Pirate Event Week 2: How are you guys doing?

Week three of Peter’s Booty Haul is nearly upon us and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

New Characters and Costumes

Two characters and a costume were added to our games this week. Did you earn Peter Pan and have him gather worms? Did you purchase Tinkerbell and if so, has she been useful for you? And what about the Mermaid Bruce; did you test your luck by trying the Marine Mystery Box?

Phase 3

Since phase 2 was released a day later, we presume phase 3 will go live on Thursday. So stay tuned for more info coming soon!


The first requirement to unlock Daggermouth was released in phase 2. The second material will be available to collect once phase 3 is released.

Are you enjoying the fishing experience? All set for phase three? Have anything else to add? Comment below!


16 thoughts on “Pirate Event Week 2: How are you guys doing?”

  1. I’m really getting sick and more bummed out as we progress through this event and I feel like the first week was okay! No rushing and I was going at a pretty decent rate. I still haven’t got Peter Pan because the difficulty of collecting up enough pirate coins is ridiculous in my opinion and so nothing new once again, I’m falling behind horribly to much!…I HAVE to stick to being freemium I don’t wanna waste or spend my actual HARD earned money for some fake gaming money(clams) because you can’t just buy the bare minimum anymore you have to literally buy A TON to stay caughy up! Games are suppose to be fun and full of entertainment. This isn’t fun anymore to me.


  2. Have no idea how I got the weekly challenge done. Still need 9 elixir and 3 maps for Peter Pan. Not sure where I am with Daggermouth. But I do have stockpile of worms so it’s still good. Have not purchased any clams (yet)


  3. Fishing sucks. I kind of enjoy freezing lots of octopuses and bombing them in a big group, but it takes a while and is not fun if I don’t have much time to play. That being said, I’m mostly finished with everything. Just need like 6 more plastic rings, but that should (hopefully) be easy enough to get still in week 3. I bought Tinker Bell. Somewhat useful to get the boat attacking a bit earlier, but not the most useful in the world. I did not buy the mystery box because Mermaid Bruce is the only thing I would care about and the last mystery box in the Superhero event made me burned out of mystery boxes in general. Might still buy some if there are a few things I would want.


  4. I still need 16 elixir of youth. Then I am pretty much done and ready for week 3. The questions is should I keep leveling up the boats? Should I go after bait more? Should I keep sending the shipd out to attack till phase 3 shows up?


  5. OK I think. The fishing is really tedious for the amount of possible rewards… only 8-10 plastic rings so far… 50 is insane amount IMO. The weekly quests went fine… finished them on Monday. Still haven’t unlocked Peter Pan but not far off so I think I’ll finish today or tomorrow.


    1. Still hate the fishing. Finished the plastic rings in both games but still short about 10-15 gears in one of my 2 games. The other went fine and now waiting to know what I’m fishing for next. Frustrating when 1 game is so far ahead of the other.

      No point in fishing until that last item shows right? Just stock piling bait for now.


  6. Doing well waiting for week 3 to hit. In meantime trying to work through some of the character quests before they are necessary to begin gathering again. Octo’s are a pain and waiting for 2 fish to gather are also a pain, but could be worse. Did not purchase Nederland since the graphics didn’t appeal to me so will wait to see if it becomes useful in a drop for week 3.


  7. I tried for Mermaid Bruce about 4 times and gave up. It evened out, I got 175 clams once and the other stuff was useful but I don’t need any more of it.
    Just got Peter Pan this morning. I am so dumb, the building that drops the parchment looking thing was in my inventory. No idea how it got there.
    I have 16 more soda holders to get for Daggermouth. Fishing hasn’t been easy, if I’m lucky I can get two. I missed way too many in the beginning. I did buy Tinkerbell, if I hadn’t I really wouldn’t have any worms.


  8. I am not a fan of the fishing quests. And as for the weekly quest, I am behind on gathering the 78 octopuses (octopi?) because I didn’t learn how to freeze them soon enough. I won’t finish it, but I’m sure going to get close, which is frustrating.


      1. I definitely agree with that! The blast radius is so small. But the tip on herding them to one place is helpful. Like I said above, I just didn’t learn about it until a little too late.


  9. I started the event 3 days behind due to amazon not having the update. I was able to shave two days off flying through the first week(freemium), but the second week has been a bit more difficult. Mostly just the start. I still need about 13 more elixirs to unlock Peter Pan and 30 of the 50 plastic rings for Daggermouth. So I’m back to being 2-3 days behind again.


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