Peter’s Booty Haul Quests (Week 3)

Yarrrr! Week 3 of Peter’s Booty Haul is now live with a ton of new quests for us to complete.

Treasure Punting (Main Quest)
Treasure Punting pt. 1
1. Blackbeard’s Dastardly Division is Here!
2. Repair the Boozy Brig
3. Have Quagmire Look for Booty (1)

Treasure Punting pt. 2
1. Get 6 Bourbon
2. Attack Blackbeard’s Dastardly Division
3. Place Davy Jones’ Storage

Treasure Punting pt. 3
1. Get 2 Ginger From Blackbeard’s Dastardly Division
2. Rescue 8 Drunken Pirates

Treasure Punting pt. 4
1. Clear 12 Baby Octopuses
2. Have Chris Order Fried Calamari

Treasure Punting pt. 5
1. Exchange Oranges for Gunpowder Kegs
2. Upgrade the Boozy Brig
3. Have Level 3 Boozy Brig

Treasure Punting pt. 6
1. Attack Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla
2. Attack Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron
3. Attack Blackbeard’s Dastardly Division

Treasure Punting pt. 7
1. Get the Seal Encounter Pool
2. Attack the Giant Squid 2 Times

Treasure Punting pt. 8
1. Have Mort Swallow Jewels
2. Have Fancy Seamus Go For the Gold

Treasure Punting pt. 9
1. Have a Level 5 Boozy Brig
2. Place the Pirate Cemetery
3. Check back next week!
End of quest until next week!

Crunch Time (The Captain’s Quest)
Crunch Time pt. 1
1. Have The Captain Get Picked Up in Grocery Stores (4)
2. Have Bonnie Cry Over Spilled Milk (6)

Crunch Time pt. 2
1. Have The Captain Balance His Breakfast (8)
2. Have Jerome Host Happy Hour (2)

Crunch Time pt. 3
1. Have The Captain Keep His Eye On the Prize (10)
2. Have Chris Dig for Nose Goblins (1)

Crunch Time pt. 4
1. Have The Captain Chug Orange Juice (12)
2. Have Bathrobe Quagmire Eat Sexy Cereal (1)

Crunch Time pt. 5
1. Have The Captain Skip Lunch (8)
2. Have Joe Snack on Pirate’s Booty (4)
End of quest!

Out of the Woods (Fancy Seamus’ Quest)
Out of the Woods pt. 0
1. Unlock Fancy Seamus
2. Have Fancy Seamus Go For the Gold

Out of the Woods pt. 1
1. Have Fancy Seamus Go Peg-Shopping
2. Have Joe Miss the Boat

Out of the Woods pt. 2
1. Have Fancy Seamus Order the Lobster
2. Have Bonnie Stuff Breadsticks in Her Purse

Out of the Woods pt. 3
1. Have Fancy Seamus Polish His Look
2. Have Joe Patrol the Pier
End of quest!

Locker Doom Talk (Davey Jones’ Quest)
Locker Doom Talk pt. 0
1. Unlock Davy Jones
2. Have Davy Jones Swordfight

Locker Doom Talk pt. 1
1. Have Davy Jones Open His Locker
2. Have Quagmire Giggity Strut

Locker Doom Talk pt. 2
1. Have Joe Get His Heart Checked
2. Have Davy Jones Check Social Media

Locker Doom Talk pt. 3
1. Have Jerome Serve Liquid Courage
2. Have Davy Jones Haunt People
End of quest!

Release the Squid (Side Quest)
Release the Squid pt. 1
1. Get 2 Broken Oars
2. Get 2 Rusty Anchors
3. Attack the Giant Squid

Release the Squid pt. 2
1. Have Fancy Seamus Polish His Look
2. Attack the Giant Squid
End of quest!

And that wraps up this weeks set of quests for this event. How are you doing so far? Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


25 thoughts on “Peter’s Booty Haul Quests (Week 3)”

  1. Once we’ve collected the requisite number of wheels from the Squid to unlock both characters what happens with the wheels if attacks continue?


    1. I have the same problem. Did you get to advance to week three as yet? Please tell me what you did in order to do so. I’ve emaile TinyCo, but no response.


  2. I just got to Treasure Punting Pt 5 and I just traded in Oranges for Gunpowder Kegs but it didn’t check it off, I’ve already got the other two requirements done, has anyone else got the same problem?


    1. Did you trade in Oranges or was it another option. If it was, try force closing your game and see if it works. If not, try exchanging oranges again.


    2. Yes, same happened to me. Since there currently is only one option to trade in oranges…

      Messaged TC hoping they can fix because I did it twice and that’s too many oranges not to get credit. Soooo many bugs this week.


      1. Thanks for letting me know it’s not just my game, I would of had enough Oranges to trade in 2hrs, so now I’ll hold on to them and will go ahead and message them from my game, because as you said its way to many resources with Lemons and Limes included to waste on just 1 keg.


    3. Me too. I’ve just tried exchanging oranges to kegs twice but it isn’t getting registered as completed. I’ve sent an in-game message and was coming to ask the same question to see if anyone else is encountering this too like me. Glad to see I’m not alone. Hope that tinyco fixes this asap as we’re at a standstill at the moment. That and the bourbon drops – it’s horrendous how slow it is to get 6 of them to fight the third type of ships 😦


      1. There was an update available on the Apple and Google app stores. Have you updated? This might be needed to move on.


      1. Yea sorry, I take all the parts directly from the game files then make changes based on what actually goes live. I think last week it took me way longer than it should’ve to make the corrections so hopefully it doesn’t take that long this time.


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