Mermaid Bruce Update


I knew something was weird when TinyCo offered another character/outfit that dropped limes. Mermaid Bruce now drops sweet sweet lemons so if you’ve won him from the Marine Mystery Box, enjoy gathering lemons! As compensation, TinyCo has awarded players who got him with 15 lemons. Below is his updated character profile.

Quest to Unlock: THE LIFE AQUATIC
Task Time Rewards Requires Drops
Look for Mermaid Jobs 1:00:00 20 Coins/12 Exp Founding Fathers
Watch “Splash” 2:00:00 30 Coins/20 Exp Griffin House
Sunbathe 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp Quahog Wharf
Collect Thingamabobs 6:00:00 65 Coins/45 Exp Thrift Shop
Woo Sailors 8:00:00 80 Coins/50 Exp Visual Task 3 petersbootyhaul_lemon
Experience a Wardrobe Malfunction 10:00:00 90 Coins/59 Exp Visual Task
Seduce With Song 24:00:00 150 Coins/100 Exp Quahog Day Spa

Did you win Mermaid Bruce Marine Mystery Box? Are you happy theres now someone who can drop lemons? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Mermaid Bruce Update”

  1. It was actually on the image when you went into the mystery box. I reached out to TC and included a screen shot of his task list with the limes, and the image from the mystery box showing lemons.


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