Challenge Quest #5 & How are you guys doing?

In case you're wondering, his friends call him "Badge."
In case you’re wondering, his friends call him “Badge.”

Good news, everyone! The Olympics are finally over, NFL preseason is finally here, and this superhero event has been extended for another week with the final challenge now live. You have 48 hours to complete it. We also want to know where you are. All set for Green Week? Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

A few notes:

  • TinyCo. officially changed the date on which this event ends so while the timer still shows that it’ll end this Wednesday, rest assured that it will end August 31st, 2016 @ 15:00 PDT. Source.
  • This weeks prize, Bd’g the Green Lantern, is a stationary decoration with the animation similar to Green Lantern’s Police the Galaxy task.
  • The grand prize has changed from the Wonder Twins to a building, the Justice League Watchtower.
  • With Green Week set to go live on Wednesday, the only thing I’m sure of is we’ll be getting another mystery box.

Challenge Quest

Escape Artists

  1. Check Out the Prize!
  2. Attack Metallo 5 Times
  3. Collect from Titans Tower Twice

Upon completing this fifth challenge, Bd’g the Green Lantern (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

If you completed all five parts, an additional quest will appear.


  1. Check Out the Prize!

Upon completing this final challenge, the Justice League Watchtower will be in your inventory.

How are you guys doing?

New Characters and Costumes

This fifth week brought us Cyborg, Captain Cold Quagmire, and Lex Luthor. Did you purchase Cyborg and have him defeat Metallo? And what about Captain Cold Quagmire; have you unlocked him too sending him with the Joker or Batman Brian to defeat Metallo? How many Platinum Credit Cards have you collected for Lex Luthor? Remember you have another week to still unlock him!

Phase 6

Phase/week 6 will go live sometime Wednesday night (EDT) so be prepared for the arrival of an bunch of new characters/outfits. Also note you’ll need to be on part 9 of the main questline, Region of Doom. You’ll also need to have reached Power Point Level 16 to move on.

That wraps up the final challenge. What are your thoughts about this challenge? Any advice for other players? How are fairing in this event? Have anything else to add? Comment below! Stay tuned on Wednesday night for the latest information on phase 6!


10 thoughts on “Challenge Quest #5 & How are you guys doing?”

  1. i have collected up so far 1,701 plastic hero rings;, i have at least one of everything that costs those in the store so im definitely NOT going to go spend those rings on multiple stuff in the shop!! i hope they come out wit some kind of mystery box to use these up!!


  2. Main quest complete. Cold Quagmire obtained and need one more attack on Metallico to finish. 650 kryptonite saved up and should have Lex by Saturday.


  3. Just got the squirrel. Still need a few items for Quags costume but should have in 24hrs.
    Been saving up bombs for Lex so I can make a solid run at him.
    Wishing there was something interesting to spend 1200 rings on.


  4. Still a bit miffed that I missed the first challenge because not enough vitamins were dropping, as I got all the rest of them (with this one being pretty close, just need to fight Metallo 2 more times which will come easily). 72 cards saved for Lex, though those should come faster now than the first week, after I unlocked Captain Cold Quagmire a couple days ago. 205 Kryptonite and counting saved up for the next phase, so I should be able to unlock everything but the limited time prize right away when it drops, and should be able to save up enough for that in the time remaining for the event.

    And all it took was getting Superman the first week to get a head start on the following week, as it’s helped me stay ahead of the curve the rest of the event. It’s just a crime that he isn’t useful against Lex Luthor.


  5. I still trying to get bonuses out fir I having seen any other things, does my game need a update or do I need to buy thousands of clams?


  6. I have like 40 to go for Lex. I havent been doing kryptonite, I thought that part was over. Its ok though, all the base stuff is just sitting there.


  7. Feeling pretty good at the moment. I’ve completed everything with the exception of Lex. Still need about 100 more cards for him. Also have close to 400 kryptonite for next week, so feeling prepared for that as well. Thanks again for these updates, they help a great deal!


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