Peter’s Booty Haul Challenge #2


The second challenge of Peter’s Booty Haul is now live and I can’t believe it stayed the same when we first reported it on Friday! You have 48 hours to complete the challenge.

A few notes:

Party Hard

  1. Check Out The Prize
  2. Bomb 78 Octopuses with your cannon
  3. Attack Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron 5 Times

Upon completing this second challenge, Cannonball Juggling Monkey (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

Thus concludes the second challenge. What are your thoughts about this challenge? Did you find this post helpful? How are fairing in this event? Comment below!


6 thoughts on “Peter’s Booty Haul Challenge #2”

    1. I believe it’ll be animated at some point just like the Pirate Monkey which was released non-animated and changed a couple days later.


    1. Very interesting, haven’t seen this problem before. Try loading your game onto another device to see if this fixes it. If not, definitely contact support.


  1. whoopp i aint successfully winning this one and quite frankly i don’t even care for these types of challenges Lol. but i am having a REALLY hard time collecting up those coins! Seems like there are so many buildings and other places to get them from. I’m BACK Idown to 54 because i jus got the building that drops treasure maps for Peter Pan. I even managed to get that last ship on the first page, the Jolly Roger which needed ALOT of coins and a good bit of rice bowls .


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