Superhero Event Wrap Up


With this superhero event set to end on August 31st at 3:00PM PDT, we look back at everything that was featured and what to do with your remaining currency. We’d also like to know which characters you were able to purchase/unlock and how you enjoyed this event. Remember, everything will disappear once the event ends.


Submitted by user JP and announced on twitter, the next major event will begin on September 1st, 2016. Peter’s Booty Haul looks like a pirate themed event and based on the image above, it looks like you’ll need Long John Peter which is part of district 5, Pirate’s Cove. Apart from a costume for Lois and what looks like Blackbeard, I have no idea what to expect so stay tuned as we get more information.


Remember, only character quests will continue after the event. Everything else will disappear.
Week 1 Quests
Week 2 Quests
Week 3 Quests
Week 4 Quests
Week 5 Quests
Week 6 Quests


Remember, you can’t continue to work on unlocking them; only fully unlocked characters will be yours forever.
Week 1 to 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6


Fortress of Solitude
Brainiac’s Skull Ship
Bottle City of Kandor
Crocodile Sewer
The Lost City
Joke’s-On-You Funhouse
Arkham Asylum
Robo Hideout


Mancave of Solitude
Super Burger Tower
Eccentric Billionaire Mansion
Sidekicks N Things


Welcome to Smallville Sign
Cat Lady Cat Tree
Cat Lady’s Litter Box
Explosive Gift
Chemical Vat
Central Lantern
Super Ice Cannon


Robin Stewie
Retro Batmobile


Killer Croc
Mutant Stewie
Red Hot
The Multiplier


Much of my surprise, TinyCo has released some items that you can spend your remaining plastic rings on. Even better, they do away with the traditional Mystery Box and give users an opportunity to buy what they want. Note that all event currency will disappear once the event has concluded so use everything up! Here’s a look at what you can get:

Bane (Animated Decoration) – 150 Tjq_heroring
Gorilla Grodd (Animated Decoration) – 150 Tjq_heroring
Robin Stewie Statue (Decoration) – 125 Tjq_heroring
Batman Brian Statue (Decoration) – 125 Tjq_heroring
Asylum (Decoration) – 100 Tjq_heroring
Hall of Hereos (Decoration) – 150 Tjq_heroring
Wayne Tower (Decoration) – 120 Tjq_heroring
The Daily Planet (Decoration) – 100 Tjq_heroring
Indestructible Parking Garage (Decoration) – 50 Tjq_heroring

Arrr maties, that wraps up the superhero event, Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed everything it had to offer and you found our posts helpful/useful. Any comments or feedback would be most welcomed as we get set to dive into the next event.


24 thoughts on “Superhero Event Wrap Up”

  1. Updated to pirate event and that damn building error still crashes my game on startup. Can’t get past the super hero event has ended window that asks you to reload the game. Completely stuck in limbo and getting upset.


    1. I got in and immediately stored the two signals (Stewie and Brian) and then placed them again. Originally they cast a shadow on nothing, but after storing and replacing there is a building too and the error stopped popping up.


  2. hey DragonJay000 or fredlusk could one of y’all personal email me or even message me on Facebook i jus wanted to ask and see if it’s okay that i can post finally at the moment since I haven’t posted a single blog at all and i have a really good idea i would want to do. please and thanks ya lol😂😂


    1. I would send you a message on FB.. but i think you have your profile turned off again!!!! I can’t find you anywhere… lol… and go ahead and post away sweettat


  3. I had a pretty successful event for being a freemium player. Although, I did purchase the Fortress of Solitude and received a couple hundred extra clams. I got all of the available characters including Luthor and Poison Ivy. All skins sans Robin Stewie(premium) None of the “frickin’ hard” stuff and two of the timed animal sidekicks. Pretty solid!


  4. Is anyone else getting locked out with a “can’t save building in bad position” message? I was able to play an hour ago and now am having this issue in both of my games. I’ve already tried uninstalling and have contacted Tinyco.

    I hope it gets resolved. I was so close to geting Lex in both of my games!


    1. Yes you aren’t the only one. It’s very similar to the issue that happened a few weeks ago with the building Sidekicks N Things. Just have to wait for them to fix it.


      1. That weird problem I had with the Arrow R Us building ( it would just build a empty lot, but still pay out), fixed itself when they put out the extra final buildings and decs. But weirdly I logged on a short while ago, and the game crashed, reloaded and the splash screen was back to regular, even though the event is still going on in my game. I’ve still stored what I don’t want from the Event and sent all my superheroes to Tan Lines, and brought out more regular characters.


      2. Someone on their FB page said that it had to do with one of the new buildings that were offered for the plastic rings currency. I had bought a bunch of them so I didn’t know which one it was, but the problem went away after I put them all in storage.

        This is actually the first event since Star Trek that, as a freemium player, I have been able to get all the skins and characters (didn’t want the extra hard items from Wayne Tower), and have gotten round to pt. 4 of the final quest as of today. Had zero glitches (well, up to this one) and actual fun 🙂 Now that I’ve said it, I’ve probably jinxed it…


  5. I bought a couple characters early on which kept me in the game. Have Lex and Ivy and between balance of clams and videos, have 250 clams at this point for next event.. $20 investment which I consider fair over 6 weeks. I think this was my favorite event and wish I could gift krypto and rings to others. I am working through quests now to clear them out. Great site and your updates were unbelievably timely and helpful.. Thanks so much!


  6. Been stocking up on bombs for Lex so I can take one last charge at him. Hopefully with several rounds a peak reward. Not sure if I’ll get enough kryptonite to get Ivy or not. Otherwise I’m pretty much ready for the next round.


  7. Very frustrated at the moment that I will run out of time for both Lex and Ivy. I bought Superman and Harley for their uniqueness and have gotten all costumes except Stewie. It just became increasingly harder to get vitamins to fight and bombs for Lex as time went on. Getting Quagmire took too long and I lost time for Ivy. I won’t get enough krypto for the last building to get her and still have 40 cards to get for Lex, who is currently “resting”. I do, however, play freemium so I guess I suffer for that.


  8. Jay, is there a visual glitch as regards to the robin stewie statue and the batman brian statue because when I’m in “placement mode”, only the building appears and no statue, whilst when I’m in “play mode” the opposite happens – the statue appears with its flickering lights and no building behind it.

    Is it supposed to act like this because I thought the decos would be with the statue, lights and building behind it altogether because as it is it looks rather weird?



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