors and worms plan to keep sinking that squid while I continue to fish. Have sent some characters to tan lines for a much needed rest. Would not mind a few days off myself!


  9. yep i just got all the decos in the new mystery box that costs CursedTreasure and STILL have almost 1,000 of those left-over. As for the leaderboard i am NOT placed(not surprised once again)&& I have 1,218 flags.👊🏼


  10. 25th is awesome. You will have to post a picture of your pirate Stewie. I think I am in the mid 3000’s. I may crap out before the final numbers are in and I can live with that.


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