Peter’s Booty Haul Challenge Quest #1


The first challange of Peter’s Booty Haul is now live. You only have 48 hours to complete the challenge.

A few notes:

  • Thanks to sweettat, it should be noted that a couple decorations/buildings from previous events can now be placed on the water
  • Rewards are nothing fancy, just decorations.
  • Again in regards to Shipwreak Point, the building has been fixed. As compensation, the building will continue to pay out clams until October 3rd, 2016.

Party On

  1. Check Out The Prize
  2. Rescue 35 Drunken Sailors
  3. Attack Blackbeard’s Floating Flotilla 5 Times

Upon completing this first challenge, Pirate Monkey (pictured above) will be in your inventory.


In addition to Captain Hook, Pirate Queen Lois, and Salty, these characters/outfits are what you can expect this event:

  • Blackbeard
  • Mermaid Bruce
  • Ducke of Lacrosse Team Carter
  • Daggermouth
  • Davy Jones
  • The Captain
  • Peter Pan
  • Fancy Seamus
  • Blackbeard Stewie
  • Tinkerbell

Thus concludes the first challenge. What are your thoughts about this challenge? Any advice for other players? How are fairing in this event? Comment below!


14 thoughts on “Peter’s Booty Haul Challenge Quest #1”

  1. Amazon provided update to 1.28 Sunday about noon so I’m behind,but on part 8 , boat at 6 about to level to 7, got Lois with clam help, 9 sailors away with 1st party on challenge. Salty and level 10 aways away, but I may eventually catch up with everyone.


    1. You’re doing well for just starting on Sunday. With an update set for Wednesday, being a couple days behind isn’t too bad at all.


      1. Didn’t get to where I got alone. Used your posts and others comments to guide me and direct me to best strategies in order to move along effceintly at good speed. Wondering now if Amazon will continue unusual delays throughout this and future events.


  2. Jay, is “The Captain” a new character or a skin because I cannot recall anyone in the FG universe known as that? If you could enlighten me a bit more on who this is, it’d be appreciated. Cheers


    1. Lol to be honest, I have no idea. It’s labeled as The Captain Munch and a quick Google search brought up cookies and DJ so I don’t know what to make of it. TinyCo adds random stuff so it could be nothing all.


    1. Captain Monkeybeard, the grand prize, will be a decoration. Unsure if it’ll be animated but it definitely wont be (99.999% sure) a playable character.


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