Peter’s Booty Haul – Fishing 101 & Octopuses

I usually don’t do posts like these, especially when TinyCo created a quest to teach players about it, but finding the fishing area took me forever to locate so I thought I do one in case anyone else had the same problems. Also, if you have any strategies on bombing octopuses or anything in general, comment!


Click here for the Gone Fishing quest.


As you can see from the above image, the fishing area is an odd place to be found.


If you’re familiar with the phaser battles during the Star Trek event, fishing is done in the same way. You can reel in more than one fish so wait until you have a couple swimming together.

Bombing Octopuses

The bombing radius to bomb octopuses is quite small and with no way so shrink the water (like roads), you have to find a way to “trap” the octopuses so that you can bomb as many as possible without using too many cannonballs. Below is an image provided by user Monica showcasing their strategy using Tropical Fish and Leviathan body parts to lure the octopuses into a general area.



Hopefully this post adds a little insite on fishing and bombing octopuses. Found this post helpful or have anything to add? Comment below!


29 thoughts on “Peter’s Booty Haul – Fishing 101 & Octopuses”

    1. As the drops are supposed to be uncommon, that definitely is a terrible drop percentage. If it continues to be that bad, contact support because something is definitely wrong there.


    2. I had one this morning, 9 fish and 1 cog. It does seem like it’s gotten worse.

      Has anyone figured out a way to get more than 2 fish at a time? Other than staring at it for an hour until it just happens anyway.


      1. Unfortunately because fishing is so simple, there isn’t much you can do. Like you can’t lure them into one spot then reel in your haul. It’s pretty random and with 8-10 fish always available, there should be chances at overlapping to get 2+ fish.


      2. How many flags does everyone have? The leaderboard is still down, stupid thing. I haven’t really been trying to get them but it would be nice to know what the standing is.


    3. With a lot of patience I am now always getting three fish in one go. A couple of times I even managed to get four fish at once. I now have enough cogs and whatever the other thing was needed for Daggermouth. So all I’ve got left is the third questionmark. I guess we don’t know yet what this is, will it come in the final week and be another fishing related item? I’m currently stockpiling worms for this… but still quite far away from getting Seamus… argh.


      1. Ya the last item for Daggermouth should be released during the final week and most likely it’ll be through fishing. What are you having a hard time getting for Seamus? How’s your progress for Davy Jones?


      2. Hi DragonJay just noticed your reply here… I’m now left with some missing jackets for Seamus, got everything else together but the problem was getting the bottles for the third type of ship attack which took forever. Hence I struggled getting ginger hence I only got the jacket dropping building a few days ago. But on the plus side I just got Daggermouth (the last five items for him were a swoosh to get with the stockpiled worms) and I should get Seamus tomorrow. I am also nearly done with most of the items for Davy Jones but I don’t think I’ll be able to get another 66 wheels for him. This is another really sloooooow progress, as I can only get it to level 3/4 of the squid. So I might not get Davy Jones (unless I buy him out at the end, we’ll see) but overall a nice haul from this event 🙂


  1. I quite like the themes of the updates, though I don’t like when TinyCo gets lazy on the little details like the text descriptions which are at times blank or have placeholder text, or particularly in this event where the fishing game still has the phaser game sounds.


  2. Also I want to thank you for the fishing area I was looking for it as well. Any clues how to get more than two fish with one bait? Also I started to try to block off the octopuses with the fish but they swam through them. will the picture above really work to block them? Do they swim through the leviathan as well? All help is appreciated. Thank you guys for making this game actually fun.


  3. The octopuses are manueverable just like all the creatures that follow this dynamic, you just have to have patience. You can encourage them to move where you want them. If you tap on them they stop, and often change direction. So you find a small group and tap on them alternately and constantly so they don’t move away while you watch for others to come near. If they are headed the wrong way tap them once and let them move again to see if they change direction. Keep doing that until they are headed towards the group you are holding, making sure not to forget to keep tapping the stationary ones. Keep them going in the right direction by tapping and waiting when necessary. It sometimes takes quite a few taps to get them to go the way you want. You can get as many together as you have patience to wait for.

    My game has been behaving stupid. Graphics not showing up, some things not working on my ipad but working on my phone. It’s been a pain in my rear.

    I couldn’t find the fishing area at first either but then I checked the FAQs. You should always read this anyway, it has lots of information and almost always tells you which characters will get which stuff.


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