Peter’s Booty Haul Quests (Week 2)

Prepare to be boarded! Week 2 of Peter’s Booty Haul is now live with a ton of new quests for us to complete.

Trawl of Booty (Main Quest)
Trawl of Booty pt. 1
1. Octopuses are Here
2. Repair The Sloshed Schooner
3. Get 3 Cannon Balls

Trawl of Booty pt. 2
1. Clear 10 Octopuses with Your Cannon
2. Blackbeard’s Fleet has Grown!
3. Get 4 Fuel from Octopuses

Trawl of Booty pt. 3
1. Attack Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron
2. Collect 4 Cinnamon from Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron
3. Have Joe Patrol the Pier (6)

Trawl of Booty pt. 4
1. Place Peter Pan in the Lost Boys Tree House
3. Rescue 12 Drunken Pirates

Trawl of Booty pt. 5
1. Clear 30 Octopuses with Your Cannon
2. Exchange Lemons for Gunpowder Kegs at the Black Market
3. Upgrade The Sloshed Schooner to Level 3

Trawl of Booty pt. 6
1. Attack Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla
2. Attack Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron

Trawl of Booty pt. 7
1. Place Patch Crafters
2. Go Fishing
3. Have Quagmire Try On Puffy Pirate Shirts

Trawl of Booty pt. 8
1. Have a Level 8 Groggy Gunboat
2. Have Peter Pan Think Girls Are Yucky

Trawl of Booty pt. 9
1. Have Long John Peter Search for Treasure
2. Place the Pirate Watchtower
3. Check Back Next Week!
End of quest until next week.

Flighty Behavior (Tinkerbell’s Quest)
Flighty Behavior pt. 1
1. Have Tinkerbell Be a Dust Dealer
2. Have Joe Make a Pixie Dust Bust

Flighty Behavior pt. 2
1. Have Tinkerbell Get Zapped
2. Have Quagmire Catch Lightning Bugs

Flighty Behavior pt. 3
1. Have Tinkerbell Make Small Talk
2. Have Bruce Tell Fairy Tales

Flighty Behavior pt. 4
1. Have Tinkerbell Swab the Deck
2. Have Meg Swab for Ear Wax

Flighty Behavior pt. 5
1. Have Tinkerbell Mellow Out
2. Have Connie Stay Beautiful
End of quest!

The Life Aquatic (Mermaid Bruce’s Quest)
The Life Aquatic pt. 1
1. Have Mermaid Bruce Woo Sailors
2. Have Joe Perform Cripple Tricks

The Life Aquatic pt. 2
1. Have Mermaid Bruce Experience a Wardrobe Malfunction
2. Have Quagmire Cast a Wide Net

The Life Aquatic pt. 3
1. Have Mermaid Bruce Seduce With Song
2. Have Joe Attend a Rage Support Group

The Life Aquatic pt. 4
1. Have Mermaid Bruce Sunbathe
2. Have Mort Push Pricey Products

The Life Aquatic pt. 5
1. Have Mermaid Bruce Watch “Splash”
2. Have Long John Peter Mistake Manatees for Mermaids
End of quest!

Being Childish (Peter Pan’s Quest)
Being Childish pt. 0
1. Earn Peter Pan
2. Have Peter Pan Dust Himself Off

Being Childish pt. 1
1. Have Peter Pan Choose Fight and Flight
2. Have Pirate Queen Lois Swordfight

Being Childish pt. 2
1. Have Peter Pan Lead Lost Boys
2. Have Chris Get Lost

Being Childish pt. 3
1. Have Peter Pan Break the Rules
2. Have Jerome Childproof the Clam
End of quest!

Gone Fishing (Side Quest)
Gone Fishing pt. 1
1. Learn About Fishing
2. Have Quagmire Act Fishy

Gone Fishing pt. 2
1. Earn 2 Fishbones
2. Place Skull Rock
End of quest!

Party Hard (Week 2 Challenge Quest)
Party Hard
1. Check Out the Prize (Cannonball Juggling Monkey)
2. Bomb 78 Octopuses with your cannon
3. Attack Blackbeard’s Scurvy Squadron 5 Times

And that wraps up this weeks set of quests for this event. How are you doing so far? Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


28 thoughts on “Peter’s Booty Haul Quests (Week 2)”

  1. I’ve fully completed pt 5 of this week’s main questline but nothing has triggered yet or popped up an “!” to begin pt 6? What triggers pt 6 of Trawl of Booty?


    1. Trawl of Booty is the questline for week 2 so to have it pop up, you need to complete the week one questline, See No Evil. Gone Fishing pops up once you’ve repaired the beach and found Daggermouth. There are no timers.


      1. Yes, yesterday I’ve fully completed part 5 of ‘Trawl of Booty’ but nothing has popped up/triggered for me yet neither part 6 of ‘Trawl of Booty’ nor the ‘Gone Fishing’ questline.

        I’m wondering what I can do to get to trigger these two because as it is I’m at a standstill and am wondering if my game’s glitched unfortunately?


      2. Yes I have repaired the beach. When tapping on daggermouth it pops up the three items to collect for it.

        Guess my game’s glitched damn it 😦


      3. Try loading your game on another device, maybe through the Facebook app. If it works, you can reload your game onto your normal device and it should be fine.


      4. I’ve now tried playing it in bluestacks but still nothing has popped up for me yet. Either the game’s expecting me to finish another questline for these to pop or it’s seriously glitched unfortunately. I’ve sent a message to tinyco in-game about this and hope it’ll get solved soon and not make me go behind schedule 😦


      5. I seem to have found a solution to it. I manually got out Chris from my inventory and the two questlines automatically triggered. Phew, at least Im back on track 🙂


    1. You’re very right but it could be possible. Hopefully they make it 72 hours long instead of 48. In any case, it should be do-able if you stock up on cannon balls now and only use them when you can blast a bunch at once.


  2. Hi guys was wondering, those anybody know what would be daggermouth requirements? I found him after I finish fixing the second boat. He is by the coast best to the whirlpool . I click the bubbles that would tell you what is need it to unlock but they have question marks?


    1. You will need to search for Daggermouth on the beach of Pirates Plaza. This week you will need to collect 6-pack rings for Daggermouth which can be earned through fishing! Stay tuned for the later weeks to unlock the remaining requirements.


  3. FAQ states that cannonballs can be obtained from Jolly Roger and also Chris. I see no such action for Chris, nor is there any icon indicating same above Jolly Roger. Help!!


    1. Get Cannon Balls from The Jolly Roger, Charming Cove, Seamus Bury Treasure, Quagmire Use Salty Language, Pirate Queen Lois Load Cannons, or find in the Black Market.


  4. I’m having a hell of a time keeping my game loaded, happens every time there’s new content. I couldn’t keep it going long enough to figure out how you get cannonballs. Anyone?


    1. And that’s why it keeps kicking you off. So much content this week. Get Cannon Balls from The Jolly Roger, Charming Cove, Seamus Bury Treasure, Quagmire Use Salty Language, Pirate Queen Lois Load Cannons, or find in the Black Market.


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