Pirate Event Week 3: How are you guys doing?

Week four of Peter’s Booty Haul is knocking on the door and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

New Characters and Costumes

Two characters and a costume were added to our games this week. Did you earn Davy Jones and his awesome storage facility? Did you purchase The Captain and if so, has he been useful for you? And what about the Fancy Seamus; did you unlock him?

Phase 4

The final phase should be rolling out sometime very soon so stay tuned for more info coming soon!


The second requirement to unlock Daggermouth was released in phase 3. The third and final material will be available to collect once phase 4 is released.


Everyone’s favourite feature is now up and running. What rank are you? Remember that people who spend tons of clams are most likely to be in the top.

Are you enjoying the fishing experience? All set for the final phase? Have anything else to add? Comment below!


15 thoughts on “Pirate Event Week 3: How are you guys doing?”

  1. oops idk if the comment i jus posted went through or not so jus delete this one if not, but i mentioned I am falling behind! I’ve been playing strictly freemium and this isn’t fun anymore only if you spend money i mean a tom to get clams BLAHHH✨💫


  2. HORRIBLE! I’m doing so bad at the moment!…
    I don’t have Fancy Seamus or Davy Jones it seems to me I am even WAY OFF to even unlocking them in the near future idk my hands are tied and I may jus throw in the towel seriously thinking about it.


      1. yeah I jus noticed that earlier today actually lol and so the giant squid isn’t suppose to go away AT ALL correct?? like past events like that they would go away which seems like forever then come back on with a 24-hr timer ?.


      2. Right so now after you defeat it or if you don’t defeat it in the 24 hours, I believe it comes right back so that’s good right? 🙂


  3. I’m doing well, I’ve unlocked Fancy Seamus and I’m 12 Wheels from getting Davy Jones, I also brought The Captain, and have unlocked all prizes from phase 1, 2 and 3. As from the leaderboard I’m currently at 47th place.


  4. So part 4 was just released. I collected all rings and spare parts for dagger mouth and have been waiting for the final item to show up. Now it says i need to to collect all rings and spare parts all over again and shows zero even though I checked them both off as finished!?!?! PLEASE tell me this is a glitch and will get fixed because if this is true and I need to do it all again with only a few days left it will be the reason I finally walk away from this game for good as per the AMA the other day there is zero fun left anymore, only frustration


  5. Ready for last week to hit. Got Davey, Fancy Seamus and the Captain. Captain has been useful manning the ship so Peter Pan can man the other freeing up other characters to earn necessary items. getting enough fuel on a regular basis for the week 3 ship has been a chore. Have plenty fuel for the first two. The barrels got harder to gather as well. I am a “clam” purchaser but still feel the challenges. Didn’t think I was in the tons of clams category but maybe so. Just checked my ranking and at this time rank is 27!!!!!!!!!. Doubt that I’ll stay there for long. just hope to stay in the 1st 500.

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  6. Ok guys, some hints.. If you are done collecting the steering wheels for the battle the squid.. keep collecting the Oars and the anchors.. Chances are we will need them for the update today/tomorrow.. Also the same with the worms to go fishing.. I am sitting on 37 worms for the update tonight.. I am hoping that they will have more fishing stuff tonight..
    Also, keep leveling up your ships.. it is hard at times.. but worth it in the long run..

    My ranking on the board is 127… I think I am doing pretty good…


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