Who needs Friends????


Okay guys and squirrels, I am coming out of semi retirement to make a post… DragonJay is doing such a fantastic job, I just can’t complain…  He is just posting away keeping everyone in the know on how to get thru these new levels and quests.. He has done a better job than I even came close too…

Well, now, for the reason for my post.. We have so many new people coming here, and no one really knows each other.. Would anyone like to add some friends in the game?  You have to have the game hooked up to your facebook… Just so you know… I personally like stalking your towns, getting ideas on how to better my own town… Also, it lets me see how far I think you are in the game compared to me..

Well, I am going to start it off.. I am on facebook as Fred Lusk III… my email there is fredlusk@hotmail.com.  So, if anyone would like to add me, you can send a friend request thru facebook, or just comment here.. with your email, so I can find you… If you do send me a facebook request, send me a message on facebook stating who you are and that you play family guy..

Also, anyone that posts in the comments here is free game for anyone reading the comments.. It is a great way to add friends and get to know people.. I have quite a few people from here on my facebook.. And I promise, I never send any kind of game requests, and hope you don’t either.. This is literally the only game I play.. and I don’t want to play anything else.. Thanks guys…Fred


6 thoughts on “Who needs Friends????”

  1. I haven’t been posting much, but still very active in the game. Don’t use me as a building guide. I just don’t seem to have time to make it pretty. Anyone can add me. I’m on every day. Simon Hughes (pic is my dog) in Las Cruces, NM.


    1. Mine’s a mess too. You can’t put in roads because they’ll just have some creature that needs to be contained and I just haven’t had the inclination to do much with the buildings.


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