Peter’s Booty Haul Info (Week 4)

Where’s the rum gone? Week 4 of Peter’s Booty Haul is now live! Dive into a wave of new content. Click here for the quests for week 4.


Week 1 Info
Week 1 Quests
Week 1 Useful Buildings
Groggy Gunboat Raid Battles
Week 1 Character Profiles
Week 1 Challenge


Week 2 Info
Week 2 Quests
Week 2 Useful Buildings
Sloshed Schooner Raid Battles
Week 2 Character Profiles
Fishing 101
Week 2 Challenge


Week 3 Info
Week 3 Quests
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Week 3 Challenge


  • Daggermouth has been fixed. When fishing, search for the Rainbow Trout fish to get the final material. This is really easy if you have stocked up on bait.
  • Cannonball Juggling Monkey is now animated; still waiting on the Line Dancing Monkey.
  • Tropical Fish (the decoration) are now animated.

New Characters/Outfits:

400 Cursed Treasure 15 Medals of Honor (Common) 9 Self Portraits (Uncommon) 8 Caviar (Always)
Make Joe Swanson Load his Water Gun (2) Get from Fire in the Hole! Gunsmithing (6) Make Herbert Paint Selfies (8) Get from Privateers Cigar Lounge (4)
Make Herbert Have Scurvy (2) Make Tricia Debut Art Exibit (8)
Make Quagmire Drink Grog (2)
Make Bruce Wear Guyliner (4)
Get from the Big Squeeze(4)
Get from the Jolly Roger (4)
Get from the Small Treasure Island (6)
Get from the Medium Treasure Island (10)
50 6-Ring Plastic (Uncommon) 32 Spare Parts (Uncommon) 5 Rainbow Trout (Rare)
Get by fishing! Get by fishing! Get by fishing!

Blackbeard – 270 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops all four types of Fuel

New Buildings:
Saffron Sanctuary – 250 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg, Drops 3x Saffron
The Branded Pirate Tattoo Parlor – 16 petersbootyhaul_fishbones, Drops 3 pirate_action_eventcurrency

New Decorations:
Message in a Bottle – 5 petersbootyhaul_fishbones

Number Prize Requirements
1 The Sultry Scallywag Brothel 250 Cursed Treasure, 2 Ginger, 3 Saffron
2 Fire in the Hole! Gunsmithing 280 Cursed Treasure, 4 Ginger, 5 Saffron
3 Privateers Cigar Lounge 80 Cursed Treasure, 8 Cinnamon, 4 Saffron
4 Pile of the Pillaged 6 Ginger, 3 Saffron, 50 Salt
5 Treasure Cay Casino 4 Cinnamon, 9 Ginger, 8 Saffron
6 Submerged City 350 Cursed Treasure, 15 Cinnamon, 9 Saffron
7 Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Pirate 200 Cursed Treasure, 4 Cinnamon, 6 Saffron
8 Skeleton Sanctum 640 Cinnamon, 17 Ginger, 18 Saffron

Level Can Destroy Time Charcter Requirements Item Requirements Rewards
Level 1 1 Ship 4:00:00 Long John Peter AND/OR Blackbeard 3 Champagne 1 Saffron, 40 Pirate Flags, 3 Grapefruit

How to get Champagne?

Get Champagne from Dr. Hartman, Brian, Meg, Blackbeard, or the Treasure Cay Casino.

How to get Grapefruit?

Get Grapefruit from the Saffron Sanctuary or from Fuddled Frigate Raid Battles.


Earn Pirate Flags to climb the leaderboard and win prizes! This leaderboard event ends September 27th at 3pm PDT.
Rank 1 to 500: Blackbeard Stewie
Rank 501 to 1000: Adrian Beakey
Rank 1001 to 5000: Showy Sea Serpent

Get Pirate Flags from all 4 raid battles as well as from Submerged City and Skeleton Sactum!


At a cost of 150wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg per try, why not add to your characters’ outfits?
1. Roller Blading Bikini Peter
2. Steroid Stewie
3. Hot Meg
4. Barmaid Lois
5. Firefighter Chris
6. Stripper Bonnie
7. Runner Brian
8. Slasher Bait Lois
9. Cheerleader Bonnie
10. Jillian Russell-Wilcox
11. Roberta Tubbs-Brown

Have any tips to share that helped you so far? How are you enjoying this event? Let us know in the comments.


13 thoughts on “Peter’s Booty Haul Info (Week 4)”

  1. i just got into this final phase4 stuff&i’m pretty excited to even make it this far being freemium LOL!.i know there’s only 2days left(Tuesday it ends?) but i’m concentrating on getting as much buildings as i can possibly get! is it weird i like to get new and different buildings instread of new characters and skins?! hahaa trying to get Davy Jones too i have only 11/66 wheels so that’s lookin pretty grim not worried about it. the leaderboards you say?😑… PPPSSSHHH NOT EVEN ranked in last place pathetic😂😂😂😂


    1. You’re doing great and staying freemium is really hard. What sucks is they delayed one of the phases by a day then resumed the normal release dates for the rest of the phases. What they did do was kind of lower the total amount of items for each new character in phase 4 but if you can, I’d focus on fishing the final requirement for Daggermouth. I also wouldn’t even worry about the leaderboards because while it says top 500 get Blackbeard Stewie’s outfit, right now it’s showing only top 100 so we’ll have to see what happens there. I too like buildings though I stuff them in my inventory at the end of events. But yeah, great job so far.


  2. Is catching the rainbow trout enough or are they supposed to drop something Because I’ve caught 2 but still show zero caught. Thanks. As always you updates are awesome.


  3. So I wasted 40 Worms clearing the Plastic and almost all the Spare Parts to find out that was a huge waste of time and now ahve to start all over again collecting worms (with one less person since Meg has a new job)

    Real screw up by TC. I have messaged them asking for my worms to be added back but I’m not expecting any response.

    This had been a great balances and very achievable event so far but this has really soured me on it.


    1. I got them quickly as well (about 10 attempts). I still need a lot of gears though. All of my “uncommon” items now drop at the rate of “rare” items, and “rare” items drop at the rate of “uncommon”.

      I really wanted to buy Blackbeard at the beginning of the event. Now I’m so far behind, there’s no point in buying him. TinyCo would rather patch good glitches, like the upgrade barrels,then make the game more helpful.


  4. Anyone having problems getting enough ship wheels? Or have them disappear aft the phase update? I swore I had more than 20 and can’t see how I’ll get enough.


    1. Quite a few problems arose when the phase went live. Hopefully everything will be fixed by tomorrow (they already fixed a couple things so far) and if not, please contact them so they are aware that there are still problems.


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