Superhero Event Week 4: How are you guys doing?

Lex Luthor Week is nearly upon us and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

New Characters and Costumes

Two superheroes and a costume were added to our games this. Did you earn Batman Brian and his Batcave? Did you purchase The Flash and if so, have you enjoyed his visual tasks? And what about the Green Lantern; have you completely unlocked him yet? The Joker has been terrorizing the great citizens of Quahog for nearly two weeks. Have you defeated him enough to earn him?

Batman Supplies

As suspected, there will be no use for collecting Batman’s Supplies after unlocking the Joker. To reflect this, once you unlock the Joker, the buildings and characters will stop dropping them.

Phase 5

Phase/week 5 will go live sometime Wednesday night (EDT) so be prepared for the arrival of Lex Luthor, Cyborg, and Captain Cold Quagmire. Also note you’ll need to be on part 10 of the main questline, Justice for Some. You’ll also need to have reached Power Point Level 15 to move on.


If TinyCo were to offer an extension, they’d certainly be prepared for another week. Unreleased characters include Captain Cold, Cheetah, and Kid Flash. Some of these may be released in week 5 but it seems highly unlikely. As events are “planned” well in advance, I wouldn’t hold my breath for another week but the possibility is certainly there.

Have anything else to add? Comment below!


12 thoughts on “Superhero Event Week 4: How are you guys doing?”

  1. I’m way ahead, have all characters/outfits unlocked, and have 603 Kryptonite banked for when the final phase hits, so that will probably (hopefully) be enough to get all of the prizes for phase 5 right off the bat.


  2. All character obtained including The Flash. Have 295 kryptonite for next phase. Was forced to stop attacks as pill drops have been absolutely abysmal. Last two tries I received ZERO.


  3. I have everything accomplished for this week… Just need 2 more attack Gorilla Grodd’s.. So far, have 353 Kryptonites waiting for next week… Hoping that will make it so I am not rushed…


  4. Finished the main quest. Never really felt rushed with it this week. Still need a few guns for Green Lantern and some whatsits for the Joker. So just cruising right along. Only premium item I bought was the Bottle City of Kandor to help with the pill drop.


  5. It looks like green arrow will be next week’s character if the image on the flash’s fb friend’s list is correct. The image in the hall of heroes looks different though.


  6. Still workin on the Joker and I would LOVE to see another week added!!! Grew up with DC comics and this is one of my favorite challenges. Keep up the superb work!!!


  7. Only premium purchase I’ve made has been Superman, who was very helpful in getting me a head start and keeping my cash-bag coffers full, but has become significantly less helpful this week…but I think the head start he gave me carried through and so he has indirectly helped me a lot.

    151 Kryptonite ready for next week’s stuff, and there’ll be more by the time it drops…I guess I’ll save up for whatever the “Frickin’ Hard” item for the last week is, hope it’s a good one!


  8. Maybe the unreleased characters will be released through the Batman Brian mystery box, which has yet to become active, although his statue is there.


  9. Playing the freemium way it’s been super successful. I’ve been able to get through the levels and acquire everything sans the “frickin’ hard” items and a couple of the timed challenges.


  10. I’m finished with everything except I’ve got 3 hours left on the last Green Lantern task. Bored. Ready to move on. I’ve got over 400 kryptonite so nothing to go for really.


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