Peter’s Booty Haul Quests (Week 1)

Week 1 of Peter’s Booty Haul brings us a ton of new quests for us to complete and here they are.

Sea No Evil (Main Quest)
Sea No Evil pt. 1
1. Check out the Event HUB
2. Visit the Pirates Plaza

Sea No Evil pt. 2
1. Drunken Pirates are Here
2. Rescue 6 Drunken Pirates
3. Get 4 Grog from Drunken Pirates

Sea No Evil pt. 3
1. Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla is Attacking!
2. Repair the Groggy Gunboat

Sea No Evil pt. 4
1. Attack Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla
2. Earn 2 Salt from Pirate Battles
3. Place Quahog’s Fishery & Market

Sea No Evil pt. 5
1. Place the Beach Bummin’ Buccaneer in the Water
2. Have Quagmire Use Salty Language
3. Have Jerome Buy a Daggermouth Mug

Sea No Evil pt. 6
1. Learn About Upgrading Peter’s Pirate Fleet
2. Exchange Limes for Gunpowder Kegs
3. Upgrade the Groggy Gunboat

Sea No Evil pt. 7
1. Attack Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla
2. Have Pirate Lois Practice Her Royal Wave
3. Have Chris be a Royal Pain

Sea No Evil pt. 8
1. Place the Big Squeeze
2. Have Mort Swallow Jewels
3. Rescue 12 Drunken Pirates

Sea No Evil pt. 9
1. Have a Level 5 Groggy Gunboat
2. Have Salty buy Pepper
3. Check back next week!
End of quest until next week!

Hooked on You (Captain Hook’s Quest)
Hooked on You pt. 1
1. Have Captain Hook Fight like a Pirate

Hooked on You pt. 2
1. Have Captain Hook Fight get Crocodile-Hunted
2. Have Bruce Wear Guyliner

Hooked on You pt. 3
1. Have Captain Hook Rock the Boat
2. Have Joe Get Seasick

Hooked on You pt. 4
1. Have captain Hook Snag his Britches
2. Have Bonnie Lose a Crochet Hook

Hooked on You pt. 5
1. Have Captain Hook make Crew Cuts
2. Have Seamus Get Hooked on Phonics
End of quest!

A Pirate’s Wife For Me (Pirate Queen Lois’ Quest)
A Pirate’s Wife For Me pt. 1
1. Unlock Pirate Queen Lois
2. Have Pirate Queen Lois Play Five Finger Fillet

A Pirate’s Wife For Me pt. 2
1. Have Pirate Queen Lois Do a Jaunty Jig
2. Have Chris Walk the Plank

A Pirate’s Wife For Me pt. 3
1. Have Pirate Queen Lois Swordfight
2. Have Quagmire Watch Pirate Movies

A Pirate’s Wife For Me pt. 4
1. Have Pirate Queen Lois Get the Royal Treatment
2. Have Mort Retreat Cowardly
End of quest!

Fish Tales (Salty’s Quest)
Fish Tales pt. 1
1. Unlock Salty
2. Have Salty Fake his Death

Fish Tales pt. 2
1. Have Salty Hawk Merch
2. Have Mort Cheat the System

Fish Tales pt. 3
1. Have Salty Enroll in Night School
2. Have Joe Watch Cartoons

Fish Tales pt. 4
1. Have Salty Try to Make Friends
2. Have Chris Find a New Friend
End of quest!

On the Water (Side Quest)
On the Water pt. 1
1. Learn About the Water District
2. Place 3 Tropical Fish
End of quest!

And that wraps up this weeks set of quests for this event. How are you doing so far? Any errors that need correcting? Comment below!


26 thoughts on “Peter’s Booty Haul Quests (Week 1)”

  1. The game crash in A Pirate’s Wife For Me pt. 2. When a try the task for Lois, the game crash and cant continue with that quest. Someone with the same problem? I use a Samsung A5 with Android 6.0.1
    Thanks for the help.

    Sorry for the bad english. Not my native language.


    1. I haven’t come across someone with the same problem. What you can do is try loading your game onto another device (or through Facebook) and see if you can get past that part of the quest. If you can, you’re in business and should be able to finish it.


  2. I’m on “Fish Tales” PT 1, just unlocked Salty, and I don’t have Captain Hook. I’m on PT 9 of “Sea no Evil,I sent Salty to buy pepper before I’m sending him to fake his death for “Fish Tales”. My boat upgrade went from requiring level 10 to qualifying with level 5. So as soon as Salty is done playing with pepper that quest line will be complete. When does next week start?? I’m happy with my progress as I’m usually way behind and this week I seem to be doing well!


    1. Located under the event area, tap on the exclamation mark in the middle of the 3 ships. You’ll need 5 bottles of grog and Peter,Pirate Queen Lois, and/or Salty free.


  3. Jay, have you now got any info regards spoilers on incoming new characters for the following weeks? Would you happen to know if Peter Pan is going to be a character being that Caption Hook and Tinkerbell are mentioned? Thanks.


    1. Unfortunately they’ve only prepped 5 characters/outfits so far so they’ll be adding more as we go along. Peter Pan is a character that’ll be released along with Tinkerbell.


  4. So far I am doing good. I wanted to share that some characters from other events are dropping things also. For example my Joker is dropping doubloon every 24hrs (when he smile at the world) . I haven’t check the other ones yet but you may check and see which other ones do that also. I really hope this one goes smoothly. Can wait to see what other characters we will get in the coming weeks


  5. For what its worth, my game didn’t require me to “Have Joe Load his Water Gun” for Sea No Evil pt. 3. It may have listed it as a requirement in game, I’m not sure, but I definitely did not do that before progressing.


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